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  2. How do you do that?
  3. Well, i'm a sync user in Haikou, and nothing weird happened on internet... Just smoothly functioning...
  4. I had problems with time difference when using sync, it's just (after I changed my time and changed back on my windows pc) showing time difference problems. I made sure that the two devices are at the same time, and reinstalled sync several times, but, it just showed this notice, on and on, so I can't synchronize files. What can I do?????
  5. My bad, works as Miyo wrote. Thanks for the clarification!
  6. try the global mode , and it may need few hours to get connect.
  7. I have this exact issue. Would be great to get some feedback as to how I should fix.
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  9. Some findings #1 - I was correct, the application does not appear smart enough to register that something was copied from the Archive back to the Main. It is maintaining dual copies. Only time will tell if it "duplicates" all the copied items in the archive ... #2 - I believe I found the reason Resilio decided to delete the millions of files - and I honestly expect it will continue to delete every file until the sync is complete. This is a great example of why documentation is important, as the order of operations is quite possibly the reason it eradicated the file structure - and now it has me concerned that there are bigger issues in Resilio. Near as I can tell, what appears to have happened is this: The Share was created on Computer A. Computers A,B,C,D,E,F were connected. Everyone was empty. Computer A was setup with Symlinks - however the program registers those as empty and nothing would Sync. So the symlinks were removed. All 6 Computers (including the owner) were then firmly seeded with content (no more symlinks) What is expected: Resilio sees the new content on all 6 machines, and begins indexing and validating the data What appears to have happened: Somehow Resilio decided that the new files on owner conflicted with the original empty state. It then proceeded to delete all the files on owner, resulting in it Syncing deletions to all children. What is interesting, is the deletions did not start occurring until about 24hrs to 48hrs in. If this is a true accounting of what happened, this means there is a very real possibility anytime I copy a file into Resilio from any of the computers, that it will consider it a conflict of some past state of the Owner, and will just silently delete the files. But if that is true, then why aren't the forums on fire from everyone having missing files?
  10. Hi All, History - You can skip this if you like I came to Resilio from Dropbox as they informed me will not provide support to clients with over 300,000 files, resulting in the application crashing on 3 of our computers for the last few years. On the advice of others, I bought Resilio without being able to do much testing (with over 500GB of data, and 2.5 million files, the 5GB limited version does not tell me anything of value). So, I did the initial setup, copied all the folders to where I needed, got all the sync's running and folders connected. I did at first try to use SymLinks to make it easier to split the data, which obviously just didn't do anything. Anyway, I won't harp on the terrible memory use yet - but I find it is partially synced and already using ~2 to 4GB of RAM - I will roll with that for now (all my machines have 32GB minimum) and it is not my chief concern but I do feel like a DBA should be consulted, you do not need to have the entire folder DB loaded in RAM all the time... However, my current pressing issue is that about a week in now and I started noticing about 2 days ago that I had files missing... I took a look today, and discovered that it wasn't just some files, but had become approximately 75% of all of my files were deleted by Resilio Sync. In total, I am missing around ~350GB (millions of files) - however, the folders and subfolders are intact. Just the files were deleted. Question #1 - I can't for the life of me find a good article on how to properly restore files. Is there an article on proper restore methods using Resilio? I did find some of the missing files in .sync/Archive. So do I now need to look in that folder on all of my computers, manually copy those files out, back into the Resilio Sync folder? Do I then delete the Archive copies? Or is it smart enough to do this on its own? I suspect, it is not. How do I stop it from permanently deleting files >1GB? During this process, it does appear to have permanently deleted several large files. Question #2 - Should I, or Can I, trust Resilio? I ask this, not to be rude, but out of knowing little about this, as I purchased the program on the recommendation of others. I honestly want to know, is this an actual commercial product, or a funky proof of concept, and not ready for consumption? I'm much more nervous and concerned about my data with Resilio and I'm on the fence of asking for a refund - I'm starting to get buyers remorse really quickly. I absolutely do not want to find myself missing this many files again - it is actually worse than a crashing application, it is actually intentionally destroying data - and I can't find anything to tell me why. Just to clarify on this point, fortunately Resilio is not my last point of backup, but if it deletes a mass load of files and I don't realize it for 30 days, it could begin to impact my other points of backup. And that will be a real problem. Things I'd really love to know ... Am I wrong to be trusting Resilio or should I be staying with mainstream cloud sync providers at this time? Is the only solution to create my own third party program to monitor the archive folder for files that Resilio is deleting? Finally, all 6 or so computers are STILL syncing... If I restore these files now, is this program just going to keep deleting them again until this sync finishes? I suppose, information wise, if there is a KB article or something I missed - this could help me a lot. The only links I could find mentioned on the forums and posts are 404's. For further examination, I would for future love to know the easiest way to do a restore when the archive has a bunch of renamed copies of files. I really don't want to have to create my own tool / program here for monitoring and handling Resilio archives ... but the program seems like it is incomplete in the archiving area. Support Ticket I have not been able to create a support ticket yet. The login system is asking for my License ID, which when I copy it from the program, it just says it doesn't recognize. I'll give this thread a few days, and hope for a response.
