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  3. It seems you use the version of the package center and that is old, current we have v2.7.0. Is better to uninstall that and to use the official version from the home page
  4. Hi, I am using Sync on a Synology NAS DS215j DSM version DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4. I am unable to access the Sync App on the NAS. Neither can I open the GUI (browser does receive data, but then shows only white page). Nor can does Resilo client on my Laptop (Mac) report to find its NAS counterpart. On the NAS, Sync is running. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app on the NAS does help. But after some time, the same problem occurs. Please help. Best, Stefan
  5. Hi all, I have Resilio Sync running on two Windows 10 Pro computers and on an Asustor NAS. I try to use the most recent version of Resilio on all of them. I run Resilio as a (Windows) service on my two Win 10 Pro computers. Last week I noticed that my computers were not synchronizing anymore (seeing no file updates show up on my NAS). I then tried to open up Resilio (desktop icon) to open up a browser window which then opens That should normally trigger the application and show the Resilio desktop/dashboard. Unfortunately this did not work and every time I tried to start the application (on the computers, the NAS was ok) I got this " localhost connection refused" message. I looked it up on the internet and tried all sorts of suggestions (browser (cache, version, different brand,history), firewall, editing the hosts file ( localhost) and maybe a few more and it just did not work. Until yesterday, when I decided to (on one of my computers) remove the Resilio software (through Windows, remove programs) and then I reinstalled Resilio. THAT triggered a small window during the setup process where I had to indicate what Windows account (name + credentials/password) I'd like to run Resilio under. Ahh.....a few weeks ago I had indeed changed the Windows password! So, I inserted the proper name + password, continued the install, restarted and look and behold, upon double-clicking the Resilio icon on my Windows desktop, it smoothly and immediately continued into the Resilio dashboard. So my question is (at last) this a common thing that I need to reinstall Resilio whenever I change the Windows password?? I should hope not but what do I need to do avoid this circus in the future? Should I edit a config file (if so, which one and where and how) and if not, what could then be wrong on my computers that I do have this problem? Sorry for the longish email, I thought a bit more information might be helpful....:-) Your help is appreciated! Kind regards, Hans
  6. @dankshit The file was added to directory tree. Sync doesn't remove it from there despite the fact that the file wasn't synced across other peers. So, this warning is a false-positive that can be disabled by setting enable_warning_no_source to false in Power user preferences (Preferences > Advanced):
  7. Resilio Sync "pro" (pro 5 user license) I've got a sync source on my FreeNAS Resilio Sync "master" (using the plugin jail)... Every single time I setup a new "destination" to sync from my master source - I get this (see screenshot). It's not a show stopper - but it's annoying, I can "ignore" sure - but I'd like to get rid of it permanently. I cannot find that file in the Resilio Sync "jail" running on my FreeNAS server... When I originally would have copied that file there - it was a mistake - it's a 20+ GB OVA of a Windows 7 VM (VirtualBox), and I would have realised this, at the time, and removed it, and this would have been in 2018.. But something thinks it's still there. How do I tell it that file's no longer there and to stop Resilio Sync blabbering on about it? Any ideas?
  8. I completely agree. Moving files, split screen, drag'n'drop, slide over, better integration in Files App (for example detect if a file has been moved in files app, placeholder ...), adapt to screen size of newer iPad pros. And background sync when idle are all 'must haves'. For resilio to be functional for iOS. Any status update from resilio?
  9. Hi guys I know this is an old topic, but I have just stumbled on it and I think i have figured it out that it may be a problem with UTP protocol which limits the data flow when it figures the network is "overloaded", I have changed "tunnel protocols" so that TCP is first and the speeds are what they are what they're supposed to be (max link speed)
  10. I'm very pleased you are moving forward again. Your product is excellent.
  11. Morning all, I've just tried the "Search" function on my 2 instances. Sadly noether of them return any results. I've searched for folders that I know and see are on both the local and remote box. The results come back as "No folders matchting:......" Do I need to enable anything for search to work? I've nver used search before in previous versions so do nto want ot say this is down to 2.7 Thanks
  12. Same here. Still present ind Copy of my Bugreport: Dear Support, with my to resilio-sync_2.7.0.1366-1_amd64, rslsync introduced two new problems: Issue 1: It stopped to honor linux group permissions, reporting countless "cannot update timestamp" problems on files with absolutely proper permissions that had no issues with previous version. ### passwd rslsync:x:AAA:BBB:Bittorrent Sync:/home/btsync:/bin/false ### group rslsync:x:BBB:userA,userB,rslsync ### cat /etc/systemd/system/resilio-sync.service [Unit] Description=Resilio Sync service Documentation= [Service] Type=forking User=rslsync Group=rslsync UMask=0002 Restart=no LimitCORE=infinity PermissionsStartOnly=true PIDFile=/var/run/resilio-sync/ ExecStartPre=/bin/mkdir -p /var/run/resilio-sync ExecStartPre=/bin/chown -R rslsync:rslsync /var/run/resilio-sync ExecStart=/usr/bin/rslsync --config /etc/resilio-sync/config.json Nice=15 [Install] ### ps shows rslsync running on user rslsync ### Permissions ls -la /srv/share/ |grep 0000 drwxrwxrwx 1 root rslsync 182 Apr 3 2018 0000_Testfile This directory is so blatantly read-writable... but still reports "cannot update timestamp". The seems to be a linux problem not specific to my machine, I´d therefore prefer to spare the logs. Issue 2: rslsync stopped recognizing storage folders behind symlinks. Exactly this configuration worked before updating. I only updated the resilio deb file, so no other actions were taken between last running config and update. Also my system restarts resilio on every night and resilio was running prior to updating, so the configuration was not accidentially changed without restarting... Raw folder: /disk/ssd/resilio Link: /srv/resilio => /disk/ssd/resilio Config "storage_path" : "/srv/resilio/" Good Bughunting - quick fix appreciated.
