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  2. I do that at every suitable opportunity, e.g. in any forums, e.g. since it is my belief that Resilio is a class of software. By comparison, Syncthing had a lot of trouble just as well until recently. Meanwhile I see there only small differences in the operation and handling. But from the process security these are now equivalent. I think the main problem here is more in support than the feeling that you are in good hands. The software may have quirks, the user usually pull in their rectification without further notice, if you have the feeling that a care takes place. There are enough other examples besides Syncthing, such as ownCloud and the very popular nextCloud in community circles. These too are not perfect, but have the community and their fans who support as well.
  3. That's great news, thank you Alex!
  4. @Maniac You are right! We will turn off logging of ShellExtIO.log by default in the next release.
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  6. Please take advantage of the new iOS 13's background processing task APIs to do periodic photos backups when the device is idle and connected to the charger.
  7. Instead of asking too many questions if Resilio is alive or dead, we advertise this project! The more users use, the more we guarantee the life of this company! Share Resilio on your social! 👍
  8. Thanks, but that doesn't really help the situation: 1. This was killing my PC's performance, unbeknownst to me. I had to spend hours of research to figure out what was wrong. This option should NOT be enabled by default. 2. This should be a more prominent setting. A registry change should not be required. I'll be setting that key though, thanks.
  9. At last, that is some good news, and let's *knockonwood* that Resilio Sync can remain to be awesome this way
  10. First of all, Resilio Sync 2.6.3 and Resilio Connect Agent 2.7.* have the same core engine. Resilio Sync 2.7.0 will be released soon. I can't say you neither exact date nor list of new features. Sorry
  11. You can disable logging of windows shell extension.
  12. Alex, you are a employee of Resilio. What is going on with Resilio connect and to have some experience of it to Resilio Sync? What happen with v2.6.x or v2.7?
  13. Resilio Sync writes to ShellExtIO.log for every single file you view in File Explorer. C:\Users\<username>\Appdata\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ShellExtIO.log Unbeknownst to me, this was wreaking havoc on my machine, triggering virus scanning and slowing everything down. I finally, after quite a bit of troubleshooting using ProcMon, figured out that it was these writes to ShellExtIO.log that were killing my PC performance. This issue seems to be exacerbated on folders which are git repositories due to some bad interaction between Resilio Sync and Tortoise Git. Even without navigating to the subfolders, they would get logged in ShellExtIO.log. To resolve this, I denied all write permissions to ShellExtIO.log, but this is crazy! I shouldn't have to do this. This took me forever to figure out and cost me a ton of time. This has been reported so many times, this needs to be fixed:
  14. Both computers are running Windows 10 Pro x64 build 18362.418 It's possible there was something else involved, but I tried adding/removing the folder on both computers (with the original name) to no avail. It was only after renaming the folder that it started syncing again. I can't remember if I used Resilio to do the initial sync, either. I cloned most of the computers manually and only then joined them to Resilio to keep up to date, so the folder pair may have always been broken.
  15. It seems there is a mass reset of the permissions needed. I doe such also from time to time.
  16. Which OS are you using? For example on Mac OS everything is ok.
  17. We are aware of issues on iOS 13. Most of them will be fixed in the next release.
  18. i doubt this ios app will be updated since 2.6.3 has been there almost 1 year.
  19. I actually figured it out while I was waiting for my account to get verified. There is a bug in resilio when the root folder is more than one word. I renamed the root folder from "old movies" to "VHS" and now it works fine.
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  21. Regarding USB Drive Works! Removing the stick makes Resilio tell you that system files are missing and the folder can't be synced. Files were not deleted! (what is what I hoped for) Regarding Archive Thanks for the detailed explanation, that definitely helps. The versioning is a great feature, it was worth going pro
  22. Could you please gather logs from both peers and send them to support?
  23. Regarding USB Drive: Just test it with a second USB drive and a new dummy share to see what happs Archive:
  24. Thanks kindly for the information. Regarding the USB drive, I simply fear trying it Regarding the accitental delete and the archive, where can I find that folder or where is it located? That sonds exactly like the tool I need.
  25. I have a client using a contract manufacturer located in China. The CM's LAN is useless for a variety of reasons. I would like to bypass the CM's LAN by installing a cellular modem on the PC running the manufacturing test. Can I programmatically connect to the PC and sync files back to the US using any of your software solutions? -Don
  26. While I believe there is much room for improvement in Sync regarding this, I appreciate your concise answer.
  27. Removable Drive: Just test it. Deleting accidentally: No way to prevent it. It's not a backup, it's a real time sync. However, Resilio Sync does not delete the files, it moves them to the .Archive folder, inside the shared folder, first. After 30 months or some other period, which you can define in the Power user preferences, it removes them permanently. Still, you should have some sort of backup, too. Some kind of automatic incremental backup. Take a look at Duplicati or alternatives.
  28. Please make this happen. Seems simple to me, but I'm a web developer not a software developer. ignoreList is local ignoreListGlobal is global I understand that nothing in the .sync folder is synced between devices, so that would require some reworking.
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