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  2. I don't quite understand this behaviour - then the folder options are completely superfluous? With Sync 1.4 this behaviour was still understandable - the folder option did exactly that - either turned off the tracker connection or not.
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  4. Dear Andi, just find out, that the clamav engine was the problem at the 415play. Until the moment i deinstalled it, resilio work like before. I don´t know why, but it work years before and it only makes a system scan. Both NAS are on the same software, strange.
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  6. Maybe is better Both DS have 1 GB RAM and a part of it is used by the system. So the question is, how much folders and files are managed from Resilio. This is maybe more a performance problem of the network to the external Internet. If you have problems with the Internet connection, this could be the effect, since Resilio need the Internet connection to contact the peers between the different devices, even there are in the same LAN.
  7. @DS415play the log is complete full of detect stuck job lines. [20200802 14:15:49.368] Detected stuck job[0x97717c98]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:15:49.487] Detected stuck job[0x9968f3c8]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:15:49.487] Detected stuck job[0x9b547458]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:15:49.536] Detected stuck job[0xa2a0db80]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:15:49.562] Detected stuck job[0xa2a113b0]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:15:49.562] Detected stuck job[0xa35cd8d0]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:15:49.572] Detected stuck job[0xa35e2db8]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:15:49.572] Detected stuck job[0xa9b6a190]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:15:49.573] Detected stuck job[0xaccb29b0]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:15:49.573] Detected stuck job[0xaccc7550]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:17:04.193] Detected stuck job[0x97c67e40]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:17:04.291] Detected stuck job[0x9c104e88]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:17:04.291] Detected stuck job[0x9ca56238]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:17:04.291] Detected stuck job[0xa1e98da0]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:17:04.291] Detected stuck job[0xa2a06160]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:17:04.291] Detected stuck job[0xa35e47c8]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:17:04.292] Detected stuck job[0xa9b10b88]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:17:04.292] Detected stuck job[0xacc67588]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:17:04.292] Detected stuck job[0xacc73468]: ReadStreamsJob [20200802 14:17:04.292] Detected stuck job[0xaccc6ec8]: ReadStreamsJob How can i fix this.....
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  9. Fool me once... Yeah, I'm with Syncthing now and never going back to Resilio. I do miss encrypted at-rest and selective sync, but I can live without them.
  10. I've seen various issues on Android that I stopped using it rather quickly 2 years back or maybe even 3 now. I did encrypted backups to Android and Resilio Sync locked me out of those on purpose when I needed a file only on that backup. It can't even do what its supposed to do, give you your backups, assuming I was not a legit entity. When that happens, I say forget it, not worth my time so I've been sweating here and there with desktop also because of that. I also just just jumped over to Syncthing. Doesn't do encrypted files but not like that went well with Resilio Sync lol. I'm 10x happier with Syncthing (sorry Resilio Sync devs). I see Resilio Sync Android app was just updated recently so its possible that its fixed now I suppose. If it isn't then you could just try again in a year. That's what I did previously only to find other problems though. Hope the best for you. Personally, I'd do what Andy+ did and just use it as a 2nd or 3rd (I recommend it as no less than the 3rd) backup path and if it fails, it fails though since the files are probably unencrypted you'd still be fine as long as they synced anyway. Ideally, you want more than one in case one fails.
  11. Hi all, so it is the end of July and the version in repositories is still 2.6.3. Any news if this will updated in the future? Thanks!
  12. i would like to know if resilio sync able to access and sync external drive on samsung j6+ ? i am currently using syncthing, but sadly syncthing does not able to access my hp external sd card at all.
