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  2. Bug is back in iOS... Haven’t used much Sync lately but latest version doesn’t search recursively, again. Can you please bring it back, Resilio? Thanks edit: Help page on search ( now specifies: “Currently Search is perform on the given subfolder level though.”
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  4. Sorry for the dumb question, but are they short on staff? And yeah it should probably be automated...
  5. I think, at least is understood from all people. But what the people see regarding activities to solve Bugs and to have regular Updates etc. is another thing.
  6. I don't think they have any people there anymore that can update their repo. It should have been a copy/paste instructions for someone else to be able to do it (if not already automated), but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  7. What you suggested would be fine for beta testing, not for a proper release. Also, given that a customized sync.conf gets replaced with a super basic web server entry and not a ton of settings, your answer doesn't really jive. Other software does this by having multiple configuration files, with the local/user customized version being loaded last, overriding any default/existing setting. Get some grey beard developers! They have EXPERIENCE and have seen how many issues Resilio has made and still causes have been solved in years prior.
  8. Hello, First of all, where are the Sync API docs? After A LOT of searching, I finally arrived here: But links aren't working and it seems poorly maintained. Is this the correct place to look for? Concerning my actual question, how can one delete a peer on a folder from the API? I'm able to list users which is great, list peers, but how to delete? Please help, Thanks
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  10. I was syncing between my 2 computers just fine until my laptop died. Now I cannot figure out what I need to do to get back there. I have Sync Business installed on the work computer. What do I need to install on my laptop? Do I need to buy another seat!? When this was BitTorrent Sync I recall an actual online manual that was helpful. My perusal of the help materials did not get me a step 1, 2, 3 that I must have had the first time. BTW the Captcha security check drove me crazy trying to type this. It kept expiring. Sheesh! --chris
  11. That's on the PC, but in my case the backup is from Android. I suppose .db files are in /storage/emulated/Android/data/com.resilio.sync/ but it appears empty without rooting.
  12. Depending on the OS on your PC you find a working folder, in which files like *.db and *.db-wal are stored. Stop Resilio and delete such files and start again. Then a new indexing is starting.
  13. Hello! I'm using Resilio Sync to backup DCIM folder from mobile. After the photos are synced I delete them after a while. Recently I've deleted and re-added the read-only share on the PC, and it tried to download all files I've ever had in DCIM, since more than a year ago. Most of those files were "unavailable". So as I suspected, Sync "remembers" old files even after they're deleted. How do I reset this index or limit it to something like a month of time? I've suspected this because over time mobile Sync's "local data" grew pretty big (700Mb) which is inconvenient. So that's an
  14. Regarding the confusion of the DSM 7 permissions (root/user) during the installation process I got today the follow message from Synology: Start Yes, you may continue using root privilege ONLY if you apply a token from us to bypass the lower privilege setting this time round, without which, your package installation would fail in DSM7.0 Beta. As mentioned in point 2 in my previous email: To avoid future update issues, It is highly recommended that your package can be modified to match our new lower privilege framework. Please develop according to the new develope
  15. If nobody can help, best to contact Support directly:
  16. No one has any idea how to fix this? How about some support from Resilio??
  17. Add more data:- Currently this folder at fault has 5055 files in Local and 5065 in Total. So, it thinks 10 files have not synced when they actually are on the phone, so the sync works, just Resilio reports it incorrectly.
  18. Yes, I have now set up 2 logins with different email addresses with the same result, so now I login through Google, it is the only one that works.
  19. Resilio Sync Version 2.7.2 (2.7.2) MacOS version 10.15.6 (19G2021) I have a paid version of Resilio Sync (Home Pro I think it is called?). I have it set up on about 6 to 7 different devices, mostly sharing the same files. On one of my devices, Resilio Sync crashes seconds after starting the application. Resilio Sync starts by what seems to be reading the folders, possibly indexing them. Before it is done, it crashes. I tried pausing syncing as soon as the app starts. Still continues to crash. I tried disabling WiFi and starting the app. Still continues to crash. I
  20. Android 9 on an Oppo A9 2020. Resilio version 2.6.4 (8773). Lots of folders sync correctly. All network etc good. Also use an Android tablet that syncs correctly the same folder that is at fault on the phone.
  21. Doe you use version 2.6.4 from Google platform? Which Smartphone you have and Android version? Are the peers connected in a good condition and environment with good perfomance? Maybe a permission problem.
  22. I sync from a Windows 10 PC, an Android Phone and a NAS. All good except on my Android Phone I regularly get the message "Can't Download File" (99%). When I check the phoneit shows Local xx and Total xx and the total is always more than the local, sometimes only one different and sometimes maybe 10 different, meaning there are some file that have not synced to my phone. When I look deeply, the "missing" files on the phone are actually there. What is going on?
  23. How come I am always a "Guest"? Signed up months ago.
  24. Today I tried to use the android app and Windows 10, folders sync correctly, however, sending files from PC to phone says I do not have permissions to access the usual location in the SD card. I sent to the default folder and it worked, but then it was quite complicated to send it to the card. Hope this is fixed soon, thanks!
  25. This kind of support is usual here. Maybe use Syncthing, if nothing runs. But unfortunately there is no ready installation package, maybe look at package center of QNAP, but surely is a old version and you can update to current v1.9.0
  26. I think, is time for update
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