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  2. Hi This subject is still open and I am waiting for an answer since January 26. Thank in advance Currently we lock this release on our firmware.
  3. I have the same problem - have to restart almost everyday to get resilio working again.
  4. A friend with whom I'm sharing a folder has resilio sync installed on a macbook air for some time. Last Friday, she stopped being able to open resilio sync app, 2.6.3 version. It crashes immediately after it starts loading. She asked me to help her out, and I tried uninstalling and re-installing resilio latest version, but it didn't solve the issue. She had already tried a previous version, but no success there either. Then, I uninstalled the antivirus (avast) and flash player but still I couldn't make it work. Any ideas on how to sort this out would be welcome. Thanks! Cheers,
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  6. Hi there, Update: This seems to be happening every day now. Photos I took yesterday had synced after the phone restart but this morning's photos didn't. A quick look at resilio on the phone showed that it wasn't connected to any peers and nothing I tried would get it to connect. A restart of the phone sets of syncing again without any other intervention. I'm not having any other trouble with the phone. No other problem apps. Any ideas anyone? How to go about troubleshooting this? Thanks, Andy.
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  8. Hi, I just had to reinstall sync on my desktop and on my phone (windows refresher and a new phone). Once I reinstalled and put in my license it created the connections for the phone and desktop but has severed the connection to my wife's computer and phone. Mine sync together, her's sync together but we don't see each others files anymore or sync our shared files. I know I did something wrong with the license or profile setup but I am not sure how to fix it without messing up the huge amount of files she has or go through a long manual process of redoing it all. I've used sync for years (mostly trouble free) so our folder list is fairly long.
  9. i will notice after an indeterminate number of days that my Android sync stops syncing. On examination I see that it isn't connected to peers, and doesn't seem to want to try. If I close the app it hangs on exit with a shutdown banner and spinner. Requires phone restart to get rid of the spinner and fix the syncing. All becomes good when the phone comes backup. Htc10 on nougat. The other sync devices are a debian based box and a windows 7 laptop which behave without issue. All devices version 2.6.3
  10. You cloud also ask in the forum for further help, because it works.
  11. Wondering if it's related to android os or how the sync app is written? Like... in windows, you cannot have ? <> /\, etc in the file name. Is "%" something native android cannot read as a file name?
  12. Today I revisit to this issue, trying to recreate it. (I notice it because it is holding up that 1% from finishing syncing) I found 3 unicode for the % Unicode Character “%” (U+0025) - Standard Shift+5 % Unicode Character “%” (U+FF05) - Full width % sign Unicode Character “﹪” (U+FE6A) - Small % sign First I tested with the notepad, seems like I can read the file after sync, the names didn't get changed. Then I randomly generated a mp3 and named it to the same convention. After sync, the names appear to be correct on the device, but only the Standard % cannot be opened (I can play the other 2 files tho).
  13. Although it is somewhat difficult, these files can still be recovered by some means.
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  15. Hi got this message. These files were changed in read only share. No updates of these files will be synced to this device and sync will not overwrite theme. It then has two options: Revert all or Ignore all. What option do I choose to overwrite I am downloading from server to my local machine and I had a few files I thought that it would just recheck and continue the download like a torrent would. Thanks for the reply.
  16. So recently I discovered FileBrowser, which lets me set up and browse files on Macs and PCs on my network via my iPad. I found I can go into my main video watching folder and easily click on videos, which streams them to VLC or Infuse (or other apps). It's much better than my old method, which was using Plex, which has some UI and streaming issues. (See screenshot to see how it works in FileBrowser) Wait a minute, I thought, I could probably do the same with Resilio Sync. So I downloaded the program to my iPad and set up the shared folder. I can copy over complete files, which is fine, but I can't then stream them from the external apps. I can laboriously download a video, then laboriously copy it to a video app like Infuse. This will, I believe, end up with me having two downloaded copies of the video on my iPad, versus zero downloaded copies with the FileBrowser method. So I'd like to see Resilio for iOS learn to "download and stream" (or even just stream without downloading anything locally), in the future. Thanks.
