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  2. It looks like a strange discrepancy to me that files that were renamed are renamed on the peer(s) as well, but not folders. Wouldn't it make sense to unify the behavior? If there is any reason why this doesn't make sense, please let me know. I'm just getting started with Sync, am not familiar with this matter yet. Thanks!
  3. Hi! Just want your advice which way forward is the best. I have a network of some Raspberry Pi 2 running older versions of sync: BitTorrent Sync 2.3.3 (296) Yesterday I tried to upgrade 1 of these Pis with the latest armhf-version: Resilio Sync 2.5.12 (1191) The upgrade went well and initially no problems. Server was runing fine, web-gui working fine. The problems: 1. I started so see these in the logs on the Pi with the latest version: [20180223 23:48:50.549] SF[XXXX] [XXXX]: Ignoring "peers" message [20180223 23:48:50.662] SF[XXXX] [XXXX]: Ignoring "peers" message [20180223 23:48:58.540] SF[XXXX] [XXXX]: Ignoring "peers" message [20180223 23:48:59.688] SF[XXXX] [XXXX]: Ignoring "peers" message 2. My old laptop running Linux BitTorrent Sync 2.3.3 (296) started to act strange: btsync process went 100% and memory usage went to the roof. The laptop was unresponsive. The only strange thing in the log on my laptop was: [20180223 21:58:53.395] assert failed /home/jenkins/slave-root/jenkins-Build-Sync-Manually-1668/KickSocket.cpp:222 [20180223 21:58:53.396] assert failed /home/jenkins/slave-root/jenkins-Build-Sync-Manually-1668/KickSocket.cpp:222 [20180223 21:58:53.396] assert failed /home/jenkins/slave-root/jenkins-Build-Sync-Manually-1668/KickSocket.cpp:222 [20180223 21:58:53.396] assert failed /home/jenkins/slave-root/jenkins-Build-Sync-Manually-1668/KickSocket.cpp:222 Solution for now: Downgraded sync on Raspberry Pi 2 to the previous version so I could work with my old Linux laptop. Question: Should I upgrade my desktop-systems before I upgrade the Raspberry Pi servers? Which way forward in a mixed environment is the best? Thanks for a great product! Cheers!
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  5. Synology DS418

    I don't know where to send them, so I sent you a PM
  6. I just noticed this today that I'm having a similar issue, except between two Windows machines. Looking at the date, it started happening with 2.5.10. Adding files works in both directions near instantly. Deleting on Win10 doesn't remove from WHS 2011, but deleting on WHS 2011 is near instant delete on the Win10 box. The sync.log is filled with unable to move "file" to trash, error 5. And some error 3's. I hate when debug is useless without a decoder ring. I've tried restarting Resilio and rebooting. No alerts or issues showing in the GUI. Not looking forward to spending an hour tracking down and deleting near 200 files over 2.5 months because Sync has really poor error handling and alerting. Sync is really nice when it works, and a real PITA when it forks up, which seems to be a regular occurrence
  7. Guys, when will you fix your icon for Mac? It really an eyesore.
  8. Synology DS418

    all, the whole usr/local/resiliosync/ folder. everything you have inside it
  9. Synology DS418

    Sorry for the delay, other stuffs came up. These are the files. Where do I send them? FileDelayConfig http.port storage.db storage.db-wal sync.lng sync.log
  10. I have noticed that the Resilio sync (home pro) does not handle deleted files between Android and Windows very well. I want to see if someone else has experienced the same thing and if it is by design, or if it is just a bug, and if so how to fix it. Conditions: I have a normal folder that is synced between a Windows 10 (1709) device and an Android 7.0 device. Android app version 2.5.9, Windows app version 2.5.12. The folder is stored on an SD card on the Android device. Both the Windows PC and the Android phone has read and write permissions. Not using selective sync. If I delete a file on my Windows device, it will delete on both Android and Windows. As it should. However, if I delete a file on the Android device using any file explorer/gallery/whatever app that isn't the Resilio Sync app, the file will be removed from the Android device ONLY, and remain on the Windows device as nothing has changed, even though I deleted the file on my Android device. However if I delete the file from the Resilio Sync app on Android, it will be removed from all devices just fine. When I check the folder in the Resilio Sync app, the app lists the file as synced, even though it is deleted. It's like Resilio Sync on Android does not detect that the file has been deleted. Is this a problem with Resilio Sync not indexing files that have been deleted outside the Sync app properly on Android?
  11. [Poss Bug] Pop up after logging in

