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  2. Thanks. Same for me and it never prompt for me to update, so weird. Now no more quick look is required. i really hope the next version can be able to have better integration with iOS files app so that placeholder files could be displayed (now only files downloaded in resilio sync app are shown in iOS files app)
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  4. Thanks for that. I looked more carefully at the version number and I had 2.6.3. The new version was supposed to be pushed 2 weeks ago, but for some reason it didn't auto update on my phone. Weird. That's a first. Working much better now. Thanks again
  5. I've just opened Resilio 2.6.4 on the latest version of iOS 13 and I have no problem with any type of mentioned files. It works like on iOS12.
  6. The iOS app is still requiring an extra click to open a PDF by having to click on "Quick Look", which is very annoying. Why can't the app directly look at the file extension and just open the proper viewer/player whether it's a PDF, JPG, MP3, etc?
  7. How to check if multicast is working? I assume it is on by default.`ip a` gives this output: 2: eth0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state UP group default qlen 1000 I don't know how to check it on Windows. I would rather avoid specifying fixed IP (but I will have to if nothing else works)..
  8. Well, I updated the app a few weeks ago. While there are no improvements in features, I guess most annoying bugs are gone.
  9. Hi just wonder when will the bug fix for iOS 13 be released? Now the app is very inconvenient to use
  10. Resilio Sync discovers other peers through multicast. So I suspect, that in your configuration mutlicast is not working. (or you have multiple NICs and Resilio Sync uses the wrong one) Nevertheless, because you only have two computers connected, you can specify IP adress of the other machine: Predefined hosts:
  11. I have PC (Windows) and Debian server, both on the same LAN subnet. There is no router and no Internet in this LAN, just switch, and there is no firewall in between. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are working, both machines can see each other (ping, ssh). Both clients are listening on all interfaces. Clients are set correctly because it was working before (different LAN with AP). But Resilio Sync shows status offline... what am I doing wrong?
  12. But, I do have it installed as a service. Assigned to an id with admin privileges. Is there any way to point it at a different directory?
  13. Maybe the support tell us uncommented CLI syntaxes.
  14. What the meaning of DHT? Maybe is needed in the modern China, in which sometimes the thing restricted anyway.
  15. Installation as service or starting as admin or in a compatible mode.
  16. Resilio seems to have no CLI. The best case is, to disconnect and reconnect the affected peers.
  17. Well, it existed (or shall I say 'resolved' -- there are a lot of junctions involved). I updated the security on the final directory to no effect. I then removed the initial junction and replaced 'Documents and Settings' (and subdirs) with an actual directory. No change at all. Still the same dump and log. I re-installed resilio just to be sure... any other ideas?
  18. @greywun It looks like you don't have 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents' or it's prohibited by some group policies
  19. Running windows 10 1909. Uninstalled resilio sync, removed all settings, rebooted and reinstalled. Now rslsyncsvc won't start. I'm attaching the dump taken and log from the service. Can't find anything obvious. Help!? Dump and
  20. @Starrydream Sorry to say this, but this functionality is deprecated
  21. Greetings! I had an internet outage for a week or so. Since it's come up Resilio seems to be syncing new changes, but hasn't caught up on the old ones, so my files/folders are out of sync. I've gone threough the following documnet which I have been referred to before, but nothign seems to help: I've restarted it a few times on the NAS, deleted a heap of .!sync in one folder restarting it again, then restarted the NAS itself, all to no avail. There are no errors or warnings in the http interface. I am using the latest version Is there a way of forcing it to rescan the entire share? My searching suggests not, so I am stuck what to do next. Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  22. This function is really important for china mainland users.. This software is beyond any domestic same kind trash in China , really good software. so plz add it , many people buy the pro and want to use it without v2ray , thx.
  23. @rd4n3el Resilio Sync never adds 'READONLY-CONFLICT' to the names of files or folders.
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  25. I searched for READONLY-CONFLICT before posting, did not see anything so apologies if this is a duplicate. I have a simple setup I believe, installed Sync client on two different laptops and dragged content into one of the Sync folders. On the second Sync laptop, all of my folders are Name*-READONLY-CONFLICT-1. It looks like there was an initial sync of data successfully but after a few months of use, I see the two folders are diverging in size and number of files, so it appears sync in no longer working. From what I can see, it looks like a permissions issue but I am signed into both sides with the same credentials. I am not using the Sync "share" functionality, only the standard sharing. I don't know what to do to resolve. Both laptops are encrypted by employer so perhaps that is coming into play? (they have always been encrypted so not understanding if that is the problem, how initial sync was successful) Thoughts or steps for troubleshooting?
  26. Thanks! 😀 Will try it. What I miss with this is that you need to have ResilioSync installed on host computer and if you bring the hard drive to collaborators computer for example for color correction. Then it would be nice of it synced automatic, insteed of installing Resilio on host computer, etc. etc.
  27. @JonasB There is no any limitation. You can do this. Just create a share on you external SSD.
  28. @NOWadmin Server seat is needed for server OS. Server Operating System means all Windows Server group and Linux and NAS with non-arm based CPU. While Sync Home can run on these without restrictions, Sync Business requires license which can be purchased from our site - include the corresponding number of seats with server support. In case you are not using server OS you can use Business Basic seat.
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