  11. One thing I don't understand: why synchronization does not work on a local network?
  12. Well because what if your other peer checks out of the current branch and your client you are working on is currently in a file of another branch. I just don't think it is wise. Just let git commit changes and pull all infos itself. Git as is, is already complicated enough and if you add another layer that messes with it's data structure.. I am just not sure if that is wise. But I haven't tried it so.. if it is working for you then that's good.
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  14. Me and some of my friends experienced troubles to synchronize in China. It seems better with the 2.5.6, however I still have problem to connect my pad on android. I can't make the first connection, even though I have the VPN on, which is weird... Is there a way to characterize the problem better? Edit: it finally worked after retrying for the tenth time or so... However I have problem to synchronize folders. Some of them detects other peers on the local network, but for some folder it says that there is no peer...
  15. I am not at home, so I can't check the version, but I will do that when I can. Why are you unsure if it's smart to use Resilio to back up a git repo?
  16. Thank you for your quick response, ellw! You information is the same I read in Resilio's site. But I also read that all business plans include 5 users. In this company I work for there is no user needed, just backup purposes. So, technically, the "Sync Home" and "Sync Home Pro" will resolve with much lower price. Well... lower price compared to Resilio Business, but still higher them the licence we ware using with the buggy 2.4 version. But I am not here just to start a discussion. The primary objective is to solve my client's problem. Maybe I should open a support ticket to get a response from Resilio crew. [ ]s Dario
  17. What version of Sync are you running? Make sure you are up to date. The latest version is 2.5.6. Also I am not so sure if it is smart to have Sync handle a git repo to be honest.
  18. We use Resilio as a syncing tool between computers in different locations. Our typical use is to share project folders between team members and most document are office documents type. Sometimes we share drafts or sensitive documents that should not really be printed or copied. Unfortunately Resilio does not offer granular controls over what can be done by the recipient(s) on a document once it is shared. So it would be useful to add controls at document level, so that the owner/editor can decide to prevent printing, copying and similar actions, including forcing an expiration date for a specific document/folder on the receiving end. Possibly, introducing a commentator permission level, in addition to the existing ones, would help implement such controls. Thank you
  19. Thank you. I suspected that, but it is actually confusing the way it is laid out in the preferences UI.
  20. Just resolved permissions and problem gone. Thank you for support =) However it's better to report about permission problems than silently ignore them an continue to play ping-pong, wasting compute resources and electricity.
  21. Right now I can access my synchronized files from all my devices. However, I would like to be able to access them from anywhere. More precisely I would like to be able to access them from a Web interface. I installed Plex on my server and I can access my medias from a URL that looks like: http://my-public-static-IP-address:portnumber If Plex managed to have a Web app that accesses the file system, then Resilio can surely do it by having a dedicated port as well. This is probably my main problem as I moved from Dropbox, OneDrive and co. that all have web access
  22. I have now noticed the same thing happens with Git repositories. Resilio will go in and lock something while I'm committing, causing the commit to fail.
