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  2. Use "Long Path This very useful if you are having problems in deleting, unlocking, copying and even renaming files, also very easy.
  3. Try "LongPathTool program" that is best solution.
  4. I would suggest to use Long Path Tool program. It resolves problem regarding source path too long.
  5. Try "LongPathTool program" that is best solution.
  6. I would suggest to use Long Path Tool program. It resolves problem regarding source path too long.
  7. Another problem with just releasing this feature deprecation without a release in between, is that on Server installs you should flat out prevent auto upgrade instead of allowing it. Upgrading within software and it stops working, that is 100% on the vendor and totally avoidable. Microsoft deprecates major features in nearly all the major releases they do when the feature was poorly designed or it has minimal usage. The differences are that they do not hide the fact, they announce it MONTHS in advance, they release beta builds without said features, and while they may ADD additional licenses (ie, Workstation Pro), they don't kill off fundamental functionality of a PAID feature tied specifically to the license purchased. Microsoft license says Home for Home and Pro for businesses, but they don't prevent Home from operating at businesses, they just limit features to the license they want to sell. There's other companies that charge a lower fee for when their software runs on desktop versions vs server versions (Acronis). However, they specifically excluded the Home Server 2011 (Which is just a lower featured server) from requiring business licenses. Companies usually charge more for when it is installed on Server versions because the labour to QA and ensure stability on Server versions is much higher than desktop versions. But does Resilio actually have QA cycles or just the developers commit their changes and run with it (my impression based on all evidence)? The installer was made May 7th and was released to the public on May 8th. Software projects with FAR, FAR few features and platforms takes longer to do basic sanity checks than that. The long delay between 2.6.3 and 2.7.0 with Server deprecation implies this was a planned and intentional move by Resilio to affect and disrupt as many users as they could. All the bug fixes are not available to the existing Server users who need to remain at 2.6.3. This comes off as Resilio being hostile to their customer base. There just isn't a lot of real world experience on the Resilio Development team (very young team?). Time and time again over the years, decisions are made that are 180* opposite with what well established software companies do for the good of both the developers and the customers. Usually, there should be an experienced manager running a team like this that forces good practices on the developers and prevent numerous issues Resilio has had over the years.
  8. I have absolutely no actual stake in this particular issue (I don't use Windows nor Windows Server, nor do I ever plan to)… However, as a customer and user of this software, I consider it absolutely unconscionable that terms of service for a license would be modified in a point update to a piece of software. I've been buying software for 20+ years now, and the very minimum terms of every (non-subscription) license have always been "If you buy version 1.0, you can use that license for all of the 1.x releases. You might have to pay to upgrade to 2.0, but once you do that, you can use all of the 2.x releases." And so on. Clean. Simple. Reliable. The idea that you could use 2.6.3 but not 2.7 is completely absurd. It is wrong. It ought to be illegal, but that's another issue. It violates trust between the company and your customers, and it never should have been done. I am completely sympathetic to the fact that there are people who are mis-using the license in business settings. That sucks. But the response to some people being terrible should not include punishing others who are not being terrible. If that's what you decide to do, then you're being terrible.
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  10. I updated from 2.6.3 too and now Sync won't open at all. The GUI flashes up with just the title bar then crashes without notice. Also tried installing from the exe in OP but still crashes (Win10 x64). Managed to roll back by using an old 2.6.3 install file and just installing over the top.
  11. Resilio should now really introduce a regulation, the uncertainty is present.
  12. Really would still like to stay with my current version and not have to use the business version, hoping they still roll this back and allow Server OS installations with the regular Pro license, as they should.
  13. @Helen any idea why my Sync Business license seems to un-license itself back to a (fully functioning) trial mode everytime I restart on MacOS?
  14. Admittedly, after the multi-page debate on this problem, I also would now expect a official statement from Resilio how to deal with this problem in a final and fair manner. There should be an official regulation. Only talk about doesn't help anything if Resilio doesn't make any commitments. If I were a user of Windows Server and my licenses suddenly stopped working, I would also be angry.
