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  1. Since upgrading to 1.4 (1.4.75 to be exact) I'm having serious issues with Sync. When another process tries to update an existing file while Sync is running I regularly experience problems. Here are some reproducible situations: Sync & Innosetup: - Reproducibility: always Innosetup generates installers. When a previous version already exists it will first generate the new installer in a temp file. If successful it will replace the old version with the new one at the end of this procedure. However when this file is located in a folder managed by Sync the old file gets deleted, but Innosetup fails to add the new file instead it gives the following error: Compile Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. The only way to use Innosetup in combination with Sync is to: close Sync, run Innosetup, restart Sync to synchronize the new file. Sync & 3DS Max: - Reproducibility: often but not always 3DS Max regularly saves to an autosave file. A few different versions are kept, but to prevent bloat the oldest gets overwritten each time a new autosave is made. When these are in a folder managed by Sync this process will regularly fail. Instead of autosaving 3DS Max will give an error indicating it was unable to write to the file. This happens with two separate Syncs one between four systems, another between three, all running 1.4.75.
  2. I've been tested SyncApp for a while now and really like the concept and execution. Here are my experiences with the app up to this point: 1. The program is still a bit unstable. I used a 160 GB data set and two PCs to stress test the app. Before the initial sync was done both sides had crashed about 3 times. (Now that the initial sync is done there seems to be less crashing happening though) 2. The app sometimes scared me by deleting the original source file and then re-downloading it from the synched PC. This happened without any changes being made to the files on either side. 3. Although most files seemed to have synced correctly there is a strange discrepancy between the two folders. the following is a screenshot of the folder properties on the two fully synched machines: Machine A was the original source of the data. Notice that machine B is missing a number of files and folders even though it claims to be in sync. In addition even though machine B has less files it has more data for some strange reason. Is there an easy way to analyze both folders to find out were these differences are coming from? 4. Finally please add an option to the windows version to start minimized to the tray.
  3. The connection broke right when SyncApp was done installing and launched for the first time, so I had not yet been able to set up any files to Sync (or get to the bandwidth limit settings for that matter), so it really shouldn't be using much bandwidth at that point. In addition the server is on a fiber connection so I really doubt the bandwidth was the issue. My guess would be that Sync did something wrong when trying to add the windows firewall exception or when setting up uPnP, somehow blocking the other services running on the machine. Anything specific I could look for when I get access to the server again that could help you guys find the problem?
  4. To test Sync I installed in on my local machine and I tried to install it on a remote server (running Windows server 2012) through a remote desktop connection. However right at the end of the installation the RDP connection dropped and I am now unable to reconnect to the server. Additionally other services that also run on this server have become unreachable. The machine is apparently still physically on and running but became completely unreachable over the network. I currently do not have physical access to this server so I'll have to wait a moment to find out what happened exactly, however I was wondering the following: - Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this? - If not, is there anything I can do when I regain control of the server to help you find out how to prevent this from happening? Breaking a network connection during installation on its own is already quite annoying, but for a program that needs a minimum of two locations, installation over RDP seems a natural fit, making this extra annoying.
  5. It works peer to peer, so this situation won't work. If you want to sync two computers that are never on simultaneously you would need a third one that both can sync to.