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  2. Secondly, even if i where to buy a business license - then that license cost for my 5 users (my family) - is twice the cost of what a Office 365 subscription cost - and with that each user gets 1TB data and office package for 5 devices. I simply dont see justifying that cost - specially not for a product that i legally have paid for already.
  3. I have worked with IT for 25+ years and have always had a private home server - be that bsd/linux or in the later years a Windows server. Saying that "if its a server OS - then its a business" - show how little you know about your own customers. The company i work in is a major AV reseller, if do a quick search between "private" customers and "server os" - i find quite alot of servers - and thats a growing number with iot. A server OS is in general considered to be a more stable operating system. I dont excactly see what the support should be able todo for me - they have changed their product to the worse - they are not the first company todo it - and properly not the last either - I call it unfounded greed and a kick in the head of the customers who might not fit into the "normal" box.
  4. The one who can read has the advantage. Scolding doesn't help! On my side on different servers and clients is running smoothly. Get in touch with support and with your concerns. It is not normal that Windows Server is used in private households, a mainframe also might not be assumed privately. But as you can read in detail now, you are not alone with privat Windows Server problem.
  5. also.. where do i file bug reports? 2.7 feels like a nightmare by now..
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  7. Hi, Honestly - what did you do?!? I'm a home user - i have paid licenses and have been you ever since its was bittorrent sync - i bought a home pro license and upgraded to family etc. I honestly dont need the business features - i just need this damn thing to sync and do it well. I happend to run a Windows Server 2012 R2 license that i use as a remote desktop server for my family (eg. whenever my mom (1600km away from me) trashes her home laptop, she can still get a working solution by logging into a limited desktop on my server. As for 2.7 i can no longer use it this way and honestly - I DO NOT WANT A SUBSCRIPTION - (atleast privately) - I AM NOT A BUSINESS user just because i have a home server - shame on you! Your should prior to this have reached out to your customers and offered a free upgrade for existing users - this kind of behavior is the reason people like me left dropbox, google drive etc and thought btsync/rsync was a safe heaven.
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  9. @Helen, thanks, is not for me, because I doesnt use Window Server, I have different Synology NAS, Windows computers and Smartphones and with my licenses all is running well, also Android APP in this moment, was not so good in the past. Its only regarding the privat people are using Windows Server and have no solution for now.
  10. I'm sorry, but wasn't this question resolved for you in support Ticket #113245 on may 13th? @Andy+ please contact support or DM me with some details about your usecase on servers. I'll see what we can do for you here. Thanks.
  11. License terms can be changed, but should apply to all new customers from the time of the change. If the installations and licenses were running on Windows Server before v2.7.0, it should do it again now, that's my opinion. Formally, it would probably be relatively easy to regulate over the used license. Otherwise, I wouldn't really know how the provision for Windows Server could be regulated precisely. There are also the guidelines over which exceptions could possibly be set up via the support. Any license that is purchased can also be verified. A company never buys software or licenses as a private person. Such an institution is usually already recognizable by name, e.g. the legal form, name extension, etc. The fact that private persons run a Windows Server surely is shot at sparrows by cannons, there are different reasons for doing so - see all the posts. Windows Server is a professional tool in company environments and is also very widespread there. I can understand that the license regulation may look different, as for NAS, which are used more privately or agencies or small businesses. Maybe an exception can be granted to those with Window Server who already have a license, can contact here or contact the support and can prove that they are private persons or that their establishment has a private character.
  12. Having the same issues as everyone else with Windows Server (use it for storage and syncing of mine and my family's personal files), I have the Pro license and even upgraded to the family Pro license since I was happy and wanted to support development, is there anything we can do?
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  14. I agree. There should be upgrade available through apt!
  15. Version 2.7.0 and I am facing the same issue. Some files have not been synced and even though the source peer is online sync is not transferring the missing files.
  16. I am trying to sync my apps and I get message that I cannot as there is no certificate or it has expired. I get similar messages on my Windows 10 PC and an Android machine. What's wrong? Chris
  17. Hi, just installed Resilio and wondering if what I would like to do is possible? I have a seedbox with Resilio on it. I also have deluge running on the seedbox. I also have Resilio on my unraid server installed via a docker as well as Sonarr. What I would like to do is that when Resilio on the seedbox syncs with my local folder and copies over all the files, if I delete a file on my local folder, Resilio won't redownload it even though it's still sitting on the seedbox. Is this possible?