  13. I want to use Resilio Sync Business to keep myself and my fellow TV editors in sync with the files that Avid MediaComposer creates. When we were using 2.6.4, things generally worked. Since 2.7, we have this problem: Let's say I and four other people are syncing our Avid MediaFiles folder with a bunch of numbered subfolders, each containing many MXF files. I will transcode a bunch of media into Avid's special MXF format. Sometimes an editor needs it very quickly, so I'll zip it up and use a different service. When that editor gets the .zip file and unpacks it in an MXF subfolder, they will start to see the new media, but over on my side I immediately get an error in Avid that it found invalid MXF files, and ask me if I want to ignore them, quarantine them, abandon them, etc. When I look in the folder, the MXF files that were just there in my local drive are all now showing as Zero Bytes. I've configured our sync folders to ignore the special Avid database files, hoping that would solve the problem but it hasn't. Please help.
  14. Is possible to have now in Google Playstore?
  15. If you have one of the paid plans, you can achieve this by: 1. set the share to "Selective Sync" (note: "Selective Sync" is not available if you use Sync free); 2. select some files/folders (<600GB) and choose "sync to this device", wait for sync completion, then manually copy (do NOT move!) the sync'ed files/folders to the other disk, after you finish copying, select these files/folders again and choose "remove from this device". 3. repeat step 2 with some other files/folder (sync/copy/remove), eventually you'll finish all 1.4TB files/folders while only using <600GB space on d: drive.
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  17. Now we have v2.7.2 and the official Synology version still is v2.6.2 but is not understood from me, since all the packages for 88f628x alpine/alpine4k armada37xx armada370 armada375 armada38x armadaxp avoton apollolake braswell broadwell bromolow cedarview comcerto2k denverton evansport monaco rtd1296 x86 x64 as v2.7.2 are stored in
  18. No, why? If the peers are bidirectional, any files would be delete on the other side, if on your side are moved or deleted.
  19. The downloaded location is D:// which is about 600GB but the file I want to sync is 1.4TB, Can I move the finished files to other disks to make room for the undownloaded file? Will ResiloSync re-download the files that I moved? Thanks for anwsering.
  20. It's actually not all that unusual. I've seen that syntax used in code (C or ObjectiveC? I'm not sure) for things like `#include` and `#define`. That's what made me think it might be the same here.
  21. I had that same thought too TJ 🙂 Somehow I doubt it though. That would almost be too clever. Hope someone from the mother ship can give us an official answer though.
  22. Is the difference, perhaps, that a `#` followed by whitespace is a comment, but a `#` followed by a letter/number is not?
  23. It appears that lines beginning with "#" would be skipped when parsing the IgnoreList, since at the top we have lines like # IgnoreList is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules # for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols. But, in the default IgnoreList for new folders, these 3 lines also exist (seems related to Synology Drive app): #recycle #snapshot #SynoRecycle I am assuming that this is either a mistake, or somehow this isn't working because I guess these lines would be "ignored by the IgnoreList itself" 🤔
  24. Dear All, it seems to be, it was the max_user_instances (128->1024) and max_user_watches (8192->65536). At the moment i will not receive error message, but NAS goes offline again
  25. No problem, all partie are understood. For me is the same since approx. a year. Before I test Syncthing only, because was not so good as Resilio. Now, for me, Syncthing is good as Resilio and only feature thing, because both have Bugs. But Support of Syncthing is much better and also the Update cycles.
  26. Sorry guys looks like I have mixed two points together thus confusing my 'position' or 'claim'. Really all I was saying is that using Synth with FreeBSD you can still install a Resilio package, no custom 'set up' required. Jdrch is correct in saying that a pre-built package is no longer available, but I am saying Synth will create the package and install it for you....all you need to do is add the appropriate /etc/rc.conf line so that it starts up automatically if you require that. Then I confused the issue, when I said I have abandoned Resilio for Synchthing; and that comment should have been in another post. Sorry guys I did not mean to 'mix' the two. Jdrch, yes I am very familiar with Resiio and Synchthing and have made the decision. I am a big fan of the power and potential of the bittorrent protocol (for legitimate applications, especially commercial/enterprise applications), and I am still a fan of Resilio, but at this point in time I simply cannot keep using Resilio for various reasons.
  27. Which exactly processors are in use?
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