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  1. hi, i use resilio to get my personnal files up to date on my devices (smart phone, NAS, PC etc...). It works fine. But there is a case that is not covered : while you can't install resilio on the device (PC at office for example), you can't access to your files. So, could it be possible to add an other web port (80/443 etc...) that allows to download/upload/view files directly ? So there will be the current port to define share rules ( keys, share type etc...), and an other layer to allow a user(s) to access to theses files through web interface. Regards
  2. Hi, when devices are linked together, all new share create on a device is saw on others. You can link to new share to activate the share on a device. But it's a little a shame that tou can not select R/W or Read only Key. Is it possible to add such kind on feature ?
  3. Hi, Could it be possible to add the possiblity to encrypt a local sync folder throught the sync application (windows/linux/mac/android). All is protected thanks to encryption for transfer and untrusted node, but finally if we really want to have a end to end 100% secure, synced files need to be encrypted too on the hard drive (possibility to make the directory encrypted or not and possibility to change rules. Possibility to force all peers to have data encrypted on their local drive etc...) Synchronization should work if the directory is uncrypted or crypted. In fact it is to be protected against theft or to keep confidentialty. Regards, and thanks for the good work. nunu
  4. Hi, i made a try : devices : 1 PC and a smartphone android I have created an advanced shared directory and link both devices. I have synchronized a file : OK. From the smartphone, if i unlink the device i lost the advanced shared directory. While unlinking, a message is displayed to annonce that i will lost all advanced shared directory. I made the same test with a standard directory and it is OK : the share is kept ... Why advanced shared directories are lost ? regards
  5. Hi, i don't use this feature because of the lost of existing share while linking and unlinking devices. I would like to know if it is possible to have this kind of improvement ? Even if already existing folders are not shared between new linked devices. regards
  6. The way it could be implemented : like android. A browser could be integrate to the web interface : you click on the share folder and enter in subs dir etc... and you can select the directory you want to sync or unsync. regards
  7. Hi, i would like to know if it's plan to have selective sync on linux build. In my case i have a seedbox with limited HDD space, and i can't synchronise all of dirs for a share. I would like to make selective dir ... regards nunu
  8. Hi, i would like to know if it is plan to have selective sync on "linux" builds ? (and NAS). As it's works on android, i guess it is possible to have this feature on linux build. regards
  9. Hi, with the new "businness model" i'am looking to reuse bittorent sync. But i have a question with what can be guarantee in term to compatibility with release 3.X ? For example : i buy an individual pro licence for 2.X. I want to share directories with a friend that uses a 3.X version (free or pro). I don't want to buy a new 3.X pro licence because new features doesn't interest me, so i keep my 2.X. 1) Can bittorent guarantee that my 2.x will be able to sync with the 3.X ? (eventualy 2.X can be update to be compatible with 3.X). 2) will there a possiblity to upgrade a pro 2.X licence to 3.X (price reduced compared to buy a new licence) That's a good news to have change the licence model. regards nunu
  10. Hi, first sorry for my english.... I'am a little bit disappointed by the limitation of number of directories. And I hope that bittorent will change this ... I will never pay for a software all years. I pay for a software that offers me functionnalities that fit my needs 1 Time. And BTSYNC 1.X was this software. BTSync 2.X too, but not with directories limitations. Take a look to teamviewer model : you have all functionnalities for home users for FREE, but for entreprise you need to pay. So just let free basic functionnalities like BTSYNC 1.X for home users and functionnalities with more admin stuffs etc... for the PRO version. i think that the plan of this limitation is "to force us to pay" because you think that we are too addicted to btsync which is a very good product. BUT i don't like this feeling, and it is like many things, nothing is irreplaceable even if, sometime, it's not easy Or like i see sometimes, just allow home users to donate to get a btsync 2.0 home users with no limitation . For good software, people donates. 3 versions ? - FREE with limitations - Home users, with 1 shot donation with no limitation directories + other functionnalities ? - PRO with a payment / years. it's a big shame
  11. Hi, if you click on online peers, you should see files that have to be transfered. you should find the filename.sync! files, deletes them, and it should restart !
  12. hum .... i'am sorry, i can't reproduce the problem ... i'll keep you inform regards