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  2. Hi, currently the details about files that are currently transferring are very limited: as visible from the attached picture, only the name of the files is displayed, and not the full path. This makes very hard to understand where the file are located, and hence what is going to be transferred. Also, as shown in the picture, just a few file names are displayed, and not all of them (see "and 5270 more") In addition, the access to this window is akward: from the main window, first a click on "peers online" is required, and then a specific peer need to be selected. Instead, would be useful to have a specific tab in the main window showing all the files in the queue that are transferring/need to be transferred, and collecting all the info in different columns like "file path" and "peers", and ideally the possibility to filter some of them.
  3. If a file is updated on two offline PCs, and then the PCs go online and are sync'd, there is clearly a conflict. It appears that the most recent file gets copied across, and the old file gets put in .Sync\Archive with any deleted files. How then is it possible to look out for conflicts (and not deleted files)? I have never seen a ".Conflict" added to the filename as the Help suggests can occur in some circumstances. The only possible help that I can find is that subsequent conflicts seem to cause a .1 .2 .3 .4 etc. to be put before the file extension. But how is it possible to spot that first conflict - no ".0" is added!?? This seems to be a pretty fundamental problem. I hope there is some sort of solution, even if it involves looking log files or something.
  4. Last week
  5. When I choose sync to this device on a folder in windows explorer, it recursively synced from my nas to pc, but not all of them, it misses some deep folders. Is there a limit on the depth of folder? For example, it doesn't sync stuff under my .git folder.
  6. Agree - this is a very dangerous approach. I am very surprised there is no warning when there is a conflict. I never found a file in Archive with .Conflict either (in the case that a file is updated separately on both a laptop and a PC and the two are then later sync'd)
  7. Whenever I remove photo or video from iOS Photos, Sync app starts telling me that there are new files to Sync... and the status will always stay "Connecting...". So every deleted photos adds +1 to the quantity of "new files" which will never be synced. This drives me crazy.
  8. I've just spent 15 minutes writing a new post, then met the registration window and could not answer the question "Who's the president of US?" correctly. Tried Biden, Joe Biden, Trump, Donald Trump, and nothing worked. Signed up via Google, and now I don't see my post... What the hell??? This really pissed me off.
  9. I have exactly the same set up and issue. Resilio will not use the faster thunderbolt connection.
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  11. Hello beloved gurus and those who can help, I was running Resilio Sync (sync) on docker in linux, and accessing via my iPhone on iOS Everything was working great. I decided I wanted to go pro and would try the trial first. I removed my standard folder by disconnecting it then removing it. I then started a new advanced folder. After this I could not get any of my peers to sync. The folder indexed, but there were zero peers, and when I added any peers they would just sit on the screen with the folder name, but say pending w/ the dotted lined folder. I attempted to remake a classic folder and this gave me the same results. After disconnecting and removing the advanced folder. I went through and completely removed the folder for sync. Including the config and .sync folders. Removed the app on my phone. Reinstalled everything. And the same problem persists. regardless of advanced or classic folder. I've read the peers aren't connecting article, but I'm not sure what I need to do w/ after I drop it in my browser. My ports should be working just fine, since it was working previously and didn't error until I changed to advanced. I'm baffled and at a loss. Any and all help would be appreciated. Edit: Not sure what I did differently this time, but after redoing everything (the same as before) it started working.
  12. I've come across this, however if you read the document on here it says only lines that begin with # are treated as comments. It also states that entries can include a path. So for a Synology NAS, I simply changed the entry from #snapshot to /#snapshot - which is fine, as that directory is always in the root of the shared folder. Seems to work ... it's just a pain that you have to copy an updated "IgnoreList" file to each new folder - you can't set it as a default within ResilioSync, so it will always use its' defaults when it starts syncing a new folder unless you manually create the .sync subfolder and copy your updated "IgnoreList" file to it before initiating the sync.
  13. Just realized after the purchase that ios background sync is not possible. Also I dont see much development of this app.
  14. If not running, you can try Syncthing. Maybe you find a package in your Systemmanager.
  15. How do you do that when Sync ever runs only for a minute or 2??? I stopped using Sync now, use FreeFileSync now. It does not even require an agent on the NAS.
  16. Seriously - you think that's "very simple" - ???
  17. Interesting to see that I was not alone with this problem.
  18. That's not Resilios faults, did you use the correct passwort (it's not "admin" !!! if you use the latest QTS version) after the 3s reset which your probably did?
  19. Did you read this? How to Back up data (Android only) – Sync (
  20. I have a Linux Mint box with the free version of Sync installed. This Linux box is considered my “backup server”. I want to backup two laptops. I install Sync Free on Laptop A and setup the synchs with the Linux Mint box and all is well, works as expected. Then, I install Sync Free on Laptop B and when I try to add the folders from Laptop B to the Linux Mint box I get “Invalid Link” error. I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything correctly. Shouldn’t I be able to back up multiple devices to a single box with the free version or do I need to upgrade to Sync Home Pro?
  21. 2 years and still no answer. Does this mean that deduplication was a false claim and Resilio Sync doesn't deduplicate? After all it "feels" like there is no deduplication implemented...
  22. Good morning, as might be understandable from the request title, when using selective sync would be nice that placeholders show not the actual placeholder file size (0KB for all of them) but the original remote file size (the not synced one), as well as its properties ideally. This is not happening, at least on windows clients side. This is the most common way of display placeholder size and it's used in most common cloud services. Any chance to implement this feature in resilio sync? Thank you Regards
  23. Hi, I want to achieve below: 1. one-way data backup from my android mobile to synology NAS 2. any changes (modify, deletion) on already-sync up files on Mobile will not affect files on NAS I have been wasting time searching on resilio official website, and did not find an clear guide on this, most of them are very confusing with inconsistent technical terms... please share how to make it happen if above is supported on Resilio Sync. thanks in advance.
  24. Unfortunatly, I can't to this changes via SSH because for this, QTS needs the user "admin" and I have problems with passwordfor this user and password reset isn't working. So a proper solution (updated version of Resilio) is urgently needed!
  25. It could be that the APP does not unlock the last edited file. Then this cannot be deleted either. I propose a test in a parallel and neutral environment to see whether the result is the same.
  26. If I understood correctly that you want to create directories, how wpte\DCIM Dennis\DCIM Carolin\DCIM Sarah\DCIM Donald\DCIM is not a problem. These are physically created and connected accordingly. However, if this is to be done in connection with the Pro license and you have a license, this is not possible in my opinion, since each instance can only assume one identity. Therefore I would advise you to use standard folders with key exchange.
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