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  2. I've used Sync in a LG G3 and on a One Plus 5T. Never had many problems with it, however occasionally I get an Android notification saying Sync is draining the battery. The last three times I've got it I noticed I left the app open and the post showing in the feed was a video (Reddit video twice and YouTube video once). I did play the videos before minimizing the app. My guess is something along the lines of loading the video, but it keeps using resources until the post is moved off screen. Am I onto something? Or is it just a coincidence?
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  4. Does resilio sync allow for constrained replica count in order to prevent an unbound number of replicas within a swarm? Can I specify 3 replicas of file within swarm unless explicitly requested to hold a replica by the user within the swarm? Only explicit replicas can exceed the minimum desired replicas based on folder sharing configuration. A decentralized polling of replica count and balancing of file replicas to ensure the minimum is met and not exceeded unless explicitly desired by participating peers.
  5. Ergydion

    None-Deleting Node

    it boggles my mind that this feature doesn't exist as it really shouldn't be too hard to implement.
  6. I restored from a backup because I had to wipe my phone. None of my accounts restored (maybe normal?) But the style and theme was fine. I added my first account, still fine. Then added a second account and it retained none of the style I had set up. View was wrong, wasn't dark theme, font size was for ants, etc. Is this a bug or is there a button I'm missing to apply the same theme/style to all accounts? I don't recall having this issue previously
  7. ryangomes

    Resetting back to page one

    Ok, I am getting extremely frustrated. Everytime I close the app (while still running in background) to share something funny with my friends or to just close my phone and get back to where I left off from, it FUCKING RESETS TO THE TOP. I am getting extremely frustrated with this shit. Apologies for my language, but holy hell does this grind my fucking gears and needs to be addressed.
  8. harrisc

    Android app problems

    I am still having these 2 problems on my Android devices. Does anyone have any ideas? Chris
  9. Last week
  10. I see the same error using resilio-sync_2.6.1-1_armel.deb on a Pi Zero. I downgraded to 2.5.13-1 and that resolved the problem.
  11. Is there a procedure for this, and is it possible to do this, without loosing all of the configuration data that exist in the services install?
  12. So where do you want us to report our wish for this functionality? This feature is sourly lacking, many people I want to share files with (say family pictures with my mother) really do not want to or are able to install the app AND open an account with yet another password etc etc only to receive my files. This would make Sync so much more powerful in comparison with Dropbox and also Wetransfer etc.. Also it is almost impossible to find in documentation that syncing is only with peers and not 'outside public'. Almost if this is kept purposely unclear..
  13. When you go into My Devices and have a look at the information for one of your other devices, you see the IP address and MAC address. However, that MAC address is not necessarily (and probably not) associated with the same interface that the IP address is for. For example, I see this for one of my remote computers: IP address: MAC address: 00:50:56:c0:00:08 From looking at that one would think that the network interface that has the IP address on the remote machine has the MAC address 00:50:56:c0:00:08. But you'd be wrong. Because that MAC address is actually the MAC address of one of the VMware virtual adapters on that remote machine. It's not an active network interface and, even when it is, it's not even connected to the subnet. So Resilio Sync is just randomly showing the MAC address of any other network interface on that machine. Which is not only unhelpful but in the context of showing the 2 pieces of information next to each other is actually misleading.
  14. I have installed BTsync 1.4.106 beta on MyBook live. I access my photos via WD photos on my android phone. My proble is that new photos does not show up in my phone. They are synced to the NAS, and it seems the mediacrawler identify the new photos (by SSH and top I can see mediacrawler and Miocrawler are active when I add a photo). If I stop the BTsync (I simply rename the btsync-file) and reboot the NAS the photos become accessible from the phone. With top I do not see anything irregular - neither program occupy the memory or the CPU more than accepted. Any hint on what is going on?
  15. I have the same error, [2018-10-19 07:48:16.585] FC[343A]: Check fs duplicates, fp: \\?\E:\Path\Of\File.txt (1 0), suffix: \\?\E:\Path\Of\File.txt (1 0) I have already renamed the file on both machines, still flooded by the same error Resilio Sync is stuck and after quitting the process still lingers around in the task manager. EDIT: OK I managed to "unstuck" it by the following steps: 1. disconnect the folder 2. quit resilio & kill process from task manager 3. start resilio and ensure that everything else synced again 4. delete .sync folder from the disconnected folder 5. rename the problematic file to different names on both machines ( I also renamed the parent folder, just to be sure= 6. reconnect the folder
  16. I'm having the exact same problem. Downgrading one of my client machines back to 2.5.13 and re-adding the shares didn't cause the missing files to sync. Is there any way to downgrade the version on my "host" machine and preserve the existing shares? The only thing I've found so far that works is to manually open and re-save the files (or rename them), which causes Resilio sync to now "see" them and start syncing. Edit: This appears to be the specific error in the log file:
  17. Can you please advise me on how to setup Resilio Sync on a new phone. Previously, I was syncing the SD card of the phone, with a folder on my desktop PC I have moved the SD card from the old phone, to the new phone.
  18. Baloo Veterinary Services

