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  1. Android here with the S4. Would love to test for you.
  2. I think you can lock down any web UI by using a Webserver like Lighttpd or Apache as Proxy. Than you are able add authentication via the webserver.
  3. What about selective file sync? Will I be able to skip some files for my sync? Or is is a container which I need to sync on the whole?
  4. What kind of files do you guys want to sync between your computers? I think sharing 4 GB files is not very common. Most people share documents up to a couple of hundreds of kB, maybe some pictures with some mB.
  5. I'm very excited about this. I couldn't find a service that worked for me. So I started thinking about the same: Using BT as protocol to share data between my computers. But some people told me that BT is bad in sharing dynamic files. So all the logic about this needs to get implemented into the clients which sounded like a lot of work to me so i never digged into it. Hope you guys will come up soon with this!
  6. The data will be stored on the harddrive and only on the harddrive. Not "in the cloud", that is what makes the difference. BT get's used as protocol.