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  2. thanks laurin1. it's kind of weird but glad to know that i am not the only one facing this problem. hope this issue could be solved within a short time. and to these friends who have same problems here, i now tempararyly switched all my sync folders from "advanced folder" to "standard folder" and it worked fine for me so far. won't be any "OWNER" disconnects them. peace.
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  4. Hello Sync Support, being a Sync User for a few years now, this issue keeps confusing me very much: Please comment on possibilities to consolidate this variety of terms which all seem to describe the same thing. Best regards David.P
  5. On a new Synology disk station, the Resilio Sync package seems to have created a directory called "Resilio Sync", which however is invisible to me (the admin). This means i cannot see what's inside, and most importantly, i cannot back it up! How can i get privileges to this directory?
  6. I'm not sure of the cause, but I've had this happen now twice in the last few weeks. Both times, it was one of my devices that runs Sync as a service. Restarting the service on that machine cause this to just "magically go away".
  7. hi community. every time i started Sync, my folders automatically disconnected and said "an owner removed your permission". this is strange because i am 100% sure i am the only one owner (and user). there should be no other person who can accecss those folders. i have no idea what's wrong with my account. it happened again and again, and this is just super annoying. could any one help me with this problem? same issue found on this topic:
  8. i have exactly same issues here. every time i started sync, my folders automatically disconnected by "the owner" and said an owner removed your permission. this is strange because i am 100% sure i am the only one owner (and user). there should be no other person who can accecss those folders. i have no idea what's wrong with my account. it happened again and again, and this is just super annoying. could any one help me with this problem?
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  10. You can reset your sign in details according to this article
  11. I cannot sign in on my NAS, as I have forgotten my sign in. How can I retrieve my sign in details? Thanking you in anticipation Jules
  12. Hi Jocko. I am running into the same issues. How did you roll the update back? Thanks,
  13. Version 2.6.2-1 is working with this system, so I'm staying with it. There does seem to be a problem with 2.6.3-1. For the record, this is: Odroid N2 Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.9.170-27 aarch64)
  14. Found it at last! Preferences in Folder.. Easy when you know it.. 🙂
  15. I have an image folder which is synced between 3 devices with Resilio Sync. I noticed that deleted images get moved to a hidden folder ".sync/Archive". Is there any way I can set a parameter that would delete files without an Archive function? Thanks!
  16. @xfelix Thank you VERY much! Do you know if it is compatible with the Marvell Armada 370 88F6707? Maybe I should just change 88f6281 by 88f6707? Thanks again !
  17. @Egon Heuson, eg. the latest download is, just change 2.6.3 to 2.6.1.
  18. I tried starting over using version 2.6.2-1 instead. So far, this is looking stable, but i haven't pushed it that hard yet.
  19. I have one question. How to ignore specific type files in a folder? Today, I want to ignore .exe files in a folder named debug . So i add a item in the IgnoreList "debug\*.exe". But it didn't work. If i add "*.exe" in the IgnoreList, it won't sync any .exe files in all folders. This is not what I want. Anyone know the solution, thank you.
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  21. I have the same problem - it backup 20 images, I have +60.000 😞 in iCloud.
  22. That NAS model is too old/underpowered to support Sync.
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  24. @xfelix Where did you find the 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 packages to downgrade? 🙂 Thanks!
  25. The problem Nas is DS112 which only has 256MB ram I believe. The one I am running docker is DS216+ii which upgraded ram to 8GB.
  26. How much ram does your problem NAS have? I'm going to guess 512MB and your Docker capable has 2GB of RAM.
  27. I use Resilio Sync Synology pack on an old NAS. 2.6.3 has severe load issue which cause whole NAS extremely slow response. Very high CPU, Mem, and Disk usage. I downgraded to 2.6.2 but has 2G file transfer limit issue. So I have to stay on 2.6.1 by now. I have another Synology nas which can run Docker. No issue of 2.6.3 in container environment.
  28. Anything? Any ideas? Can anyone check their folders as well?
  29. Hi, Update: Today three days after giving Resilio Camera permissions and it is still syncing without an android reboot. However I did have to open the app to kick it in to life. I was not expecting that denying camera permission would stop the app from syncing! But whatever. It would have been nice for it to tell me. Is there any way of making Resilio sync in the background without me having to open the app on android for a sync to take place? Thanks, Andy.
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