  13. Exactly, I came to face this issue also. Then some recommended me Long Path Tool software and I am grateful to that person
  14. @Helen, Unfortunately in this new release 2.7.0 the bug with TLS1.2 is not solved yet. 😞 the webgui is still not working in EDGE and IE with "forced HTTPS" and TLS1.2 enabled (in chrome and firefox it works) ; by disabling TLS1.2 the webgui is working again in IE11 and edge. No errors displayed in EDGE or IE11 just a blanc paged is shown. when will this be solved? Alex did mention earlier in the discussion of version 2.6 you: next version, so this one
  15. I updated one MacOS client to 2.7, the rest of the peers are all still 2.6.3 (actually 2.6.10) Every time I open Resilio, it says 0-Days left on the license, and toggles all my selective sync folders to full sync. If I remove license and re-add it, it works fine until I restart Resilio then it goes back to 0 Days Left
  16. There’s a way to sync alphabetically? Like it was before
  17. Hi all -- It looks like the apt/deb repo is not getting updated with 2.7? I'm using deb resilio-sync non-free ~# apt search resilio-sync Sorting... Done Full Text Search... Done resilio-sync/stable,now 2.6.3-1 amd64 [installed] Resilio Sync is a proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronisation tool. If that's not longer support, thats fine i can switch to manually downloading the deb file, but obviously package manager support is a nicer experience...
  18. no, i never said that linux is not supported. Only Windows Servers are not supported for Sync Home. Packages will be pushed to repo later. Meanwhile, please please download the deb file and install manually. Sync 2.6 and Sync 2.7 will work together.
  19. You may have seen other posts on the forum regarding rainstash, but after 5+ years of development and tweaking, I feel that it's in a place that it can be distributed as a version 1.0 If you're interested in running Sync securely in the Amazon cloud, check it out!
  20. Just to be clear, no, not "completely legal". All Microsoft can verify is that a key is valid, they cannot validate the license terms you're clearly breaking. Legal isn't defined by whether the key installs or not, its usage. You're not even being naive (ignorance is not a legal argument), just obtuse. That being said, many IT people have home labs and access to technical subscriptions from Microsoft and can obtain legal licenses for cheap (no, not $12, either) that are NOT intended for production but testing and development purposes. Having access to Windows Essentials by an IT person is pretty common. But again, not intended for use in production. If you don't understand anything I'm saying, the takeaway is that you're going to pay close to the MSRP to legally use Windows Server in "production environment" (home use is production if its not just used for test purposes). All Microsoft cheap licenses are only intended for internal testing purposes. Full.Stop. Resilio has several ways to enforce Business licenses on business usage. Most companies just try and ensure the branding and the terms that is for home use and not in a business so that company employees know they are cheating Resilio. It's a shame and embarrassment move. Think you'll see HP or Microsoft using Resilio without a business license? Never. Think you'll see this prevalent in India? Yes. But companies that have minimal users won't really care if anyone sees this branding, so it has little effect and Resilio has to burn it down completely. Will this move turn non-paying business circumventors into paying? No. Will it alienate the existing customer base that have only been using it for personal usage and have no funds or desire to pay $$$? Yes. I will be losing Sync functionality with my Windows 2016 VPS' which means I'll be sticking with 2.6.3 on these until they run into some issue that requires me to move to another solution.
  21. @Helen 1. When will the linux repo's be updated to 2.7.0? The Centos repo is still 2.6.3. It is my understanding you initially said linux x86/x64 wouldn't be supported anymore but I assume your edited post and release notes that specifically say Windows Servers no longer includes Linux OS so that Linux VPS' will continue to be supported? 2. Are there any known issues if Windows Server version 2.6.3 inter-operated with 2.7.0+ going forward? All the home users that used Resilio on cheap Windows VPS' ($25-$55/year) that are clearly not in the business or Enterprise game need to stick with 2.6.3 or move to other solutions. Thanks Edit: Also, please clarify if Windows 10 Enterprise is blacklisted as well. That truly is an Enterprise only OS, more so than the Server versions, actually.
  22. Image files and video files will be displayed as thumbnails when downloaded. If you replace the file with another file with the same name, the previous thumbnail will be displayed. I tried deleting the cache, but it didn't work. Please tell me how to display the correct thumbnail or disable the thumbnails.
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  24. 1. End Resilio Sync 2. Move the folder from drive C to drive F 3. Start Resilio Sync again 4. Resilio Sync will report the folder missing, just point it to the new folder on F:
  25. I just bought the ultimate and it's a shame that I still have the 0 byte file problem 😭
  26. I have an operating system SSD and all my other files are on my larger drives. Upon install, I told Sync to store the files on my F drive, but I got a notice today that my C drive was full. Upon investigation, I found that Sync is storing them under my C drive user folder, which also was moved to my E drive. I cannot find a place within Sync to move the files as the storage location already shows the correct location. Is there a way to fix this?
  27. I can understand this idea, maybe is good. However, everyone should be aware that this is a temporary idea. Because Windows Server is also making progress and if a v2.6.5 is running reliably today, this version will also need updates for the adjustment at some point. It must be clear that this would no longer be possible and you are faced with the same situation again. The question in the round would be what the readiness would then look like.
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