  17. Has anyone else been experiencing momentary system hangs during large syncs? Starting in either 2.6.2 or 2.6.3 (I think the later), I've been experiencing system hangs where I can move the mouse but not click, and the desktop really doesn't refresh. I've managed to leave Task Manager open during one of these times and I can see "System Interrupts" is pegging the CPU. This either means my network driver changed recently (maybe when Windows went to 1809?) and isn't effectively using the proper driver and hardware (it's a 10GBe Nic connected to another 10GBe nic via 10GBe switch), or it means that Sync isn't efficiently sending data out the nic. Shortly after upgrading to 2.6.3, I noticed my sync speeds were higher than before, peaking at 1.6Gbps. Today, the system hangs have been the worst noticeable and speeds peaking at around 900Mbps. I know from dealing with embedded devices that dealing with high rate network transmissions is tricky balancing servicing the incoming/outgoing ethernet packet buffers and dealing with system interrupts and the polling vs interrupts... I'm using Intel 10GBe nics, so I'm expecting less CPU and more hardware offloading than the typical Realtek nic.
  18. While Syncing a folder, the connection speed on the receiving side randomly dropped to zero every three to five seconds, causing some files not synced. I tried to restart the software on both ends, but it is not working. Are there other ways that should solve this problem?
  19. You didn't understand the request. The problem is that each release has its OWN sticky thread. So when new release 2.6.4 post is made, its a new thread with no existing notifications. Whereas if they had a thread called "Resilio Releases", then you could subscribe to that thread and be notified automatically each time a release is made. They just need to top post in that thread so the newest release is always post #1. But you're right about the slow death.
  20. Home Pro sync subscriber. REplaced a PC that was linked and cannot re-establish link with the new replacement PC. I have tried MANY things including begging for actual support (not just links to old articles that are not relevant). I have done "link device" from the existing one and copied the key to the replacement PC and clicked "link" - it 'tries' and then fails to link and only suggests "cancel" or "retry". How do I get ACTUAL SUPPORT from RESILIO??????????
  21. Hello Everyone, So I have setup the latest version of resilio sync on my QNAP TS-251A, of course I have the sync always on for the NAS and I pause the folders I don't need to sync instantly on my laptop and desktop. What I have noticed is that even though I have the sync on pause on some folders, they go ahead and syncing with the NAS anyway. Is this a feature or a bug?
  22. I suggest you Long Path Tool will let you easily delete, copy or rename long path files, you can try it for better service.
  23. your files should still be in the .sync/archive folder inside your shared folder on your pc.
  24. Good morning, I installed Resilio on my phone, I chose a folder from my pc to import and from the folder I cancelled any files. I didn't know if I cancell something in the folder in the phone I would have cancelled something from the folder in the pc. How can I do to have again the files in the pc folder? Please let me know, it is very important for me. Thank you
  25. Good morning, I installed Resilio on my phone, I chose a folder from my pc to import and from the folder I cancelled any files. I didn't know if I cancell something in the folder in the phone I would have cancelled something from the folder in the pc. How can I do to have again the files in the pc folder? Please let me know, it is very important for me. Thank you
  26. I was also looking to find a provider for this purpose. I have found some, but they are quite expensive. There are also some articles of using Amazon cloud, but I have never tried. Have you found any other provider?
  27. Odd problem I've been having on my Note9 running Android 8.1 for a while now: Sync will often say it's connected to all the peers for all its folders, and even be responsive to touch input, BUT no syncing actually occurs. The only solution I've found so far is to kill the app, clear the cache, and restart it. None of my other Android devices have this issue, and yes, it happens even with battery optimization disabled for Sync. Any ideas?
  28. Problem still is valid, really not sure why any program would install to roaming? But it does install to C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync storage_path changes where data is saved not where program is installed.
  29. Hi Still no answer from support but I deepened more the issue with version 2.6.3. In my conf file, force_https option is set to false and in this case I can not open resilio gui over https protocol but if I change its value to true I can open resilio gui over https protocol. (Amazing !) I have this behaviour only with 2.6.3 (not with 2.6.2) Anyhow it is not the expected behaviour according with the page : So currently force_https option is to enable/disable https instead of forcing or not this protocol on version 2.6.3 😬
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