  18. live photos currently upload just the HEIC/JPG, not the MOV associated for live photos. I read that this is in the pipeline since 2016, is this still on the to-do list? Thank you
  19. Hello everyone. I've been using resilio now for quite a while (it was called btsync, remember?) , having an home pro license and upgraded to home pro family license a while ago. With version 2.7.0 I'm not able to use my license on private windows server which I was before. Maybe (edit: looks like you did) you decided to tell home and PRO business use apart by the OS one is using. I don't think would be fair. Of course I'm using resilio home pro family because I do have a lot of data to sync like media e.g. DNG / RAW photos oder backup files. If I wasn't using resilio with a lot and mostly large files, I would use some cloud service, which I did in the past (let's forget about privacy). So what if not for storing backups away from home at your brother's or parents house would I use resilio? Besides that it's nice to have a server at home, so everyone in the family household is able to use whatever computer / laptop to log on to without preparing every device again and again. So with 5 family household members alone, that - hint hint - home PRO FAMILY license came just right. Not anymore, though. So, please reconsider. I would be even willing to pay for a 2 server usable license, like an upgrade or whatever. But having to buy a License for 20 or even up to 60 users for min. 10$ / user is a bit - I don't know, still looking for the right word. Now I feel like my "lifetime" license just died. I already sent a ticket, but looking at this thread shows, that I'm not the only one who feels, that he paid for a product which is no longer usable. I understand the product evolves, but that's here different. Having to kick out the two syncing server systems or buy a really high prices server license would be both really bad. Unlike some other people here think, getting a license for server that expensive, in the EU it's legal for sellers to (re)sell OEM or used licences to whatever price. In Germany the court ruled it legal. And using a server doesn't mean you're doing business with it or with resilio for that matter, it means, that maybe you're a PRO user ... hint hint: home PRO licence.
  20. @Helen, OK, any idea when it will be fixed?
  21. @Hans#, no it was not fixed, Alex shouldn't have promised it, he's already punished for that. @Danny65, see DM
  22. Hi, I'm a user since when it was still called BT Sync! I install it on a mini server (running Windows Server Essentials) at home and sync files with different PCs and laptops. Just noticed today that the latest version no longer support Windows Server!! Please could you explain why you've made that decision?
  23. I see that too. Those who have already used it illegally will continue to do so without scruple. The only thing what you do. Let me describe what you do with the following words. You guys shot 10.000 innocent people a bullet in their head only to find that one who is guilty.
  24. Hi, Sry for my english... I need to know how to create a sync with resilio without a second sync on the same file. Indeed, i tried resilio and i sync 1 file. I moved this file but resilio synchronized a second time this file on my NAS. I configure resilio read only. Thx for your help.
  25. @Alex. I think the correct location is "%APPDATA%\Resilio Sync" %APPDATA% includes the "Roaming" directory in my instances. What I am looking for is not a path to the APPDATA location, but an environmental variable I can reference to find configuration files after the sync occurs. ========================================== UseCase: As a user I want to run a script that can quickly find a folder that is being synced. (1)Sync to computer of interest (2)Execute a generic script that can quickly find a Synced file for processing. --- How it works with Microsoft Once Drive--- (1)Loginto OneDrive (2)Script references %OneDrive%\..\SyncFolder\mySyncedBinary.exe" OR %OneDriveCommercial%\..\SyncFolder\mySyncedBinary.exe" Note: could also use %USERPROFILE%\<OneDrive Directory>\ --- How it works with Resilio Sync ---- (1) Sync Folder (2a) Script must be updated to point to the exact location of mySyncedBinary.exe as the synced folder maybe in a different location and this Script is unique to the computer it is being run and and thus can not be commonly synced across Sync'ed folders. HomePC Location: d:\someLocationA\SyncFolderA\mySyncedBinary.exe Laptop Location: c:\someLocationB\SyncFolderB\mySyncedBinary.exe ServerPC: f:\someLocationC\SyncFolderA\mySyncedBinary.exe g:\someLocationD\SyncFolderB\mySyncedBinary.exe (2b) Need to create an environmental variable for "each" shared folder used. Example: HomePC: set SyncFolderA='d:\someLocationA\SyncFolderA\' Laptop: set SyncFolderB='d:\someLocationB\SyncFolderB\' ServerPC: set SyncFolderA='f:\someLocationC\SyncFolderA\' ServerPC: set SyncFolderB='g:\someLocationD\SyncFolderB\' ----- It would be EXTREMELY helpful if an environmental variable for each Sync'ed folder was automatically created with a consistent name. ---- Note: This would be helpful if it also did this for linux environments. @BogBeast, Is this similar to what you were requesting as well?
  26. +1 Not having this feature is especially painful when you setup a headless server and share an identity. It basically creates a situation where anytime you add a "share" you need to login to headless server to make sure the ignorelist is accurate. This is primarily a pain because of the default exclusion of ~* and *~. We use tilde (~) quite a bit and the fact that is was added to the default ignore list is pretty ridiculous given how massive the wildcard inclusion is. Defaults should be much more specific.
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  28. The same problem.. I installed resilio-sync_2.7.0.1366_any.apk on an ASUSTOR x86_64 (AS6102T). Installation was successful, but the application doesn't start. Modell: AS6102T ADM-Version: 3.5.0.R5D3 BIOS Version: 2.07
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