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  1. Why are you using a junction there? You can just tell Windows to move those directories and update the system variables, instead of using a junction (from the properties dialog). Or use a native symlink instead of a junction point. mklink /D link target
  2. It's not a DDoS. Configure your firewall to be less aggressive or whitelist Sync.
  3. It's supposed to be for personal sync. It's also in the name - sync is short for synchronization. That includes deletes.
  4. If you didn't write down/save the full code anywhere, then it is lost for good. You'll need to regenerate the secrets and redistribute them to the clients. If you can backup Sync's data on your Android device and restore it to your new device (this would need root), then you could restore that on the new device.
  5. You cannot. Sync is meant to synchronize all clients to be identical. It will keep deleted files in .SyncArchive for a period of time, though.
  6. As mentioned in the post right above yours, this is an Android limitation. There is no workaround beyond that.
  7. Unfortunately on Windows, reading a file locks it and prevents writes. You can add it to the syncignore list (using wildcards) to prevent it from being synced.
  8. Don't use sudo to run it. you'll also need to chown btsync's files to be owned by the user you're trying to run it as.
  9. Just add the same sync secrets to your iOS clients that you have on the Android one.
  10. The whole point of Sync is that there is no cloud, only your own machines.
  11. No. The client requires the torrent protocol, as that's how it's built to sync data. It'd require a massive overhaul in the way that Sync works just to allow for this very specific case.
  12. I'd strongly recommend writing an upstart script over the old sysv init stuff. It's a lot cleaner, and you can use it on Ubuntu.
  13. btsync does not use atime for anything.