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  1. Hm, strange, my system is WinXP, right now i created Dir "123 " and file "321 " using FARManager and windows file exlorore. FARManager is capable to create file " 123", windows explorer do remove spaces. My test dir "фото " with files SyncApp first time syncronizes but about 2 minutes later SyncApp removes all files in this dir.
  2. And check situation with space on end of dir name.
  3. If "filename" was deleted on comp1 other clients should rename this file to ".filename.0123456789ABCDEF" with timestamp. Then "deleted" file should be sync to comp1. "Deleted" files may be physically deleted after N month (may be configurable) Bugs. Empty dirs not in sync. Files with size=0 not in sync. SyncApp removes all files in Dirs with space on end.