  15. Secondly, even if i where to buy a business license - then that license cost for my 5 users (my family) - is twice the cost of what a Office 365 subscription cost - and with that each user gets 1TB data and office package for 5 devices. I simply dont see justifying that cost - specially not for a product that i legally have paid for already.
  16. I have worked with IT for 25+ years and have always had a private home server - be that bsd/linux or in the later years a Windows server. Saying that "if its a server OS - then its a business" - show how little you know about your own customers. The company i work in is a major AV reseller, if do a quick search between "private" customers and "server os" - i find quite alot of servers - and thats a growing number with iot. A server OS is in general considered to be a more stable operating system. I dont excactly see what the support should be able todo for me - they have changed their product to the worse - they are not the first company todo it - and properly not the last either - I call it unfounded greed and a kick in the head of the customers who might not fit into the "normal" box.
  17. The one who can read has the advantage. Scolding doesn't help! On my side on different servers and clients is running smoothly. Get in touch with support and with your concerns. It is not normal that Windows Server is used in private households, a mainframe also might not be assumed privately. But as you can read in detail now, you are not alone with privat Windows Server problem.
  18. also.. where do i file bug reports? 2.7 feels like a nightmare by now..
  19. Hi, Honestly - what did you do?!? I'm a home user - i have paid licenses and have been you ever since its was bittorrent sync - i bought a home pro license and upgraded to family etc. I honestly dont need the business features - i just need this damn thing to sync and do it well. I happend to run a Windows Server 2012 R2 license that i use as a remote desktop server for my family (eg. whenever my mom (1600km away from me) trashes her home laptop, she can still get a working solution by logging into a limited desktop on my server. As for 2.7 i can no longer use it this way and honestly - I DO NOT WANT A SUBSCRIPTION - (atleast privately) - I AM NOT A BUSINESS user just because i have a home server - shame on you! Your should prior to this have reached out to your customers and offered a free upgrade for existing users - this kind of behavior is the reason people like me left dropbox, google drive etc and thought btsync/rsync was a safe heaven.
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  21. @Helen, thanks, is not for me, because I doesnt use Window Server, I have different Synology NAS, Windows computers and Smartphones and with my licenses all is running well, also Android APP in this moment, was not so good in the past. Its only regarding the privat people are using Windows Server and have no solution for now.
  22. I'm sorry, but wasn't this question resolved for you in support Ticket #113245 on may 13th? @Andy+ please contact support or DM me with some details about your usecase on servers. I'll see what we can do for you here. Thanks.
  23. License terms can be changed, but should apply to all new customers from the time of the change. If the installations and licenses were running on Windows Server before v2.7.0, it should do it again now, that's my opinion. Formally, it would probably be relatively easy to regulate over the used license. Otherwise, I wouldn't really know how the provision for Windows Server could be regulated precisely. There are also the guidelines over which exceptions could possibly be set up via the support. Any license that is purchased can also be verified. A company never buys software or licenses as a private person. Such an institution is usually already recognizable by name, e.g. the legal form, name extension, etc. The fact that private persons run a Windows Server surely is shot at sparrows by cannons, there are different reasons for doing so - see all the posts. Windows Server is a professional tool in company environments and is also very widespread there. I can understand that the license regulation may look different, as for NAS, which are used more privately or agencies or small businesses. Maybe an exception can be granted to those with Window Server who already have a license, can contact here or contact the support and can prove that they are private persons or that their establishment has a private character.
  24. Having the same issues as everyone else with Windows Server (use it for storage and syncing of mine and my family's personal files), I have the Pro license and even upgraded to the family Pro license since I was happy and wanted to support development, is there anything we can do?
  25. I agree. There should be upgrade available through apt!
  26. Version 2.7.0 and I am facing the same issue. Some files have not been synced and even though the source peer is online sync is not transferring the missing files.
  27. I am trying to sync my apps and I get message that I cannot as there is no certificate or it has expired. I get similar messages on my Windows 10 PC and an Android machine. What's wrong? Chris
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