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  2. Hi all, Since Dropbox isn't available for more than three devices I'm working on using Resilio to backup the photos from my phone. If I use the standard 'backup' option, then backup works fine. However, the folder that is created is 'standard folder'. With that folder I can't put it on the public server. I'm not sure if it's possible to create advanced 'encrypted folder' the same way with Android app photo backup feature. I would need an encrypted folder because I want to sync to a server that's always on and I'm not the owner, so the contents should always be encrypted. Is there any other solution? Thanks for any help, hint or idea.
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  4. The computer's spec is more than enough if you run headless Linux (i.e., don't install/run X server/Desktop environment). I would recommend using popular distros such as Debian (choose tiny/small CD) or Ubuntu (server), because the bigger user base, the more chance you'll get support in case you have any issues.
  5. where does rslsync on ubuntu linux store its computer name? I am logged in on the computer, but I cannot figure out which/where it is. it is not in /lib/systemd/system/resilio-sync.service, or in /etc/resilio-sync/ as far as I can see.
  6. I have a QNAP Ts-328 Realtek RTD1296 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 Processor and also I don't have way to intall resilio on it. Please let me know what about any development or terminal mode to install it. QNAP is not helping with this.
  7. I love resilio sync and have (needlessly) purchased the pro version to support the efforts. but I have one big frustrating complaint. Why is there no utility that does automated troubleshooting?? right now, I again have a strange situation where host abc and host def do not sync. I am guessing it is related to a recent resilio-sync update that rewrote my /lib/systemd/ user identity definitions. (it first failed because the old pid sync lock was still rslsync owned, rather than user owned, but I have fixed this.) I also have ssh privileges on both. I created test files on two hosts, I am waiting, and nothing happens. what I need is something like $ resilio-diagnose abc:filepath def:filepath which in sequence goes through the possible causes why abc:filepath is not in def. it would start with "abc:filepath" does not exist, continue with def is not reachable online, continue with "abc:filepath" and "def:filepath" are not peered, continue with host directory or user permissions [which exactly?] did not allow copying from abc to def, etc etc etc, and end with "unknown problem...maybe not yet synced, wait a few minutes and try again." and many other in-between steps. this kind of utility should save you a lot of user support time, too, and it should not be too difficult to write given that you have written resilio-sync. so, I now will have to write a long request to your user support with the mystery again....sigh.
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  9. Hello there, I've got an older 64-bit computer - Intel Pentium 4 @ 3Ghz with 5GB or RAM. It's working but struggling under Windows 7; CPU is at 100% when running Sync. The only thing I'm using it is for backing up large drives from my main computer. So I'd like to try running Resilio under Linux, but I'm afraid it won't make much of a difference if I install a full-blown Ubuntu or similar. Has anyone tried installing it on a very light version like Puppy or similar? Does it work? Thank you, Ervin
  10. Resilio runs the Tracker and Relay Servers. If you licences Resilio Connect, you can run your own servers. However, Resilio Sync works without them, too. You don't have to use them, you can disable the use of them. Without tracker servers, you won't be able to find other devices with a dynamic IP however. You can only 'see' the IP of connected devices. You won't be able to see my files or my devices without my key.
  11. Update on further research: Changing the permissions to 777 has no effect. After changing the owner to rslsync and accessing the folder with Sync I can change the owner back to root and Sync can still access the folder. So probably Sync has some kind of internal database where it stores assumed permissions?
  12. I want to sync a folder which has the owner:group root:system and the permissions drwxrwxr-x (775). I've edited /lib/systemd/system/resilio-sync.service to run sync as user:group rslsync:system. I've edited /etc/passwd so tha the user rslsync has the group system. I've made a systemctl daemon-reload and a systemctl restart resilio-sync. Sync runs but won't write to the folder and says it has no permission. When I login as user rslsync I can obviously write to the folder because I have sufficient group permissions. Only when I change the owner of the folder to rslsync Sync can write to that folder. Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and Resilio Sync 2.6.3 installed with apt.
