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  3. I did not find any registry entries in the ones you listed. I did find some others using 'BitTorrent Sync' as search through-out the whole registry. Should I delete anything I find related to BitTorrent Sync? I think I already deleted 2 findings.... Still can't delete file & now I'm out of HD space on my SSD. :(((( plz HELP!
  4. What makes you think you need to open port 3000? Resilio Sync used UDP and TCP connections and various ports. You can find all about it in the Help Center @
  5. OK, so I have an update on this. The files that make up the difference between the 260 GB size of the actual folder and the 132 GB displyed in the clients are all in the .sync folder - on both systems. But I guess I don't understand why that happened. I understand that the .sync folder contains files that were deleted on another system or replaced/versioned files. But I have done neither. So why were the files moved to this folder and what would I need to do next time to prevent this. Here is the sequence of events again: two systems with 120 GB each in sync copied additional files worth 140 GB to one system for a total of 260 GB replication started until the second system was up to 132 GB I paused replication copied the additional files also to the second system using an external drive, so in theory both folders would now have the same files. restarted replication And now, for a reason that I don't understand, all files that I had manually copied on to the second system were moved to the .sync folder - on both systems! What should I have done differently to avoid this? Thanks, Dirk
  6. Hi! I have successfully installed Resilio Sync on a headless Ubuntu server (16.04). Currently my firewall (ufw) is disabled and I'm not 100% sure which ports I should allow for Rsync to work correctly. Is port 3000 enough? Thanks!
  7. I haven't had much time to do upgrades and had BTSync 2.3.7 build 451 running on my Linux hosting server until last night. I have been connecting to it from my Win10 x64 system which is already running Resilio 2.4.4 b732 for quite some time. So I upgraded to Resilio on the linux host and used the same storage folders. However, I get much slower performance when syncing. I've kept both installs on the linux host for testing purposes. If I run the newer 2.3.7 client on Linux I max out at around 18-20mbps at best and it takes much longer for it to ramp-up to speed and it doesn't seem to hold that 18-20mbps for long before it drops back down and slowly ramps up again. Whereas if i kill the 2.3.7 client and reactivate the older 2.4.4 btsync linux client it ramps up to speed much faster and it peaks out at 30mbps and holds steady there for longer periods of time. Both clients have identical settings in the advanced options so no funny tweaks there.
  8. Anyone knows why all those SaaS sync providers gone dark?
  9. Here are some useful tips about iOS photo backup question, hope it can help you well. The Best Solution to Back up iPhone Data to PC or Mac?
  10. You don't need to "perform a manual cleanup" of the archive folder - there's a setting in Sync (sync_trash_ttl) that automates this. By default, files will persist in the archive for 30 days, but you can increase/decrease this to suit your particular needs
  11. I have 3 machines running btsync like so: A (NATted on home network, RW key) ----> B (Public machine with static public IP, RO key) <----- C (NATted on work network, RW key) A and C are behind firewalls and can only communicate directly with B, never with each other. I want A and C to have synced read-write folders, such that changes made on A or C get propagated. B is read-only--it is never supposed to make changes to files, rather it's sole purpose is as a backup and to allow syncing between A and C. I just want to confirm that if A makes a change that gets propagated to B, that B will then be able to propagate this change to C (even though B only has a RO key). Put another way, does a change that originates on A get signed (or something) so that read-only peers can propagate the change? Thanks!
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  13. Hey, I´m new with freebsd and I need some help. Could someone help me to install resilio sync with freebsd 11.0? I have downloaded the x64 tar.gz from and decompresserd it. What I have to do now? sorry for this noob question, Im used to install apps from pkg or ports.
  14. To anyone starting out - please DO NOT disable Archiving. There are quirks that without intention (using across Android nVidia Shield TV have caused my source files (to the tune of 700GB) converted to 0KB files. Through accident I found the .sync folder (just before I was going to Google) and was able to restore all my files. God bless the soul of whoever thought it was a good idea to enable Archiving instead of deleting by default. I have still not been able to figure out why the source files were changed to 0KB files. This has already happened twice however there is nothing else that give me 20MB/s speeds and the consistency of Reslio so I am stuck with it for now. Personally, I have made the sync one-way only for now so that source files are not be modified. I strongly suggest, that you leave Archiving and perform a manual cleanup of the folder for a few weeks of continuous syncing so that you have enough test cases for any quirks that may set in.
  15. Currently, when sync runs between two hosts at different locations on our WAN, the traffic is pushed through our IPSEC tunnels saturating the connection and the transfer speed is significantly slowed. Is there a firewall rule I can put in place that will make this traffic traverse the internet instead of going over these links?
  16. what is the support ticket ID? cause there are no any reports from your current e-mail. You can see the support ticket ID in acknowledgement e-mail sent to you after your report was delivered.