    I was experiencing this problem as well and had resorted to using alt f4 to shutdown my computers. I did receive an email from Microsoft support a a couple of days ago saying a question had received an update:- Source:- Hope this helps. has worked for me thus far. restarted my computers quite a few times just to test it
  12. Invalid Time

    same time, date and timezone? Search for "more that 600 allowed, aborting" or something like this, in the logs (provided debug logging is on) and you will see time difference.
  13. either disable Selective Sync on phone, or delete the file from within Sync app. Again: if Selective Sync is enabled and you delete the file from the folder (using a file manager), it's converted to a placeholder (this is how Selective Sync works). To propagate deletion to other peers you need to delete the placeholder itself. On the phone placeholders do not appear in file managers (to ease load on the device) so to propagate deletion to other peers delete the placeholder from the app. On desktops placeholders do appear in a file manager, thus you can either delete this or use "Remove from all devices" context menu.
  14. I signed up to the forum looking for an answer to this exact problem I have. My use case is different but the same frustration with how this is designed to work. As Helen mentioned, this does appear to work differently on desktops. I have a mac and windows machine synced up and once I delete a file from one folder, it gets propagated to the other machine. This works by anyway I delete the file. This is the behavior I was expecting on the mobile device. I have been using one drive and dropbox to handle my mobile syncing but wanted to automate something so I thought I'd try out resilio sync. My use case is as below (different than the OP but the same problem) I have a scheduled task that gets new videos from a youtube channel, converts them to mp3, and then moves them to a synced folder (previously this was dropbox), send myself an email that new episodes are available. I now am able to download the files directly to my android device which is mapped to a folder that my podcast application monitors. I get to enjoy the podcast/youtube video on my commute and once it's played, the application deletes the file (after 24 hours) This unfortunately does not work because the file is deleted by the app and not in resilio sync so I have no idea what I have already played and what i have not listened to. This could easily be a flag for mobile devices, the place holder feature is nice but we need to be able to delete since it is monitoring a folder and resync. Perhaps make the flag choose the mobile device as the Parent or Master folder. Otherwise, I might as well use dropbox instead.
  15. Invalid Time

    I have the same problem since today (after installing Apple's latest software security update - as of 2018-02-21). I re-verified ALL my connected peers and they have all the same time (since they all access the same ntp). Resilio Sync still says 'Invalid time'. Unfortunately there's nothing in the logs (or wherever) which indicates which of the peers it thinks there is a problem... Any hint? thx andy
  16. Sync For Backup - And No Deleting

    We use Resilio in the office, with a single server as the intersection point of all shared folders. On that server rclone runs once an hour to back up data to Backblaze B2. It's very efficient and quite cheap. So far our B2 bill is pretty consistently between $2 and $5/month. Let me know if you want example scripts and so on.
  17. One case when percentage can look confusing is when connection is dropped by some reason and transferring restarted. But it is case when new files were not added.
  18. You can restore them from Archive : Apparently, folder tree on C was newer than that on B and A, so deletion propagated. To get more details, please give more details - sync version, file names and debug logs to support.
  19. Synology DS418

    interesting, sync is not that privileged in the system so as to be able to crash DSM, especially on a new powerful NAS. After the recent test: /usr/local/resiliosync/ - what you have there? Send its content to tech support.
  20. OK. So with your logic, then why does the percentage keep starting over. I am not adding any more file to the source directory.
  21. So we have 3 users on 3 machines all working remotely. We have a folder with 15 documents in it on our shared folder thru sync. User A and user B are online, selective sync on the folder in question, and both see 15 documents. Users A and B go offline. User C comes online, and they only had 10 documents in their folder. They are on selective sync on the shared folder. Users A and B come back online, and they only see 10 documents. Where did our 5 missing documents go, how can we recover them, and how can we prevent this sort of behavior in the future?
  22. Synology DS418

    ok. and if you reinstall dsm - it reboots all right until you install Sync. Then the problem reappears. right? I\m just trying to sort this out.
  23. Synology DS418

    I know, I'm just quoting what the log says, in which there is only one entry- the side effect of installing Sync. My volume stays crashed.
  24. Synology DS418

    you know it's not Sync service, right? Just to confirm - when you completely remove Sync from NAS and reboot it, no problem appears, correct?
  25. additional folder remains "not synced yet"

    David I have got your report in our system. Let's discuss it there. Thank you.
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