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  1. noiime, could you please check that "T:\" drive is added to the sync as "T:\" and not as "t:\" ? If not - this may be a root of the problem, when path of sync folder contains letters in wrong case.
  2. BTSync secret is base64-encoded set of bytes, so if you will try to encode your self-generated secret you will see the "real" secret being used by BTSync as private key. So, if you want to generate your own secret its much better to base64-encode it before pasting to btsync. As for your key - its len(166) is not a multiple of 4 and two last characters are ignored.
  3. Error 103 means that btsync can't identify the destination folder: ".SyncID" file is missing or this file belongs to an another share (content of ".SyncID" file differs from an expected)
  4. Try to increase folder_rescan_interval in advanced settings.
  5. Could you please provide us an error message? Long-UNC paths should be prepended with "\\?\UNC\", "\\?\" prefix just tells WinAPI not to parse passed path and transfer it "as is" to the file system. This prefix disables MAX_PATH limitations. Each time u're adding a new folder to the BTSync it converts folder path to its long form, so adding prefix just disables conversion algorithms.
  6. To skip folder with its content u need to add 2 new rules to the .SyncIgnore: folder folder/* This behaviour will be fixed in next releases Slash before template (like "/folder") means that rule will be applied only for root folders(files)
  7. It's a known issue. The file content has been changed while its modification time wasn't, but sync uses modification time to decide whether rehash the file or not. This way sync stores an outdated file hash. As a workaround you may manually "touch" the file on the source pc to update its mtime and tell sync to rehash the file.
  8. Hi. This bug will be fixed in next releases. As for now you may add long-UNC path, it starts from "\\?\UNC\".