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  3. Neinstein

    Sync Build Announcments

    The post about the latest build is always pinned. Currently at #1. However, based on the extremely low build and forum activity, I have a feeling that Resilio Sync is seeing a slow death like so many other sync apps in the past. I don't know why but I assume economical reasons. Sad!
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  5. I have an idea of a work around (I am a new user also) On the NAS, create a folder with 2 folders inside (one for you and one for your wife) Inside Sync, select your camera folder from your android, and sync them into the right folders inside your NAS (The 2 folders mention earlier). Hope that helps
  6. ekim501

    Unexpected File Deletion

    So this happened to me as well. I have a 450 GB folder synced to several computers and half of it just went missing. I was able to restore it all using the archive but it was such a pain - and it coped over multiple version of files that were changed throughout the day. This makes me extremely nevus - I feel like I'm going to have to check my archive everyday to make sure there is nothing in their that shouldn't be.
  7. ksminute

    % got renamed to �

    Today I went back to the folder and check. I have (32) of these files that are the same size. This is not the only file that has problem. All of these will add up in size and fill up my storage soon.
  8. Since I have no wifi around the area, I enabled my phone hotspot (Note 8). My other android can connect to it, but sync cannot see the peer. When I turn on my laptop and connect to the hotspot, the android can see the laptop as one of the peer, but still cannot see the phone (Note 8) as one of the peer. On the Note 8, I have turned on the "use mobile data" but nothing says about the hotspot.
  9. also +1 It''' be easier to organize the files
  10. especially when it's out of sync. I would like to easily locate that file and do something to it. I have files in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The asian characters are not as easy to type. the ability to copy them under the peer list would be nice. Thanks
  11. ksminute

    % got renamed to �

    I am coming from syncthing after facing a lot of out of sync problems, and wanted a fire and forget solution for my setup. I have other "problems" but this one is more critical right now. I have a PC, Laptop, and 3 android that I sync with. The PC is the only master (read only) In the other devices: I turn off the selective sync (so files are always in sync when connected), and I also turned on "overwrite changed files" I saw some out of sync items yesterday, so I deleted them on the other devices and let the PC overwrites them with the fresh updated files. Today: I see some (new) out of sync items, and they all have a "%" symbol in the file name. I deleted those files and let it sync. I was able to sync, at least sync tells me it's 100% done. I went to the android folder and checked, the file name is now different. The % is now display as �, (unicode: black diamond with a question mark inside), the extension . dot is now replace with the underscore _ , and at the end I see the (1), (2), (3), for the other copies (but I turn off the archive function) When I browse with the sync directory, it displays fine, but when I use my file manager program or the music player, it will not open it.
  12. Check this workaround for Android. I guess it might be applicable for iOs too.
  13. There are workarounds for Windows and Android. Windows How to sync folder with desired shared folder name: Create empty folder with desired shared folder name, e.g. Documents on Laptop. Create shared folder using it. Disconnect shared folder. Connect shared folder using real data location, e.g. Documents. Android How to create backup with desired shared folder name: Unlink your device from your identity. Create backup, e.g. enable photos backup. Open backup settings and copy link. Edit shared folder name, e.g. change DCIM to MotoZ3_photos_backup. Connect shared folder to your identity using this link. Confirm connection on your device. Link your device to your identity. This workaround was not tested for behavior on disabling and reenabling backup on your device or on further unlinking device from your identity and relinking it back.
  14. Getting both machines on the same version 2.6.3 seemed to fix the problem for me. Thanks for your help!
  15. zpeverman

    Unexpected File Deletion

    I'm pretty dissapointed in the level of attention to this forum by Resilio. I am actively testing other options that can do this same thing. It may not be as fast, but we are looking at using Google Drive paired with File Stream on each of the machines. Anyone else have any other suggestions?
  16. After more than 2 weeks... I was really expecting someone from Resilio would explain how the file deduplication is suppose to work because it does not work for me!
  17. maccra

    Unexpected File Deletion

    This just happened to me also... What an absolute disaster. I shutdown Resilio last night, It was only shutdown about 16 hours. I just placed some files in one of my sync folders while Resilio for shutdown. Started Resilio and then Resilio immediately deleted the files instead of syncing them to the other peers. Luckily the files were in the archive folder, but really it should never have happened. Yes...Resilio,, where is the guidance or what special tips do you have for us... "Never shutdown Resilio"... really!!!
  18. I am facing a similar issue. There is a folder named Services which when shared with new users, immediately shows a "Disconnected by Owner" message. All the other folders sync fine. Also it shows 0 of 0 peers online message while for other folders the peers show online. I have tried almost everything in vain, choosing a new identity, restarting CNG service, etc. but still not able to figure out what to do ? Have even mailed support but the response comes after 3-4 days and even sending the logs to the support have not helped at all. Please help me out.
  19. There are several platforms in such cases Adobe Reader may not work in an appropriate manner. They surely contact with Adobe error df024 that will be efficient to recover their issues easily.
  20. To the archieved files? Nothing. They stay there. You can put them back after you update. Manually copy the files in the archieve to their locations after you update.
  21. When I update to this version on the Pi, what will it do to the files in the archive?
  22. That's probably where the problem is. Type the following wget sudo dpkg -i resilio-sync_2.6.3-1_armhf.deb This will override the previous installation. Then check from the web interface that Raspberry Pi is also running 2.6.3
  23. Is the raspberry version also 2.6.3?
  24. I experienced this same problem running 2.6.3 (1340) on windows 10 and raspberry. It's not fixed. I do see them in the .sync/Archive folder. I just don't know: 1-how to get them out of the archive folder, and 2-how to prevent this from happening again. As a NEW user - I need some help. Thanks.
  25. Something is still wrong. I am running version 2.6.3 1340 and this problem still exists. I am syncing my user/data drive "D" on Windows 10 to my raspberry pi backup server with updated raspbian. My entire "D" drive has ALL of the files listed as 0 byte files. When I open up the archive I can see all my files there. I am running in read-write mode. This is my very first time in running resilio and this FREAKED me out. What do I do?
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  27. geoffwea

    Latest Desktop Build 2.6.3

    uh-oh, I've always used sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get install --only upgrade resilio-sync. I'm just linux beginner, and these commands have always got me that latest version. Presumably from the comments above I have to now download then install manually ..... arghhh. Do you have a tutorial on how I might do this .... do I just download my architecture (armhf) and then put in a directory somewhere? Cheers, Geoff. P.S. I have one bug that an update will fix, but I can live with it until you sort apt-get updates .... is there any prospect of this happening soon?
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