  13. Who controls the tracker servers for Resilio sync home? My IP address can see users Resilio sync home?
  14. This is not solved. This should be an option in the settings UI of Resylio Sync, not something that requires a change to global behavior in system settings or a registry hack. If google sync, dropbox, even my shareware audio manager can do it, so should this software. It has nothing to with the windows version: any of them has a way to start an app in the background on startup, i.e. as system tray icon. Whatever default behavior was introduced by a recent windows update, these apps found a way around it. You might tell me it is hard to do with your current codebase, but it is certainly possible and expected from sync apps to start silently, without popping windows on startup.
  15. The question is not clear for me. Resilio Sync works with normal internet connections, meaning dynamic public IP and NAT for the local LAN. Sync connects to the so called tracker server, to find the peers.
  16. I too would like to know the answer to this question. For example if I have sync between my desktop and laptop and my laptop gets lost or stolen I would like to be able to wipe all the synced data the next time the laptop turns on and connects to the net. Same with phones or ipads and such.
  17. Hello, I can't sync any files from between my Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 PCs. I get the error from below for almost every file. [2019-07-10 23:21:55.854] SP[D083] AddToDownloading index = 4779 [2019-07-10 23:21:55.854] SF[B997] [D083]: connect files to peer, queue:4432 dowloading:1/4055766 limit:1048576 speed:0 [2019-07-10 23:21:55.903] PC[*REMOVED*][*REMOVED*] send login - peer:*REMOVED* share:*REMOVED* info:*REMOVED* file:"2/Fotos/Landschaft+Pflanzen/Mai 2009 005.jpg" [2019-07-10 23:21:55.954] PC[*REMOVED*][*REMOVED*] disconnect - reason: "closed virtual socket", error: 0) [2019-07-10 23:21:55.954] SP[D083] RemoveFromDownloading index = 4779 Has anybody an idea what is going wrong? Thanks in advance. PS: Latest Version of Resilio
  18. Hi, I installed Resilio Sync on my Synology NAS and on my Phone to evaluate the service, in order to replace Synology Drive to sync my files. I would like that Resilio sync via LAN when I am at home (Use Home Wifi, Automation with Tasker......) and use public connectivity when I'm on Mobile connection or not Home. Any way to achieve this? Thanks a lot
  19. Hello, if on the computer is setup IP dynamic or IP local (NAT), will Resilio sync home work? Thank you.
  20. Hello, on Debian 9 today I added many folders in Resilio sync 2.6.3, after which the display of the error began for all the folders "You do not have access to the folder", but in the folders the rights to write are setup for rslsync, can you help? Thank you.
  21. My shared folder is located under /media/Pi/DRIVE/Sync/Mob I dont know what happened just now, but I cant even enter the Pi-folder above. Looking into the permissions, the owner is me, not Pi like the other folders, not Rslsync. I dont remember if I did something to change that or if I was always the owner, but that something happened after chmod (I either wrote sudo chmod g+rw /media/Pi/DRIVE/Sync/Mob or sudo chmod g+rw /media/Pi/DRIVE/Sync) What could have happened and what should I do to fix it? edit: I think I remember how I (as in the user) became owner of /media/Pi/ - I set the Home Directory to /Media/Pi instead of the default one. Once I removed that change, reboot, the Pi-folder now had root as owner. Not sure if that was the default. Anyway, I still cant enter the Pi-folder from within Sync GUI.
  22. This is a good guide: Bascially, you can add the rslsync user to the pi user's default permissions group (pi), like this: sudo usermod -aG pi rslsync You will also have to change the permissions on the pi home folder to allow read/write permission for the pi group: sudo chmod g+rw /home/pi
  23. I did install Sync on my Raspberry Pi and when I share folders located under /home/rslsync, the owner is rslsync. However, the location where I intend to put my files, the owner is pi. This is where I need your help, because Sync complains about "locked files" followed by "Not enough permissions" for each folder in the share. I am really new to Linux, but something tells me that since the Sync-process is run by the owner rslsync, then maybe I need to set the same rights for the folder where I intend to put my synced files?
  24. Having the same issue over here. Are the devs still active?
  25. The problem for two years. No other application has this problem. Are you planning to fix it? I bought this app, please fix this bug.
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