    Sync not running after Synology update to 6.2.1-23824-1

    SOLVED Hello, that's correct indeed. We succeeded with installing the x64 package although I have a x86 architecture. I would suggest to at least adjust the installation instructions. Greetings
  19. So I'm a fairly new Sync user and I'm basically ready to ditch cloud storage (except for a few apps that require Dropbox for app syncing). However there are a few ways that the iOS app is severely lacking, especially with regard to other syncing/storage solutions. ADDING FILES: When I tap the "..." menu and then tap "Add files" I should be able to add files from the iOS document picker. It's a weird omission. FILE MANAGEMENT: It's painful not to be able to rename or move files around in the app. I've been resorting to opening up a VNC session to do it on my server at home, then letting the changes sync back. Not efficient. MULTITASKING: Support Slide Over and Split Screen multitasking. SAVING: One big plus for Sync over Dropbox and Google Drive is that they've implemented "Opening" files in other apps that support it. Basically that means if I go to Word and or Textastic and open a file in Sync via the iOS Document Picker, it's actually editing it in place. Then those changes get synced back. So awesome. But the Save function doesn't work correctly. If I create a new document in Word or Textastic, then try to save it to Sync using the Picker, Sync acts as though it's a valid place to save it but it doesn't actually show my folders, so I can't save it. (See attachment for example using Word) With these changes it would basically be the storage solution I've always wanted. Anybody else have input or other requests?
  20. Hi, I'm not sure that this is a bug because of resilio sync but because of the doubt I would like to share this information / this happened on a new PC installation from 3 days ago. look at the screenshots. So maybe it happened during the sync I guess it's related. It could also be related to the one commander app available in the windows store in corrolation to the sync of resilio sync. Or it could be something else but nothing else was really working at the time. VidMate AnyDesk Since it's the last 1709 windows 10 pro I'm not able to access it without tweaking it and I won't obviously have any logs because it's windows, of the creations of all those files so I will need to format It. I will try to take ownership and copy it to somewhere else on the PC to analyze it further later. There is no solution to that problem besides fromat it, no windows tools are detecting those files.
  21. @Baloo Veterinary Services Synology recently released their “DSM 6.2 Update 2” firmware. One change of the firmware is that 32-bit applications will no longer run correctly (we’re unclear if this was intended or not; we’re contacting Synology to gather more information). This means that anyone who previously either downloaded the 32-bit version of Plex Media Server or installed from Synology Package Center would see PMS fail to start. So feel free to install this package:
  22. Step to reproduce : - Restart Resilio Sync - The folder is paused I need to manually start at every startup
  23. Hi, Helen, thank you very much for the support. The idea to update the NAS never came up to my mind :-( I installed successfully the version 2.6.1 and now entering the key works pretty much better :-) Best wishes, Michael
  24. update Sync on your NAS. v2.3.x is too old. new version will work. you can download it from our site.
  25. PS: Sync is Version 2.6.1 (1319) on my Mac and on my Synology NAS it is BitTorrent Sync 2.3.7-1
  26. Hi Helen, I opened the .btskey with TextWrangler ( I am on Mac Os High Sierra ) and coped the very long text starting with btos_ Then I opened Sync on my NAS and pasted it in the manual connection field. Anything wrong with that ? Thanks, Michael
  27. I am trying to get Resilio to run on Linux. I have installed it into latest updates for Ubuntu following this guide. I linked this to my identity and ensured the sync folders exist. I'm running it in a VM so I have taken a snapshot up until the point prior to adding a folder from another Resilio Sync machine. As soon as I connect the folder in Resilio Sync on Linux the entire machine crashes to the point the console is no longer responsive. According to VMWare the CPU utilization of the VM shoots to max physical clock rate. I left htop running in the console but it hung up instantly before anything showed up to help me understand what's causing the problem. Has anyone experienced anything like this that has pointers to help me sort this out?
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