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  2. Hey @AndréB I'm not sure. But I can tell you that I paid for the software and cannot get any support. They are completely unresponsive. So before you spend money buying the software I recommend you investigate further. Sounds like other customers on this forum are unable to get support on the forum too. So just be careful before you pay for anything.
  3. You guys must be kidding! I found this a few days ago, started to play with it, found it great - and now you're saying it's dead? What a bummer!
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  5. ya - i just wasted a few grand on this software.... No support. At all. Either on the forum or through official means. Time to find a new solution.
  6. Dear all, I build up a VPN to a second location and can see that Sync Clients are constantly sending packages to each other, even if nothing happens. This is round about 1kbyte a second. If this a common behavior or happens because Sync thoughts everything is located in a single lan? Total traffic will be theroretically at 86Mbyte per day. Cheers, Nils
  7. Oh, by the way, the "Help Center" link they provided leads to nowhere: resolves to which seems to be a blank page.
  8. Hi all I wrote a mail to the support squad this morning, all I got was this sentence: Since I am still in an evaluation phase, this kind of puzzled me. Was that really it, support wise? Anyway, here I am now, looking for answers to my question. Allow me to quote it: The most recent post to this topic is this one, which, ironically, says I hope this is not going to be an endless loop, really. Any helping hand very welcome. I have like 10 days left in my evaluation phase. That support thing was killing my buzz a bit ... Cheers André
  9. I think it is dead. No one bothers posting here anymore. Which is a bugger, because my peers have started connecting through the relay server for some reason, and I don't know why or how to fix it.
  10. Is that true, the v2.7.0 is coming soon?
  11. Following situation. I am an independent engineer and therefore go for longer periods in companies to handle assignments there. I have different locations and therefore I am always in other companies. As you have already said correctly, the networks are usually restrictive and allow only certain protocols and thus often enough only http:// (port 80) and https:// (port 443), only a few is more open and even UPnP ports can be opened and Resilio will run as well. But that's more the exception. For that is not possible for me to influence the router configuration in the "external" locations. That's why I've been using ownCloud and nextCloud in these environments for years, because the alignment of this software fits exactly in that scheme and works great. Unfortunately, the software is server based and not P2P. P2P is a big advantage. Example. I take a picture and have to put it into a presentation. With P2P I get the photo almost immediately on my computer, with server-based software and with the indexing technology of ownCloud and nextCloud this takes some time. Sometimes, therefore, and because of the P2P technology, I usually take Resilio, where that is possible. In the home network, I have it everywhere, where necessary. Because of this port history now, I have to still dodge. Syncthing could not always control the relays so that in case of doubt the port 443 is used. I tried that again and again and since some month that worked and since then I use Syncthing in parallel with Resilio and no longer ownCloud and nextCloud. This works because I have set special ignore lists. This is not a big issue with batch files and works fine, but sometimes I have stress with that because sometimes file structures change for the software operation and then I have to adjust all files in batch mode. All of that is not the ideal solution, even if it works well in the end.
  12. Ah, you're right. That might be a privileged port thing like linux. You'd have to port forward port 443 in your router to the internal 5 digit port number of your sync install.
  13. Does Resilio still support this product? I've submitted 2 different support tickets (as a paying customer) and no one responds.
  14. Port 443 and 80 I can not store. It seems Resilio want a value with 5 digits XXXXX because after Restart any Port is in the field like XXXXX.
  15. Your company will have a policy on allowed software. They only want traffic going through port 80 and 443 so they can monitor it and make sure they don't have security issues. You're wanting to use software that isn't using http/https protocol to circumvent the companies policy. Resilio wants to sell their software to businesses, and they're not going to take kindly to a change like this. You're putting the "detour" effort on Resilio instead of yourself, which I think is wrong. Try and configure your Sync peers to listen on ports 80 or 443. Then you can put in the address of your peers and you won't need a VPN or need the relay. Since you want to use Resilio in business setting, you'll have a Pro license, you can do a feature request or contact support directly and get an official response from Resilio.
  16. Resilio have no portable installation mode. But is possible to install it on each restricted computer. Finally you have to test it, because the result is depending on the rights.
  17. Hi, is this still possible? Particularly, can I run Sync in a kind of portable mode on a Windows PC where I don't have admin rights for software installation? Thanks!
  18. Ah, I see (not really). Must be a Pro feature, as the free version doesn't have servers, just peers, nor default folders (the default folder is for config files, not sync). Checking the website, I see this "feature". You're probably going to have to open a feature request to add an option to not sync when adding a folder automatically. Add Folders to All Your Devices Automatically PRO Sync every folder automatically to all your devices. You add a folder to one and it automatically becomes available on all your linked devices.
  19. I have about 50 directories and about 2 terabytes in motion. I have none of that. I have problems with freezing on the Android system on all my smartphones, where I sync some directories.
  20. Dear Timbo, you do not understand what he means. If various folders are set up on the server and I use Sync Pro and licenses on all devices and the devices are connect among themselves, and see on all devices my folders from the server and I can connect folders manually. These folders will be linked by default and automatically to the default folder on all configured and licensed systems. He is right because it is so. When I set up a device, I have to remember to set resilio on the device so it does not automatically sync the directories after connecting a folder. Then this automatic does not take place.
  21. I do not understand your attitude. For this I need a VPN software that does not interfere with the system, especially if I also use computers of such a company. What VPN software can do what you mean? Otherwise, I find your attitude a bit strange, to say that I can not use such a software anyway. You basically speak against yourself. In all the companies I can not change anything, not even the firewalls. But - I'm allowed to use: http: // (port 80) and https: // (port 443). So I'm allowed to use the software that works on it. Because my favorite Resilio is not working, I dodge to Syncthing, ownCloud, and nextCloud. Syncthing I take because it basically works more or less as well as Resilio. So, you're talking against you, because that's why I turn to your competition products, whether I like it or not. And you think I'm alone with that? Then I like to leave you alone. I do not like doing such detours, because it involves some administrative work, because the directories overlap with Syncthing and Resilio, which I use in such companies. Everything works, so no problem. It would be nice if Resilio also had Relayserver, which can dominate the port 443 A list of valid Relays.
  22. What? I don't know what/why/how dragging is different, but adding a folder should NOT automatically sync with all peers for other folders unless the peers also have that folder added. On my main PC, I have several folders sync'd with PC1 only, other folders with PC2 only, and other folders with all three PC's syncing. Let's say I have PC1, PC2, PC3 If I add a folder to PC1, it syncs with nothing unless I also add that folder on PC2 or PC3. I add Folder-Music to PC1. I copy the read/write key and add to PC2 and PC3. Music is automatically synced to PC2 and PC3. Now on PC1, I add folder "Programs". Again, it syncs with NOTHING until I copy the key and also add to PC2 or PC3. Adding to PC2 does not make it sync with PC3. I think you'll need to provide screenshots of your folder setup for us to better understand your config.
  23. I'm not sure what you mean by root folder. Do you mean the default folder location that's listed in Settings? And when you say "just sync the folder that the device should have", that's what I've been doing as far as I know. Normally, I just click the + button and drag a folder into it and it automatically starts syncing the folder to all my devices that have Resilio Sync installed (except mobile apps). Now I'm using disconnected or selective sync.
  24. Usually, companies don't like to actively circumvent the firewall protections that you're under, unless it is to get around draconian censorship. The solution is to change your firewall to allow it. That is of course, you're not authorized to be running this software in the first place. That's your problem, not everyone else's. Hint: use a VPN and your problem is solved for any software, not just Sync.
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