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  2. I guess that depends on your definition of alive. Well I will say this. If you are trying to sell a product you need to sell the impression that you have a bug free product and an amazing support staff. The comments on here, and the lack of responses, very much suggest Reslio is not alive! Maybe not dead, but certainly not healthy.
  3. It just seems like there is nearly nothing moving in the forum on requests and the software has not been updated for some time. This is unusual for Resilio. And if you visit other forums, therefore the impression given here is very understandable. Of course it is also understandable that this forum support means an effort. This may be worth more than some jumping off and overflowing. I'm honest, I have licenses from Resilio and because of this "silence" I've already thought of switching to Syncthing at some point, because there are absolutely regular updates made. In the meantime the v1.3.1 is up to date there. This software is a dangerous competitor for Resilio. In my environment I deal daily with several TB of data in about 50 main folders and manage so far with Resilio without significant problems. In tests with a part of it became clear that Syncthing in the process security hardly more inferior. That was not quite the case with versions 0.xx. Resilio I think is still better, because the handling is better. Syncthing, however, is a little more complicated. In operation, Resilio is simply rounder and more responsive. Well, evaluate it as a small report, not as a criticism, but others may feel the same when apparently nothing moves.
  4. Is it impossible to implement such a small feature? 5 years passed since initial feature request... Is Resilio pretty much dead?
  5. try to use cron, init scripts or systemd services
  6. I think the following settings should help you to achieve your goal. You can try them in free version.
  7. Resilio is very much alive!
  8. Sync never creates '.streams' folder. This folder is created by samba service.
  9. Hi, I am trying out Resilio to sync folders between two NASes and I would actually like to use the secondary NIC which are on a separate network dedicated for storage traffic. Is it possible have Resilio bound to a specific NIC or IP? Presently it uses the primary NIC (not *) so it is not possible to send traffic over the secondary NIC even if you specify the host explicitly by IP. Before I plunk down the money to use this tool as a sync solution, I want to see if these sort of features are possible. Thanks!
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  11. 5 year old thread, but not implemented yet This is number 1 feature for me. Second must be to set up one way sync between 2 linked nodes
  12. Unfortunatly I can't follow your answer, I think it isn't correct. I am absolutely sure, the folder ".streams" was created by Resilio Sync and not by myself or QNAP.
  13. Thanks for that solution, it worked for me. That was stuck with 1.5 gb files and start after few seconds after this change, 1200 instead of 600 for folder_rescan_interval Thanks again
  14. 2.6.3 was way too buggy for me. I'm sticking with 2.6.2 until they release a stable upgrade.
  15. When BTSync came it was low on features but it was rock solid on syncing. I think the general consensus was it was flawless. But then one day there was a new version that had a fundamental change to it that caused a bunch of syncing issues, and since then it seems each and every release has ghosts in it; most of then causing stuck syncing, and other undesirable stuff. Is there any chance a Sync Lite version could be released, one low on features, does syncing for a few folders, runs on many OS (including FreeBSD, Apple iOS, and Android of course), is easy to support, and is bullet proof flawless? Maybe dig up some of that old code? And then, to make money (revenue), sell a licensed version of it that supports way more folders, but is still Lite. I have been using Sync since it was invented, patiently waiting for the day for it to become rock solid in syncing then I would buy, but that day never seems to come. Seems I get a few months out of it, and then some new version gives me another different ghost. Thoughts?
  16. Is Resilio pretty much dead? Should I be looking for a new multi-node syncing system?
  17. I have been days trying to determine why one of my nodes would not upload to the other two nodes. And yesterday I upgraded a 2nd node and now its displaying similar weird behaviour. What's even more weird is this seems to be occurring on one sync/share instance only, and its really large. Some of the issues I have noticed: One share will no longer upload to other machines, once running on 2.6.3; even if I recreate that sync instance from scratch. One 2.6.3 node complains "file permissions incorrect or lock on files", yet nothing has changed in my setup for years now. Another 2.6.3 nodes complains "cannot download files; no copies exist to download" yet there are two machines with those files. Any transferring of data; occurs in 'micro bursts' (according to the graphing tool), not the normal steady high bit rate syncing you typically see. Two peers in a LAN do not sync with each other, and one peer on the internet syncs with one node on the LAN, but not the other. I've been a couple days scratching my head on this one, I just can't find the "ah ah moment" item. All I node I was having decent success for a while but recent upgrades to two of my machines seem to have put ghosts in them. Even more confusing is this affects syncing for one folder, but not the other folders/sync-instances, even thought my set up has not changed in years. Permissions, etc all identical. I see a ton of these in the log file too, if that means anything: disconnect - reason: "closed virtual socket", error: 0
  18. My Ubuntu machine was not turned off or removed permanently. After everything else was in sync I turned it back on and it was good to go. I have been a 'BTsync' user since day one. One day 1 it was rock solid, but a little time afterwards they made some sort of fundamental change and since then sync has a ghost or two in it that they just can't seem to resolve. I find sometimes the only way is to rebuild the sync share: meaning delete it from every machine, delete ther .sync folder, create a new crypto key on one machine, let it finish indexing, and then repeat on the other machines.
  19. Yes, you can. Just share the folder.
  20. No doubt new version will be released
  21. Unfortunately Sync neither creates files in .streams folder nor controls them. That's why it can't restore them. Possibly QNAP team has relevant information about it's data format.
  22. Since version 2.6.3: If you want to use https protocol add the following text to sync.conf { "force_https": true } If you are ok with http you don't need to do anything.
  23. Hi As the support is active again, I allow myself to go back to this topic. So just a question, will this bug be fixed on next version ?
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