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  2. The encryption feature with advanced folders let me share files and host it on different servers
  3. Hi, There are apparently some files who have not been synced which are mentioned on several hosts. There a no .!sync or whatever in the .sync folder. and none of the folders so far. So I don't understandfrom where it get that. There is 2 NAS, 1 docker instance, 2 windows hosts .... So where this informations is stored? How can I clean this information?
  4. alexandru.lesi

    Sync and Google Play Music

    I've been using Sync for a while to keep the music on my Android phone up to date with that on my Mac. After I changed my phone to an HTC 10 running the latest Android though the files I copied over via Sync no longer show up in Google Play Music. I've set the storage location to the external SD, where the files are, ran refresh and restarted my phone several times, all with no result. Recently then I just tried copying some files from the Sync folder to some other folder I made myself, and the songs popped up in Google Play Music right away. My intuition is that this issue has something to do with permissions, or something that Sync is doing with the folder or files. Has anyone else encountered this or anything similar? And has anyone found a solution?
  5. Gane O'dwyer

    Sync not allowing windows to shutdown

    @BSW200 The problems not on the Sync side. Check if the KB4345459 installed on your device.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I have a large Sync-Folder that is around 4tb, used as a multi-site backup and working directory that will probably keep expanding indefinably. This folder syncs between one Linux Server, 3 WD Nas Devices, and one Windows 10 Machine. For about the last month (maybe longer), the linux server has been "indexing" and while transfers still seem to work, the same 15 files or so, keep being updated by a remote peer. the problem with this is that the remote peer shouldn't be connected. Ports and domain names have been changed, and the peer was removed from the peer list. Even with Syncing paused on the Linux server, and the Nas devices having Sync Stopped completely. This file update loop continues. In the Activity Log from the web interface it looks like this: Remote Peer updated File Linux Server Finished Syncing file. Remote Peer Finished Syncing file. Remote Peer updated File. Linux Server Finished Syncing file. Remote Peer Finished Syncing file. and just bty Remote Peer is the name given in the Activity Log, and this peer is not connected to the Linux Server..... At this point it seems to be just a some kind of update loop on the server. I'm not using the tracker, or relays. The peers are configured with predefined hosts and Read-Write Key only. This folder goes back to ....Sync 1.4 , but all clients are updated to the newest version. Is there a way to remove the database on the Linux so the sync can just re-index once and bring the other devices back into sync. The Folder has had no changes for a week or two.
  8. yes, it's off. did you contact their support? what did you they have to say about this?
  9. I am finding that the optimization setting goes away and I have to set it again. I am now back in working condition. Is your optimization off?
  10. I have the same issue and using Oneplus 6. Did you ever contact support and get this resolved?
  11. Last week
  12. I have two PCs (Windows 7, clock up to date, NTFS, same folder structure). Today I turned on PC#2 (after months) and removed a synced folder (right-click remove, key started with A...) and readded it (key starts now with D...). The same folder on PC#1 was already a folder with key D..., running v2.6.0 (1312), PC#2 (the PC which was off for months) had still v2.5.12 (1191). Resilio sync copied all older files (months apart) and overwrote the newer files. The sync.log file (of the PC with the wrongly overwritten files) is full of wrong statements: [2018-08-18 23:54:23.189] MC[290F] [FF25]: Local file aaa.txt is older than remote t:1534293927/1534625685 ot:1477197/101990 o:10A25E3D0A21D5655EC98C95FCB0F531F7876C32/103DAB3C217A3F67755C205E3C5E65E09F8BFF25
  13. any reasons for that or you guys can change the code to stop ignoring folder icons? maybe add it as a "power user preferences"?
  14. Timbo

    Latest desktop build 2.6.0

    So when I get the bug where a file doesn't sync because it thinks no peers are online despite syncing other files and showing the other peer, a locked file status error appears. When you manually copy the file to the destination, it generates a file issue by having a file lock. So like a minute later after the file finished copying, I don't have the error about not having peers online to sync anymore, just the "1 locked file". So I need to manually ignore it to clear status issues. Also, when is the green check mark NOT there? It seems illogical to have a green check mark at the same time as having one or many sync issues. Is this bug about failing to sync files thinking no peers are online been filed with the developers? I need to decide to roll back to 2.5.12 or see if there is a workaround or get an update as this is an annoying nuisance having to manually copy files and deal with sync issues much more often than usual. Edit: the error about file lock went away on its own while I was writing this up. Perhaps it took 5 minutes to self clear.
  15. Brian Forbes

    AutoCAD files disappear

    This is the answer I got from support: So it seems that the solution is to keep doing things as I have always done them. That's not much of a solution. Does anyone have another idea?
  16. I have Sync installed on a Raspberry Pi running Rasbian. When I perform a sudo apt-get update I get the following error: Err:1 resilio-sync InRelease The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY BE66CC4C3F171DE2 I'm fairly certain I followed the original instructions posted here. How am I able to repair this? Can I get Sync updated without having to reinstall and reconfigure Sync? Also - is there a way to backup all my preferences and folders with Sync? If my Raspberry Pi were to die, how would I recover Sync without having to re-add everything manually?
  17. Gane O'dwyer

    Download license button

    The license could be downloaded from the license management console and use that license for the activation copy/paste it's content.
  18. Gane O'dwyer

    Server Licensing

    Sync Home can be applied on the any OS but only Sync Business has some restrictions.
  19. Gane O'dwyer

    Trying to install on laptop

    On Windows simply double click on the downloaded license key, or right click and pick to "Open with Resilio Sync". Another way is to open Sync UI, go to Menu -> Licenses -> Apply new key, pick the downloaded license key.
  20. Trying to install on laptop, Windows 7 64 bit. Instructions say"double click on the downloaded license key ". Where is the this link to doudle click on. Can't find it. Thanks for the help.
  21. usefulshrimp

    Cannot create identity!

    It was a case of uninstalling and reinstalling :(
  22. Hadoken

    Cannot create identity!

    What was the solution for this?
  23. Hadoken

    Server Licensing

    Such a shame. I really like your product, I use it personally on every device I have (Paid for) and have recommended it to friends also but there is no way I could get our customers to pay those prices for server support. Thanks anyways
  24. Trying to install on laptop, Windows 7 64 bit. Instructions say"double click on the downloaded license key ". Where is the this link to doudle click on. Can't find it. Thanks for the help.
  25. rimanek

    Latest desktop build 2.6.0

    Thanks. I thought this was exactly the place for the support team to chime in! :-D
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