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  2. Thanks for the advice. I get this line in netstat: tcp 0 0* LISTEN - I stopped firewalld, but it still does not work.
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  4. HI there, Here's my use-case, let me know if your software does something like this? I'm looking to replace my Google Photos. I have 500gb of photos/videos on my Windows 10 PC. My Windows 10 PC is always on and connected to the internet. I want to be able to view and share (links) to these photo/video files on my PC from other PCs and from my Android phone. I already have a file sync thing set up so when I take a picture on my phone, it gets automatically sent to my PC. What I don't want is all 500gb on my PC being sent back to my Android phone and to any other laptop/PC that I'm
  5. Yes it's enough. Next you should use netstat to verify the rslsync is really listening to port 8888 on all interfaces: netstat -anp if it indeed listens on all interfaces, then I guess it's firewall, try totally disable firewall (temporally) and test.
  6. Hi, thanks for the help. My config file has that already: "webui" : { "listen" : "" // remove field to disable WebUI This was there without me adding it. Should that be enough? I am a bit confused because the export of the config file does not seem to match 100% the actual settings in the client, e.g. I disabled uPnP but it's ON in the config that was exported.
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  8. Your WebUI is configured to listen to localhost only, which is only accessible from the same PC. Either you need to re-configure it to listen on other interface (for example,, which means port 8888 on all interfaces), or use some other applications that can do port forward for you. read Configuring WebUI – Sync (
  9. Hey guys, I just freshly setup Resilio on a PC running CentOS stream. I can access the web interface on the same PC with https://localhost:8888/ but not from another computer I have made sure that the firewall has tcp port 8888 open (it should work, I have another service running, opened the firewall and there it works as well). Any idea what I can check to fix this matter? Is there any setting that needs to be set to access the webUI from another computer? thanks
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  11. Yes, in fact maybe focus is on connect, and Home/pro edition evolves only if it's needed by connect ?
  12. Hi Sync team! I'm using Sync for years at my home and I'm pretty happy, thank you. One of the pain points I meet a couple of times every week is to explain or ask for an explanation about where can I find exact file. Let me now share that pain with you. If that feature request doubles an already existing one - sorry, didn't manage to find it. Pain We have a folder with some files in it and it's shared across the family devices, the app works fine sitting in the tray. But every time one of us wants to open the file that the other person puts in the folder or moves in that folder
  13. If you look to Resilio Connect you can see that the development is working Currently Connect is in version 2.12. What I know, the Connect version 2.7.2 has the same or a similar engine as Home/Pro version 2.7.2. If you see that Connect is a commercial product is clear that the focus is on that.
  14. Hi Andy+, do you know if resilio is still under developpement ? or if there is a major evolution under developpement (3.0)? As you said, maybe staff capacity is low, but this could not explain why there are no more communications about the product !? regards nunu
  15. If you move around in the Syncthing forum, you often notice that Resilio users, even with licenses, want to turn away from Resilio because the support has decreased a lot and the update cycles are clearly too long. Nobody can conclusively understand what is going on at Resilio. Corona or no Corona, it can't be because of that. The Syncthing staff is active as always. I have read again and again from Resilio that staff capacities are limited and that priorities are set accordingly. Of course are such things okay and clear. It is not understandable, however, that nothing seems to stir. This is b
  16. ? Maybe there's a misunderstanding. I'm done with this bad company which does not answer to people who want to use their product, and take more than one week to simply accept your subscription on their forum. It means they r dying. I answered to your question: I switched for syncthing.
  17. That is true. I use Resilio and Syncthing both. What ist the relation to this thread "Worst support ever"?
  18. Hello, I'm using syncthing. There is no scheduler option though.
  19. I have a file server with resilio sync. I don't use any relay or tracker servers, instead I enter the server's IP:port as a predefined host for all of my shares (or actually it's set as the default setting for every new share). Everything works fine, but I just noticed that the server's firewall is blocking a lot of traffic coming from the IPs where my clients are. It's coming in to a port that I haven't set up anywhere, the port seems to change every now and then (but stay constant for some period of time, same port from all clients), and they are coming in about once every 2-5 se
  20. hello I never had an answer to my question.I still lost data have you a solution so that it does not happen again ...
  21. When trying to use resilio-sync over a reverse proxy, I am running into an issue with the POST to token.html?token={{blah}} ... it is being prefixed (in JS) with an absolute path of `/gui/`, when in reality, a relative path of `gui/` should be a used as the base for the AJAX request. Because of this, resilio-sync cannot be reverse proxied correctly as it currently stands today.
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  23. Hello everyone, Using Resilio Sync on Windows 10 worked just fine for me. I did a hardware upgrade and switched to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Now I have problems syncing my files where I see the error message: Failed to download [filename] - ERROR_FIX_SUFFIX_FILE I have about 340 GB of files that cannot sync. I am using a read only folder with 2 other devices where one of them is the 'master' that adds new files. I have let it run for 2 weeks and it is not progressing. Do you have any suggestions for how this issue can be fixed? :-) Thank you in ad
  24. I want to install Resilio Sync in Debian, then create a user and connect a Key to a folder for synchronizing automatically. I have read the artical I write the file, then upload it to hosting, then I run Code A to install Resilio Sync in Debian. At present I have to create user and connect the Key FM2QC4IB4C43VNKE3OJC5OAVUJ2XFU6J1 to the folder /home/BTSync_XTem by accessing GUI manually. I hope that I can write some codes in file for creating a us
  25. Thanks! I wonder if this is possible for Windows also ...
  26. Hi there, Whenever I sync something on a device, and even when I untick the box "New peers I invite must be approved by me", the other end gets the attached message. But on my end, from where I shared it, I'm not getting any notification to approve this user. What gives? Thanks in advance for your help.
  27. This is an old thread but I'm having the exact same problem and the link you provided are not working anymore. Do you have updated urls?
  28. You can use killall with process name I use killall -15 -u myuser rslsync (15: SIGTERM)
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