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  2. Works on CentOS as well, thanks!
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  4. Maybe that will work
  5. Well like I said before in post #1, the device was dead so I could not unlink on it.
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  7. @RomanZ I did clicked right button on header row and enable "owner" field. I did this on 2.5.0 (952) or 2.5.1 (958) version of Resilio. Now, in 2.5.2 (966) i don't have this option. How i can disable this field?
  8. Yes, exactly. I was not sure what option you meant. So for the My Devices you can remove a device by going TO this device and unlinking it. What you can't do is unlink other devices from one device. Say you can't delete Device B by accessing the My Devices setting on device A. You have to do it on device B.
  9. @Moe Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I tried to change peer_expiration_days, either by editing it in power user preferences or by modifying my rslsync.config file, after I restarted sync several times, the obsolete device is still there in the linked device list. However, I did notice that my shared folders have reduced peers. I guess this option is working for "peers", not "linked devices".
  10. Thanks, Moe, that's exactly what I was looking for!
  11. Also another difference other than the ones stated in the KB article is in CPU usage. Standard folders tend to use less CPU than advanced folders. I personally use Advanced folders since they got announced.
  12. You can go into your advanced settings and set the peer expiration date to 0 and then restart sync and set it back to 7. The device should be removed from the peers list.
  13. @ellw I wouldn't bet on that. I spun up a fresh Windows Server 2012 machine and installed Sync Business on it. Upon starting Sync the first time I got the same error as the OP. Meaning that this error is not an error with a current license. I was able to just click the X in the top right corner and Sync continued to work for me. When I then went into the Settings Panel in Resilio Sync -> License it just stated that my trial will end in 14 days. So my guess is that the Sync team wants to highlight the need for a different license. I find the wording quite confusing. Ok so there seems to be a bug in Sync when you try to use the 14 day trial. You can't sync any data until you apply a proper license - I just tested it with testing license. Also I have already reported it to the team. Maybe one of them will be posting something sometime next week. But my initial statement is still correct: you need a Business license to get Sync to work on a Windows Server. You can however install the Home Use version of Sync. That will also work. But that would probably violate the EULA and TOS so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. I have the same issue, or at least I think its my issue, - but I don't understand how to implement steps suggested by Robert. Syncing is working but deleted files continue to show with message, "not available"
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  16. Yes, you can use the Search Bar to show the upload / download speeds and remove the bottom status bar and free up some screen real-estate. Just a suggestion. Thanks.
  17. Happens in Windows 10 Desktop Mode. I know this is just a UI glitch, but it is annoying as hell ans it is there since last few major updates. It shows even in full screen mode, and overwrites the last entry of the folder in the window. Please include this fix in the next update. Thanks
  18. The GUI claims that Standard Folders are "Best for syncing your own devices", so I've been using them for folders that I don't plant to share with any other identities. But this explanation of the differences between Standard and Advanced seems to indicate that they only exist for backwards-compatibility, and have no actual benefits over Advanced. My question is, should I continue using Standard for new folders that I don't expect to share with others, because there is less overhead, or should I stick with Advanced for everything because there's zero benefit to Standard over Advanced?
  19. Hello, sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I'm having this problem as well and would like to know what the consequences are, as I'm in a different situation than the OP. I'm building a website using font files from I publish the project and they give me a zip with the font files. I move the files to the websites development folder, and all of a sudden resilio sync goes nuts with "XXX has invalid modification time and may cause other files to be rewritten" errors. Are you saying that the archive and included files that I downloaded from the font company came with invalid timestamps, or maybe a timestamp from a different timezone, so it is causing a conflict? I'm wondering what will happen to the files at this point. I need these new files to remain in place. These files are in a completely different directory than the old font files that they are replacing, so I don't understand where this error is coming from. For example, the old files are \\dev\website\assets\fonts\version1 And the new files are \\dev\website\assets\fonts\version2 I delete version one, move version2, and then I get nailed with dozens of these errors. Why the errors if there are no other files to conflict with? Is it simply because the timestamp is so far out of sync of the real time? Thanks for your expertise and advice on this.
  20. Hello, I have an offline device (an android tablet that died recently and won't boot). The device was linked before to my account and now it stays offline and probably will never come back online. Since I can never access Sync app on this device, how can I unlink it from other devices (linked to my account)? Thanks
  21. me too !
  22. He is already a Business Basic user.
  23. To change the actual port used by Resilio Sync you have to edit the sync.conf file in '/volume1/@appstore/resiliosync/var'. Assuming you are installed on volume 1. You'll see a section with 'listen":"', change whatever the x's are to the port you want. Not 100% positive on changing the link that Syno shows in the package tab but I think it is in '/volume1/@appstore/resiliosync/app/config'. However, I've changed mine and it did not update in the Syno gui, but I have not rebooted which may be required.
  24. Will there be updates to the NAS packages so we can upgrade all peers to 2.5? I can only find 2.4 in the Synology area.
  25. You probably need a Sync for Business License:
  26. Today it is the same. No peers for those folders. Some of the other peers can't be updated by me (and some are in Qnap nas that has not been updated yet).
  27. thanks, the rpm packages are signed now.
  28. Hello, We have been using the free version of Sync for several years to sync data between our file server (Windows Server 2012) and our graphic designer who works out of her house. Today I decided to upgrade to Resilio Sync and purchased the $29 /month plan. I am now seeing an error message that says "Your Sync business license doesn't support Windows Server or Linux (x86 or x64) (I have attached the error). Our shares are just sitting in the "Stopped" state right now. I've searched all over and I cannot find anything about a "Server" license. I have searched and I cannot find anything that talks about "Server" licensing. After the error I did find a reference to Windows Server in the EULA, but it doesn't go into a whole lot of detail. Does anyone have any info on this, or potential licensing costs? Thank you in advance!
  29. As a user I want to be able to group/kathegorize my sync folders so that I get a better overview in the GUI about my sync jobs.
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