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  2. Title says it. I am trying to re-establish a read only link between folders, (I want to keep the original .sync directory because it has some ignore rules I want to keep.) So why can't I get this linked back up as a read only connection?
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  4. It would be good to have some defined tests to see if the result is as expected.
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  6. Resilio sync just showing initializing, any can reset or stop ? it seems like freeze v 2.7.2
  7. The same issue as in above post. Sync between W10 and external usb HD on android tv box. Folders sync ok. But when I try to send a separate file from Win10 to Android, I can successfully save only to internal storage or inside the folder that is already been synced (on external HD).
  8. I think the default behavior should work well for you, as long as at least one of the other devices have set the folder to "Sync All" instead of "Selective Sync". If all devices (everyone of them) have this folder set to "Selective Sync", then nobody will take the new files, i.e., no sync. If in doubt, you can create cases to test.
  9. yes that's right... my concern is that i would like this sync to be agnostic of the path (path mark as selective sync or not).
  10. As far as I know, all new files will be sync'ed to other devices (non-selective sync mode, or selective mode with the folder selected to be sync'ed), except if . the new files that are in IgnoreList file; . the new files that have .rsls extension (empty placeholder for real files in selective mode).
  11. hi, I would like to know if it could be possible with select sync mode, to have an option to sync all new files ? By new files, i mean all new files added after the creation of the sync link date. regards.
  12. As a supporter of Resilio, I would like to turn to you for a better understanding. I've already heard that you must all use your time efficiently. Nevertheless, I would like to understand why nobody or hardly anyone from the staff apparently works in the forum. It is clear that there is also considerable potential in this to advance the Synctool. This would also include fixed update cycles, it doesn't have to be the big technical leaps from update to update. Etc., etc. Further, If there are problems, the users want solutions and if the impression arises that they are saying it here a
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  14. Hey, sorry missed all the notifications. So that is really strange since it looks like the types of connection that I see here and there appearing in Little Snitch related to Resilio has something to do with what stored in folders rather than with Resilio itself. Like I see sometimes connections to `` and I have about 200G different PDFs from Arxiv and so on. Maybe it is Little Snitch issue after all, like something that got executed/previewed from Resilio Folder get associated with Resilio executable or something. Other than that, nothing in particular. Still obse
  15. Happy new year Resilio team. Hope you are well. Please keep your product alive. It is very good. I will pay again if you need help to survive. Rob
  16. I've already done this with Syncthing and recently with Resilio. First create a group and a user in the DSM that only affect this Docker installation. Connect the user to the group and give the group the related permissions in the folders, you want to include below. Go to the /etc/group /etc/passwd and read out the PUID and PGID for this, each with a 4 or 5-digit number after the assigned name. Then download the latest image from resilio / sync: latest and start the image. For the parameters deposit as follows: Section Environment entrance PUID <-> xxxx and PGI
  17. Hi Andy, I did not realize that was an easy option. By default it is starting with a blank slate, but I suppose you are saying there is a way to mount the "real" filesystem inside docker, which makes sense. I will look into that. I did see one post through my googling stating that resiliosync was one of the apps planned to be supported for DSM 7, but that may just be Synology's wishful thinking.
  18. Using Resilio for Docker with the current filesystem environment is not a problem. The issue is if Docker is supported of the related Synology and the performance is not so good as in a native installation. So, I hope the same.
  19. Hi, First of all, you can switch to Resilio Sync for Docker if your NAS supports Docker, which I did. However, if you had all your files on the directly in ResilioSync on the actual NAS, then it is an issue to somehow get them all into the Docker version, since Resilio Sync is not running to sync them. I hope Resilio will release an updated version soon - at least when DSM 7 is released officially.
  20. Further, the Android APP of the above link I can´t install it and at Google the latest version is v2.6.4 from 18.8.2020 (?)
  21. It's once more like death in the forum from Resilio side. Problems that are set here can only be partially answered. Nobody knows whether Resilio is working on it. And the last update to v2.7.2 was in July 2020. That doesn't make a good impression. There has been no feedback whatsoever with regard to DSM 7. DSM 7 means a major cut in the rights system and various other directories. If Resilio misses this change, it will be very bad for users with Synology Server. Synology is very popular and more and more Resilio users are joining Syncthing, I get that in the forum there. We will see
  22. Update to v2.7.2 is Posted July 21, 2020. Whats about coming updates and maybe regular updatecycles?
  23. Its a month after the beta dropped. Can we get a comment on if this is in the works? I also didn't know this is an issue, but thankfully I only updated my lesser used Synology first.
  24. Hello there, I only found some really old thread on this (2014 ) It seems Resilio in 2021 is still synching slow if there is a lot of small files. i.e. in my Example i am trying to sync a photolibary. Adding a few hundred files is without trouble... But now adding the complete Library to a new device means Transferring 250 GiB/ 50K files at and average Speed of 500kb/s. Means I will have to let the laptop and PC on for multiple weeks during daytime! It appears that Resilio is sending files sequentially. And basically no matter how fast sequential sending of small files i
  25. I dont know If it make a difference, since I use since years as service. Maybe that help.
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