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  2. well, as for me, I am happy to hear that resilio is still here and I hope they will thrive. I am also happy syncthing is doing well. jdrh: the issue was no responses to support requests by paid customers, not no responses on this user forum. nothing disingenuous about it.
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  4. Thanks for that sir!!! Much appreciate it!
  5. Any chance there is an Ubuntu machine participating in the 'swarm'. I have been stuck with my own Android issue (see my post) and only by trying (for the sake of trying) I stopped the one Ubuntu machine and poof my LG (Android) phone started syncing. I'm still monitoring but so far so good.
  6. Well looks like I got it working. Only through trying everything, I decided (for no other reason but to try something) to stop sync running on my Ubuntu machine. As soon as I did that the LG phone immediately started downloading, and was synced shortly afterwards. I was quite surprise actually. I waited a couple hours, and have since started sync back on the Ubuntu machine. So far it seems all machines are staying in sync. Time will tell. I'm guessing this behaviour has been seen before, but I'm not going to search through years of discussion posts. If anyone does indeed know that this is an issue that seems to be still around then let me know please. If this only surfaces again, when I add a new device I think I can live with that.
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  8. I installed resilio in a Raspbarry Pi running raspbiam buster following this instructions. But whenever i try tu use a command with ./rslsync as the instruction said I get a 'there is no such thing as ./rslsync' error Help please! How do I runn the commands that use ./rslsync --something
  9. I know selling merch is more trouble than it's worth, but I'd like to show my support somehow... a sticker I can slap on my laptop? any old BTSync t-shirts laying around? Willing to pay <3 you, mickpunk
  10. It's a relief to hear that @kos13, good luck with the changes!
  11. Experiencing the same issue. Rebooting the phone does not help Samsung Music or Pulsar "see" the files in a way that they are included in the libraries for these apps. The songs are playable through the Sync app but it sometimes shows them with a strange filename ending in a .!sync extension. This behavior did not used to be present for me and I used to be able to sync music libraries fine.
  12. See image below: the icon from the service from resilio in osx (latest) got overwritten by google drive (Backup and
  13. Its been a while since I have posted because Resilio has been working so well for me. So, we just got two identical Android phones; one is about two weeks older than the other. Both are LG Xpower3 phones. A bit of background first: I have a few FreeBSD servers all running full sync for multiple folders we will call A to G. Rock solid. Also have one Ubuntu laptop running full sync to two of those folders A and B. Also rock solid. Two weeks ago I added Sync to a brand shiny new LG Xpower3 phone, and added A and B, but in "Selective sync"mode. Also rock solid. Yesterday we got a second brand new LG Xpower3 phone. I can add A in "selective sync" with no issues, and it seems to be perfectly fine. When I add B on this second phone, after a couple minutes the app stops responding and you can feel the back of the phone heat up. The syncing process says it synced, but the files in there are greyed out, and even if I touch them to sync nothing happens. If I force stop the app and restart I get the same result. I have tried everything I can think of including removing and re-adding B, clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling (and I did that also trying to deleted those two sync folders created in Downloads to purge any hidden data). Nothing I try matters. A works fine, B just locks up the app and heats up the phone. If I add A and nothing else, Sync seems fine for as long as I let it remain. If I add B by itself the app freezes. Note I even currently have no files in B, I removed them all just to see, and I let all the other devices sit for 30 minutes (it was supper time) before I tried adding B on this second phone. The only other thing I noticed is when I touch the sync folder inside sync it takes a long long time to show the contents, whether it be nothing or files. I assume all phone versions are correct, but have not checked yet. And all machines, except one FreeBSD server, sits on the same LAN (L2 broadcast domain). And my two weeks old LG phone works perfectly fine on wifi networks outside my home network, as well as the mobile data network. I'm stumped, any thoughts?
  14. this is the single most annoying bug with resilio - and I use it since the btsync days and across 8 devices and 4 OSs...
  15. I deleted the associations from the computer with the outdated changes and relinked without deleting the sync folder in the old computer and it seems to be working again with the proper updates. It was very scary for a moment as there was a moment when all changes and moved files seemed to have deleted themselves from both computers. All is good again, but it's a bit annoying as there has been issues in the past where both computers see the other computer and acknowledge their connection to each folder, but one of the 3 folders refuses to update.
  16. Great news! Long live Resilio Sync! :)
  17. Hi guys, First of all, thank you for your support. We are committed to making Sync the best and fastest way to move your files around. Recently we went thru some organizational changes and internal tools adjustments, and this affected the speed we respond to the forum posts and support tickets. We are working to resolve the situation as soon as possible. I hope the situation will normalize in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, if you have some urgent issues feel free to e-mail me at kos
  18. As the title states. I have 2.3.7 running on both computers. with three folders being shared as three different syncs. Two are working fine. One does not want to sync between the two. I've made changes and moved files around on computer A, but it won't sync with computer B. How do I restore the sync function without losing all the changes and files that I've moved around duplicating themselves as if I started from a fresh restart?
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  20. Nothing on this part yet? Advanced folders are pretty unusable on linux like this. To me it feels like the linux version of resilio sync currently only is a "server version". I use it on my NAS and it works great there. The NAS syncs everything and is owner of the files. But on my laptop I want the advanced folder to sync only a few folders/items. And that currently sucks very hard.
  21. I've sent in two support requests over the past two months related to Sync not functioning on my Synology NAS's anymore. On one I treid a new install. It still won't open the web interface and allow me to reconnect the device to my devices. But anyway, there has been no reply whatsoever.
  22. SOLUTION: Can I Connect Two Pre-Populated Pre-Existing Folders? This explains how to change the folder on the destination device. However, why Sync chooses a random folder on its own is beyond me. Their should be an option for the sync to not begin until the user is asked to select a folder on the destination machine. And finding this information should not be so difficult!!
  23. UPDATE: Unable to get this working, I decided to delete the existing folder syncs and start over. Why is starting from scratch so hard?? As it stands, I have two computers with Documents folders that are 98% duplicates. How do I get Sync to sync these two folders without creating new folders and recreating the files? When I create a folder Standard Folder on either computer, it is immediately recreated on the other computer. But on the second computer, Resilio automatically sticks everything in C:\User\Resilio Sync\Documents. Why? In addition to that folder, I know have a second and identical Documents entry in File Explorer on Computer B. And why is there no way to change the folder easily?? I can find none. The user should be able to pick the folder on Computer A to be synced and the folder on Computer B that should be synced with it. That seems simple and obvious to me, but it obviously is not. Sorry if my frustration is spilling through, but this should not be that difficult. Thank you for any help you can provide.
  24. How do I get Sync to sync the correct folders? Here's the situation: Sync has run beautifully for a long time on two computers, A & B. Computer B recently had a BSOD problem and windows was reinstalled. After the Windows reinstallation, I successfully resinstalled Sync and transferred the Sync license key from Computer A to Computer B. Sync started immediately, but using the wrong folder on Computer B! It started copying everything from Computer A's correct Documents folder to Computer B's wrong location (C:\User\Resilio Sync\Documents). I'm not sure why it created the Resilio Sync directory, but I need Sync to sync documents to a different folder (the original Documents folder, which was on a different hard drive than Windows and is still intact). How do I get Sync to point to a different folder? Thanks.
  25. I have a very large folder syncing between two Macs: both Macs are running RS version 2.6.3 Both Macs ".sync/StreamsList" files include "" Nevertheless, they are trying to sync a large amount of files, as shown here: What should I do to fix (or even troubleshoot) this?
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