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  2. What happen, If you close and reopen the same file? If not appear the same Message for that file but for each other and If no auto reset is implemented, no reset is possible. Finally from time to time and If all synced, I stop Resilio and delete on all devices the database for a reorganisation. Its a good way for some difficult cases.
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  4. I would negotiate very easily, since Resilio is ready to talk. Unfortunately, this is a process that has other reasons and to which I have already referred many times in this forum here. Everyone can get an idea of the update cycles and the forum activities, how they are here and how they are at Syncthing. In short, they are two different worlds. And even those who have licenses can be found in the Syncthing forum, including me, also with licenses. I use both Resilio and Syncthing in parallel, although the focus has shifted from Resilio to Syncthing. Nevertheless, Resilio is still
  5. Hello, When I try to sync a locked file (e.g. a document being opened by ms word) I see a triangle in the 'folder' view. Clicking on that triangle further shows me the kind of problem like 'no permissions to acces the x file' - with the option 'Ignore' or 'Ignore all'. After clicking 'Ignore all' the triangle and the message shows up only in history if I filter with 'warnings', but not anymore in the 'folder' view. So my question is: How can I reset / undo this behavior to be again notified in the 'folder' view? I am using version 2.7.2 (1375) Regards, K.
  6. I agree, the new licensing model is ridicules, why not pay for the number of accounts rather than penalise the OS you use?!? Take a look at Syncthing, seems to be where lots of Resilo Sync users have migrated to.
  7. I would like to know what pricing I should ask for. We only use sync for migration projects. I dont want to buy a license for every server we have because we dont use it other than one time to move data. What are my alternatives?
  8. @John Fisher and @tjluoma Seems to work "ok" for me as well - with 2 cosmetic gotchas: 1. The menubar icon is dark on dark so you have to really squint to find it. This is crazy low contrast: 2. If you add your Sync folder to the Finder's sidebar, for some reason it shows up with a generic document icon instead of a folder: I tried deleting the folder and creating a new one, making sure it doesn't have any custom icon, and no extended attributes, no hidden "Icon?" file etc. No idea why it's doing this.
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  10. Thank you, My son helped me out and I'm all set. We did something with "webui" something I had never heard before.
  11. Trying to reinstall Resilio over again won't work. It should be completely deinstalled and all remnants such as profile, work files, indexes etc. should be removed, e.g. in Windows under C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Service After reboot you can try again and to setup all new, is better.
  12. I tried to install Sync twice. What I get is a window with the name of my file directory already listed and instructions to pick a name. The selection box is grayed out and clicking in it has no effect. Nor, is there any effect when I click in the check boxes for the privacy/EULA crap.
  13. Maybe a new installation helps or maybe a android autostart app, which can start other apps.
  14. Apple is quickly compared to pears. Dropbox is client-server software, Resilio is peer-to-peer software. Hence two questions: how many clients, including servers, are involved? how many files and directories are managed by the peers?
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  16. The best way is, to contact the support or directly kos13 to manage that in a good way.
  17. I too, am a very long term user (BT-days) and was - too be honest - totally hit by surprise by this server thing. We have 12 liscences (various kinds). It took me a while to wrap my head around what bugs me about this. So they want 1200 € / server. That's a lot of money. I mean A LOT of money. Ok - so that's one thing. I don't want to spend that money (we have four severs..) But than it hit me - now I know what really bothers me about it. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO PROVIDE THE INFRASTRUCTURE. I mean that's the entire point of non-cloud-service-syncing: The user is responsible for the hardware set
  18. Hi all. I have an odd issue syncing from seedbox to my home Mac. The download speed from seedbox to Mac goes from nothing and climbs fairly quickly to my max download speed, then dies, then starts again. This is constant no matter what I check or change the speed graph shows it climb, climb, climb, dies, climb climb climbs dies. Is there anything that can be set within btsync to log the causes? I'm at a Loss. Pic uploaded here: Thanks in advance. James
  19. I've used Sync between 5 Macs running Mojave and older, successfully, for a while. Just updated one to BigSur, and it won't receive some files. Mojave computer (with files) shows BigSur peer connected, shows a green tick, but clicking on peer list shows "^ 1008 files to [BigSur]. They are all tiny text files, .plist, .json, 40kB and under. BigSur computer (needs files) shows Mojave peer connected, shows a green tick, peer list shows "Synced with [Mojave]". But the folder has 1000s of missing files. Same thing happens with other folders, including those with big files, .pdf
  20. Resilio Sync_Ver 2.6.9(406) && iPad6 iPadOS 14.2 (I am not an English speaker, maybe exists some grammar problem ) I am a fresh man on Resilio Sync & iPad. I want to download some music(videos) from Windows PC to my iPad, and open them with other apps(add them to specific app's playlist) on iPad. But I don't find a proper way to do so. I can only select them and add them to specific app one by one. Thousands of music ! My finger gona die. Do you have any good way to do so? (automatically on iPad, or little finger print) Thank you so much. Sincerely. i
  21. watch yourself: they'll tell you that you're doing it wrong.
  22. It's using 732MB RAM here on macOS Big Sur (after a reboot). Dropbox is only using 284MB.
  23. i have the above nas with 2x 4tb running raid 1, i have 3.93tb of free space and im trying to add in a sync key to a foilder which has 26gb of data, resilio on the nas accepts the key but then after a minute comes up insufficent space even though the nas is empty
  24. i have the above nas with 2x 4tb running raid 1, i have 3.93tb of free space and im trying to add in a sync key to a foilder which has 26gb of data, resilio on the nas accepts the key but then after a minute comes up insufficent space even though the nas is empty
  25. Currently you can't exit by clicking close(X). Right click Resilio Sync's trayicon for pop-up menu, then click on "Exit".
  26. Due to the inordinate amount of memory and processor usage of R-Sync, I've switched the usage on my laptop from a service to a normal application. This laptop only has 8 gb of memory and R-Sync consumes nearly half of that when running. So I've dropped back to sync-ing on demand. Sort of. After closing the application, it's still active in Task Manager consuming enormous amounts of processor capability and memory. How do I set it to close completely upon application exit?
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