  17. I don't know about your setup/install process, but for me, if you load rslsync with a config file, you can set a custom path: "storage_path" : "/some/config/dir/.sync", If you do not, the home dir of the loading user is used: /home/{user}/.sync I'm not saying that this is enough, and I don't even know if what you want to do is possible (I would assume not..), but it does contain your sync and history dat files, your License folder, and various .SyncUsernnnnnn folders and db/journals. I suspect it is probably safer to re-index either way, though. (I do not work for resilio and have no affiliation with the software - I just spotted this topic while reading a reply to my own)
  18. Hello, I've run into this problem already a couple of times: whenever I re-install a machine (running on Debian or Ubuntu), I first backup all the keys, then re-add all the folder after installation. Kind of tedious, given the fact that the data storage has not changed... I thought, it would be enough to backup /etc/resilio-sync/ /var/lib/resilio-sync/ ... and copy these folders back after re-installation Resilio Sync. Unfortunately, I'm greeted with the first-time installation dialog asking me to create a new user for the web-ui, which indeed does create a new .SyncUserXXXXXXXXXX in /var/lib/resilio-sync/ . I've been really scratching my head on how to just let Resilio Sync pick up the existing profile? Why doesn't it recognize the existing profile and wants to create a new one? I'm aware of this thread, but it didn't help or I didn't understand how it would apply to my situation. Thanks! Additional information: I've not changed any standard storage paths, i.e. /etc/resilio-sync/config.json points to: "storage_path" : "/var/lib/resilio-sync/",
  19. I did restart sync on my Windows machine to begin with. Thats when I noticed the issue. But I am afraid of restarting it on my Ubuntu machine lol. I JUST successfully converted over to using a headless Linux box for my Plex needs and I have synced over 20TB so far to my Zpool out of 36TB. Like I said thankfully all the data is still there and in my particular situation it isn't too terribly annoying, but the INDEXING UGGGGGHHH lol. When we are talking about what most people have which I feel is 4 to 8 TB of data it isnt too bad, but huge collections like this it takes an entire day for some folders to re-index again. So, since the bug happened I have re-indexed a couple of the smaller folders and I am moving onto the larger ones now. Anything I can do to help I will gladly do. So to clarify, both Ubuntu and Windows 10 ran Resilio for 3 solid days with no restarts, and successfully transferred 20TB of data. Then I restarted it on Windows and bam, create Identity..... Ubuntu GUI still shows all folders, just with 0/1 peer online. I erased my old Anime share and recreated it and am re-indexing as we speak. Haven't done anything else.
  20. If you installed Sync then by default the sharing option is a link that you can give somebody else so he can add the share to his running instance or Sync. The destination folder will be prompted for when you add the share to a different Sync instance. From your wording I imagine that you are trying to sync files from a local folder to another local folder, right? (local meaning syncing files on the same machine no matter if its the same hdd, partition or external harddrive) Local syncing is not supported
  21. Hi all and especially the developers, It would be great if I could use 3D touch to upload file or photo, search files or folders. Thanks
  22. Dear Helen, I set up ssh (happy that I used unix some 15 years ago, ....), made the changes and still have some issues. In some of the subdirectories things work fine now, however in the root of the synchronized directory it is not. This directory is called "Joop" (surprise), and if I create a new file on my PC in this Joop directory, it is copied to the NAS, however still with the root as owner. any new suggestions? Joop
  23. I only seem to get this issue when I kill and re-start the sync after syncing huge amounts of data. I'd be interested to know if it happened to your Windows box upon restarting. Also, have you restarted the sync on your Ubuntu machine since syncing large amounts of data?
  24. I too woke up to this issue. I also have 36TB of data I was syncing to a new zpool. Neither machine restarted, neither machine did anything different except be ON all night long syncing. This morning I was presented with a Create Identity screen on my Windows machine. Ubuntu machine seems fine. The person above isn't crazy. You DO have a serious problem with your product. This is actually the second time this has happened and re-indexing all this stuff is not only time consuming but hard on my drives and my zpool. Please, do some research to find out why this happens cause people WILL start moving to something else if this continues. Spent DAYS with sync on pause just so it could index all this now I have to re-do it. I don't have to RESYNC most of it though, as the data still exists in the zpool. But the indexing is the most annoying thing in the world. Please PLEASE fix this.
  25. I installed resilio sync - it does not take user/pass when installing service (even if I run the install as admin) so I removed that option - I can add a folder, but there is no option (I looked everywhere) to select the destination folder and the sync method regards
  26. Hi. I have been using BTsync for about a year. I switched to Resilio and it is hanging continuously. By the way I lost the app password after install and had to login with ssh and erase: settings.dat, settings.dat.old from: /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/ResilioSync/Storage/ So I could access the app. The resilio icon has disappeared from menu screen as well so I have to continuously open App Center to 'stop' the hung app and restart it. I runs for a while. Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours and then hangs again. I didn't realize I was not auto syncing for a few months as this NAS is there for backup primarily. Quite frustrated over here. Anybody have any ideas? BB
  27. Yeah this kills one of the main reasons I was planning to switch to Sync. It would be nice if you could could get the built in player to play the next song in the folder automatically instead of stopping at the end of the song. I could live with that.
  28. Hello dear forum ... I have a synced folder on my PC and my Qnap NAS. Size was about 120 GB, 30.000 files. No problem so far. Then I copied additional files into the folder on the PC, bringing it up to a total of 48.000 files and 260 GB. As expected Sync jumped into action and started to copy files over the network to the synced folder on the NAS. But then I thought this is going to take a long time this way. I paused Sync, and copied all the additional files also directly to the NAS via an external drive. Then I restarted Sync, expecting it to figure out that all files are in both folders now. Indeed, after some indexing and minimal send/receive action, the activity settled down and the two clients seemed happy. Except that the foldersize on both sides is shown as only 132 GB in the clients instead of the 260 GB that both folders really have. So I am worried now. What can I do to correct this and/or verify that all content is being monitored and will be kept in sync. Since then a number of "indexing" phases went by and I also copied some additional files on one side that were correctly synced to the other. But the folder size remains 132 GB in both client views instead of 260 GB. What could be wrong? Thanks, Dirk
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