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  1. I got the hint about sftp and tried filezilla. Logged in fine, copied the file, rebooted the drobo. Then... nothing. Drobo has restarted, but I can't reconnect to it in drobo dashboard, can't ssh back in, can't get in via filezilla either. So now I'm a little concerned. Update: Never mind! It just took a disturbingly long time to boot and get all loaded up. I was able to check out bittorrent sync and I did successfully update versions! Thank you for your help! Another update: Original problem was that bittorrent sync 1.0.132 on my drobo was maddeningly almost-not-quite-working: I managed to get it to sync from the drobo to other computers, but no real two-way sync. I can now confirm that version 1.3.94 on my drobo works perfectly. Thanks again!
  2. Harold, thanks for such a fast reply. I was hoping to avoid having to do this the ssh way, but I guess I'm up for a challenge. I've managed to install openssh on my drobo, use terminal to log in as root and change my password. Once I'm logged in, I can navigate to the correct folder using the cd command. Separately, I can use the cp command in terminal to copy a file from one place on my computer to another. What I can't figure out how to do is copy the btsync executable from where it's sitting on my computer to where it needs to be on my drobo. Any advice?
  3. Hi, I am trying to upgrade bittorrent sync on my drobo 5n, and it's not working, so I want to make sure I'm using the correct version of sync. The one I've been trying is 1.3.94 (ARM) from Has anyone installed this on a drobo? Or is there a different version that I should be using? Which method did you use to install it - ssh or placing it in the droboapps folder and restarting? I'd previously been using version 1.0.132, which I downloaded from I installed this by putting in droboapps and restarting. Syncing with that version only worked one-way: from folders on the drobo to folders on other computers; I could never get syncing to work two ways (I figured I'd need to upgrade to the latest version before I'd be able to address that problem). Thanks!