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  1. Thanks. If you are looking for a beta tester, I am right here.
  2. Is there a bittorrent sync client for Windows Phone under development? If so, when can we expect it.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I read somewhere that an encrypted zip file will change the entire contents on every save, though I am not sure. The reason i am using Winzip (.zipx files) is because they can encrypt my files and I use winzip at my work as well. If I use EncFs, I guess I should save the original contents (unencrypted) in a different folder, which is not secure. Do you know of any encrypted software which is secure as well as portable, and can also sync with bittorent sync without uploading entire file everytime?
  4. I use encrypted zip files (.zipx, password protected) which contains many files that I work on regularly. The file is approximately 50 MB in size. If I use bittorrent, will the entire file be synced (uploaded/downloaded) whenever I make any change? Bandwidth is an issue to me, so it would help me immensly if only the changed parts of the file is synced.
  5. SyncApp not syncing changes / new files Is there a way I can check the log? Should i check it in event viewer?
  6. Well, then I guess, you may consider adding this feature in the future versions. I believe Dropbox already does this.
  7. Does SyncApp upload the entire file or only parts of file that are modified? I have a 11 MB zip file that got uploaded entirely when I made a change in one of the spreadsheet file in the zip. BTW, the zip file i used is password protected and has the extension .zipx. It has only .xlsx file in it which was also password protected. The xlsx file has many sheets. I made the change in one of the sheet.
  8. How about giving the user access to modify the already generated 12 alphanumeric key, so that he/she can append some more data to the key.
  9. I would very much like to test the software.. could any one send me an invite pls?
  10. I hope the app provides access to Android devices. That way, I can sync my office work to my android phone and sync the same back to my home computer. It's helpful if the my work system is not available online.