  23. Interesting situation: progmachine@ceres64:~/apps/common/profile/mucommander$ ls -l ../ итого 12 drwsrwsr-x 2 progmachine btsync 4096 сен 17 2016 argouml drwsrwsr-x 4 progmachine btsync 4096 сен 17 2016 mucommander drwsrwsr-x 4 progmachine btsync 4096 сен 17 2016 purple progmachine@ceres64:~/apps/common/profile/mucommander$ ls -l итого 40 -rw-rw---- 1 progmachine btsync 179 окт 8 2013 action_keymap.xml -rw-rw---- 1 progmachine btsync 312 мар 7 2015 bookmarks.xml -rw-rw---- 1 progmachine btsync 1774 апр 8 2016 credentials.xml drwsrwsr-x 2 progmachine btsync 4096 сен 17 2016 extensions -rw-rw---- 1 progmachine btsync 2998 июн 3 2016 preferences.xml -rw-rw---- 1 progmachine btsync 76 апр 7 2016 shell_history.xml -rw-rw---- 1 progmachine btsync 4712 июн 3 2016 snapshot.xml drwsrwsr-x 2 progmachine btsync 4096 сен 17 2016 themes -rw-rw---- 1 progmachine btsync 1651 окт 8 2013 user_theme.xml progmachine@ceres64:~/apps/common/profile/mucommander$ sudo su btsync -c "touch -t 201604080000.00 credentials.xml" touch: установка временных отметок 'credentials.xml': Операция не позволена progmachine@ceres64:~/apps/common/profile/mucommander$ touch -t 201604080000.00 credentials.xml progmachine@ceres64:~/apps/common/profile/mucommander$ As a "progmachine" userid i can change mtime of the file, but as "btsync" user i can't, even if btsync group allowed to write.
  24. How does the sync work over non-WiFi (3g,4g etc...) How does my phone discover changes on my PC without any central server? Is there an URL with my device key? How does this work?
  25. Hi Helen, I tried accessing: - locally, using localhost:8888/gui/ in the browser (here, I login into the server remotely using SSH -with X forwarding- and opened Firefox) - remotely. As the server has two IP, one for local network and one for external network, I used three URL: server_name:8888/gui/ external_IP:8888/gui/ local_IP:8888/gui/ The message is: The connection has timed out The server at server_name is taking too long to respond. The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. Yes, it keeps running and syncing normally.
  26. Ok, this is detailed map of my devices: On my work i have my personal notebook - it is one of this peers discussed here (Win10 OS). On it i have virtual machine with Ubuntu 16.04 x64, it's name is ceres64. Due to wifi security politics in company, DPI firewalls blocks many directions and protocols (VPN, games, RDP etc.), and bittorrent protocol is also blocked. Because of this, rslsync can't just work directly. So i have a trick - ssh tunnel from ceres64 direct to charon, which is placed at my home. May be thats why charon and ceres64 looks have the same IP. At home I have two phisical computers: neptune and progmachine-ws0. charon is virtual machine, currently running on progmachine-ws0. On linux boxes (progmachine-ws0, neptune, charon, ceres64), rslsync running as service with its own user id and group id. All synchronized folders are set with progmachine user id, and btsync/rslsync group id with sgid flag, so all existing files and new files in that folders must be accessible for write to rslsync daemon, due to "drwsrwsr-x" access pattern. But I'll check all permissions and see what will happen.
  27. Do ceres and charon work on the same machine? they have same IP addresses. What is ceres exactly? The thing is that Sync on it cannot change the files' attributes - "operation not permitted" on /home/progmachine/ partition. Sync process has no permission to change files' mtime and set other attr. This might be just he lack of rw access, or some specific mount point parameters for the Sync user. Try and set mtime to a file on that mounted point: touch -t test.txt there's one more peer - I suspect there's the same problem, so they pingpong the files to each other. Cannot tell for sure as I don't have logs from there.
  28. A very big you're welcome from developers (:
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