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  2. I have had to rebuild this laptop , reinstalled windows 10 and then Resilio Sync running as a service under a local admin I have 3 "users" and under the admin account I have added the keys and linked to the directories - for each users there is a link to c:\users\<user>\documents and c:\users\<user>\pictures and the admin account has full access (and the Administrators group is set as the Owner) so i have 6 folders syncing For some reason the pictures folders will suddenly give me a "service files missing" and sure enough, the .sync folder is missing. I remove t
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  4. In such cases I use the DSM Tasplaner to start a service.
  5. Heya I'm new. I just purchased Sync Home edition and had not setup the connection; just reading the manual first; but maybe I misunderstood something. Suppose I had an HTPC (destination) which needed to sync media files a particular cloud service (source) If I understood correctly, Resilio will copy new or changed files in the Read-Write source folder to Read-Only destination; AND also if the files in source folder is deleted, it will also perform deletion in the destination? Is it possible to disable sync for any deletion action from the source. That way, only new files
  6. That Resilio work smootly a internet connection is needed. Doe you have that?
  7. Hi All I have Resilio Sync running in Docker, but I'd like to know how to disable the Basic HTTP auth used by Resilio Sync? I intend to secure it behind a Reverse Proxy which has its own authentication mechanisms, so Resilio's built-in username/password authentication is not needed. Thanks
  8. If it helps, I wanted to have a cold storage backup of this pool. So I plugged an USB drive to my Windows workstation, installed Resilio on it, and invited it to share these files too. Suddenly, the transfer speeds went up to "normal" (40~80MB/s), and it appears the original server (SERVER) was transferring it to the desktop (cold backup), which was transferring them back to the second server (hot backup). But as soon as I pause the cold backup, transfer speeds go back to a halt. And something new also happened: the sync manager on the SERVER started to crash - doesn't load. I then h
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  10. ciao! Ho cancellato un PC dalla lista dei peer per errore. Come faccio a ripristinarlo? Senza cancellare la cartella e ricaricarla?
  11. Here was some info I received from resilio support regarding a similar question: Regarding Sync pause, pause implies that only bits downloads are stopped. It means that - zero sized files will be synced either way; - paused peers will be able to upload files, but won't download anything; - file's deletion will be synced either way; - new files will be rescanned and indexed, i.e. share size will increase accordingly on a paused peers. You will find more info in the following article Best Regards, Re
  12. Any news about this and other new features?
  13. Any news about DSM 7 packages?
  14. Maybe is a RAM issue. The DS214SE is a low powered DS with low RAM recourses and to manage the big file could be a problem. What device you have "macjonte"?
  15. Apps using significant energy: Resilio Sync Nothing about Resilio Sync should require more than a recompile. Especially since it already runs on ARM on Linux, so there aren't any hidden instruction set or library issues.
  16. Hello all. New user here. I'm using the Resilio Sync plugin on two TrueNAS Cores (formerly FreeNAS). Transfer speeds are awfully slow - in the range of B/s (sometimes stuck at 0B/s), and both computers are on the same LAN, on the same switch (no VLANs or subnets involved). If I disable folder_defaults.use_tracker and folder_defaults.use_relay, the hosts don't see each other. I have UPnP enabled on router (if that makes a difference). What else can I try?
  17. Hello, For many years I've being running a 1 to 1 sync. eg: Source PC: Drive E: >>>>> Destination PC1: Drive E: Source PC: Drive F: >>>>> Destination PC1: Drive F: I'd now like to bring in a 2nd Destinaton PC but it will not have the same drive setup as the source. eg: Source PC (and Desination PC1) drive E and F are 4Tb each. Total of 8Tb. The new 2nd destination PC will have a single 8tb drive to sync to. Without partitioning it, can I sync to 2 folders on PC2 (to mimic Drive E and F) while still syncing to 2 drives on PC1? Cheers
  18. Hi there. I live in South Africa with a 100/100 line. No throttling. I recently tried to sync to a computer in Amsterdam - 130gigs Download speeds barely ever went over 1MB/s Upload speeds peaked at 13MB/s I am kindly asking someone to help us figure out why the download speeds are so poor. I have looked on the forums for something similar and looked at the settings in the advanced preferences and nothing makes a difference to the download speeds on my side. Please help Thank you
  19. If I close/open Resilio or restart the machine, it is the same: A connected folder (non-selective advanced folder) never ticks as synchronised on one side and there is still a percentage which can even be '0' and the circle indicating this. There is no anomaly message, and the sizes can be different on both sides. The filters are identical on both sides. The only solution if found is to re-index the file. Then an anomaly occurs (orange triangle with '!') telling me that a number of files are impossible to download. When I want to check what it is, I find files that have been deleted
  20. I have the same problem. Android: Type:Standard folder Read & Write When I rename or move a file in Windows, it immediately gets copied again with the original name and original folder
  21. I have the same problem. Is there a way to see which version a peer when they are on the same identity?
  22. I have had this problem since the 2.7.2 release and there are at least several other posts regarding the same issue. In all fairness I have not contacted support, but I did at one point wipe both machines, install Windows 10 and Resilio from scratch, and reconnect all my folders in one direction. The problem persists. The best I can suggest, which I haven't tried, is to go back to the previous build which was suggested in one of the posts along with links to download old versions. Apparently this isn't important enough for them to release an update in the last 9 or so months. >.<
  23. Hi, I'm getting upload problems with some users to upload files to full speed, and I see this erros in the log. [20210329 13:58:50.700] TF[7785:0D6C] [0x00001490f8243f20][/sync/isos/Ubuntu/ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-amd64.iso]: state:SEED error: meta:1 conns:1 io:0 disk:0% mt:0% net: 0% [20210329 13:58:25.673] TF[7785:0D6C] [0x00001490f8243f20][/sync/isos/Ubuntu/ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-amd64.iso]: state:SEED error: meta:1 conns:1 io:0 disk:0% mt:0% net: 0% [20210329 13:58:25.673] PC[0x00001490f823e0e0][0x00001490f8243f20] pending:0 requests:0 unwirtten:0 [20210329 13:58:25.733] PC[0x0
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