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  3. Nobody says Resilio is bad. In addition, every software has its advantages. It is Resilio's own fault for scaring off its users. However, what is currently going on in terms of updates and handling even of license users is not understandable.
  4. With Syncthing: Rename a 400Gb folder. On a connected device, Syncthing thinks the folder has been deleted and that there is a new folder: 1. The folder on the connected device will be moved to the trashcan (.stversions) 2. 400Gb is sent to your connected device. Resilio is much better in this. ...
  5. Hello dear team! I'm trying to install Resilio Sync in openSUSE Tumbleweed it according to the instructions. I've done this a million times before, everything was perfect. But I did it on debian-like systems. Now there is a task to install the service on openSUSE tumbleweed and I can not force it to run at system startup. The error description is below. I will be very grateful for any help, I am a complete beginner in openSUSE. XXX:~> sudo systemctl enable resilio-sync [sudo] password for root: Synchronizing state of resilio-sync.service with SysV service script with /usr/lib/syst
  6. You are completely free of drives. If you want to keep that separate, only two kinds of directories are required. That is completely sufficient.
  7. Local Files enables synchronization on the local device, i.e. from directory A to directory B on device C. This was previously not possible without the feature, since only from device C with directory A to to device D with directory B.
  8. This looks like a connectivity issue, here you can find the steps to troubleshoot the issue:
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  10. Files are the amount of files in the entire share, Local Files are files that are downloaded to that specific peer They can be out of sync if you are either doing Selective Sync and only have some files or folders downloaded on a specific peer, or, if you have any files that are marked as 'Cant Download'
  11. Thanks for the link. I found the files in the .sync folder. Nevertheless, i find this approach dangerous. The user should be informed clearly about issues and conflicts. Like with the Windows Offline Files mechanism:
  12. Same here. LA - 400down/20up NYC 1gig/1gig LA Only seems to download 1-2Mbps /10-20 MBps from NYC Tried over public internet and a VPN. Same deal
  13. Old version of the file is moved to Archive, located in .sync inside the shared folder: This is how Sync works when processing changes to one file from several peers. When Sync encounters conflicting files, the file synced from remote is going to have ".Conflict" in its name:
  14. Thats my opinion. If you look in the Syncthing forum, more and more people come from here. "I have left Resilio....", "I come from Resilio ...." etc. etc. .... No more comments.
  15. Let's be honest, Resilio can be a resource hog even when running natively. The fact that it runs so well already on Apple silicon is really great! But imagine how much better it could run if they re-compiled for ARM? I currently have 19 processes running with Intel emulation called "Resilio Sync Finder Extension" which combined use a fair amount of resources. Can this situation not be improved? Resilio isn't even running in my case. For now I open and close it as needed. Side note/rant: I honestly don't understand what constructive use so many people here are bringing to the table
  16. Hi, I'm evaluating Resilio Sync for maintaining a local copy of my NAS on my laptop when I'm away and resync it when I'm back on the network. I made this very simple POC: 1) synchronize the laptop, 2) get the laptop offline , 3) modify a file on the laptop pc, 4) modify the same file on the NAS, 5) reconnect the laptop to the network. I expected Resilio Sync to warn me about a conflict. It didn't. It just erased the version on the latpop with the one from the NAS. I guess, because it was newer. Is there a way to have Resilio either warn about the conflict or, at least,
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  18. Hello, I have a zyxel nas 326. Now I want to install Resilio Sync on it. Unfortunately I have no idea how I can install Resilio Sync. So far, nothing else has been installed on the NAS. Could someone help me to install it or would you like to send me instructions?
  19. Hi all, When I check the peer list I see that some peers are listed as offline or inactive and offline even though they have sync up and running. Is there a way to correct this or is this normal behavior? I see that in the power user preferences peer_expiration_days is set to 7, would this happen to a peer if it was offline for more than 7 days? any help is much appreciated, Many Thanks R
  20. Hello, I am also having the problem with the app crashing again and again. Unfortunately my technical skills to change the config file are not sufficient, as I am not familiar with Linux/terminal. Do you plan to release a fixed version soon, so that the app will be usable again? Regards Mark
  21. Just in case anyone else runs into this issue. Apparently my phone creates .pending files sometimes (probably temporary) I had to add ".pending-*" to my Sync IgnoreList
  22. Hi everyone, Here is the thing : today, everything is working fine, I have peers which backup encrypted files on my server (also duplicated off site) When happen if I lose my server (stolen for example) and one of my peers too (fire for example) ? How can I get back non encrypted files for this peer ? I have all the keys from the peer and his encrypted files on a hard drive (from my off site server). Do I have to simply save the databases of RS et and copy them to my new computer after installing and configuring RS ? Thanks for your answer.
  23. Dear all! We suspect that there is an issue with async disk operations that leads to Sync crashing. The suggested way to prevent it from happening is adding "async_io" : false, line to resilio-sync.conf file, like this (please mind the syntax): To find the absolute path to the file, run the following command in the terminal (Sync must be running) ps aux | grep rslsync | grep -v grep Prior to editing of the config, stop Sync.
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