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  1. Regarding the .SyncTrash folder: Even if "Delete files to Sync trash" is disabled for a shared folder a new folder with this name is created, when a delete operation takes place. This shouldn't happen. Another small feature request: It would be nice if we could export the history (from the History tab) to a file.
  2. Hey, thanks for the invitation. Installed it on Win 7 x64 Ultimate and Windows Server 2012 Datacenter. Both clients are running fine so far, encountered no issues. Things that I've noticed: - The client that is currently receiving files popups the tray info icon MUCH too often. Maybe add options to control this behavior? Two of them should be: a.) Disable popups completely b.) Only show a popup when the transfer queue is empty (finished after transferring all current files - Transfer speed Local lan, no internet sync. Copying one large file (850 MB) via SMB takes 8 seconds. Both clients are connected via a 1GBit Network and their SSDs are not the limiting factor Syncapp needs 35 seconds (roughly 24MB / sec) to do the same. Any chance that this can be improved further? - .SyncTrash folder Would it be possible to use a global one, instead of one for each synched dir? Otherwise it would be nice if we could just point to a folder where the deleted files are stored. - .SyncID I'm not a big fan of files that are created through sync applications (quite a few do that) in synched folders. Would it be possible to store these contents in a portable database (sqlite) or maybe in an .xml file instead? Ofc this should be placed in the data folder of Syncapp (currently C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\SyncApp\) instead. One rather major feature request: - A portable version (Windows OS)! The current version does make only a few registry (thanks for that^^) so it shouldn't be too hard to store them in a .config file (ofc creating file associations for .btsearch | .torrent should be disabled in that case). Finally all the setting should be stored in a subdir of the SyncApp folder, instead of the current user's dir. Minor feature request: - A spinning tray icon when there is synching activity (has been requested already iirc). So much for now, thanks alot for the new version! -- Highend
  3. You really think, this is a questionable feature? oO Delta copying (or syncing) saves bandwith & time and both things are very valuable things (at least in most countries where your upstream is rather limited). I've used rsync for my cloud backups so far (under Windows *urgs*) just because it's so efficient because of it's delta copying feature...