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  1. You should not use BTSync for this, as it is what it is - a syncing tool. So, data deleted on the FTP will also be deleted in the remote locations; that being all the places you might have it synced with BTSync. Again - BTSync is for syncing - not for backup.
  2. I would suspect, that the best solution for re-syncing your data after restoring your computer, would be to set up the synced folders after restoring. The date set on the folder is, to my knowledge, not essential as to what needs to be synced. This would rather be the metadata system within btsync. The behaviour of btsync regarding to what will be synced, if already set up in your ghost I am not sure about, but I would suspect, that it looks at the newest metadata and then files/folder dates.
  3. Hi klausmann, I believe the problem is, that you are downloading the wrong version of btsync. Unfortunately, the guide I made does not give you links for the ARM version of btsync, which you need for your DS411j To check which CPU is in your Synology, you can always check this site: This should be the correct link for you,
  4. My thought is, that BTSync does not register that it's not a renaming you have done, and to linux a folder with the same name, only with the case being different, it sees it as two individual folders. Which version of btsync did you install on the Synology ?
  5. The only way to handle this with the current functionality of BTsync, is to create a secret for all the folders, and hand those out to the relevant users. So, user [DOMAIN]\[uSERNAME] with home folder [uSERNAME] gets the secret, set up for \\[FILESERVER]\[uSERSHARE]\[uSERNAME] It's a bit of manual task - especially as i guess your server environment is Windows based? I would think, using a linux machine to run the "server", you could script your way to generate all shares and secrets. Anyway, you should take a look at: There, you could give your ideas, and let the developer team know, that it's something worth looking into.
  6. As far as I know, in order for the webgui only to reply on the local network, I believe you need to insert the server IP in stead of So, if your server is - Then that's what you insert.
  7. You delete the file. Either location is okay, as long as the sync is completed, if you do it on B or C
  8. Do you remember to start the service with the --config [name-of-conf-file] option? Eg. ./btsync --config sync.conf
  9. I would imagine that, it's related to version checking of btsync. Meaning, that btsync gets it's information regarding which is the newest version from that host.
  10. I seems you are trying to download from some old link. The most resent version is annonced in this thread: The current version can be downloaded from here:
  11. I just tried the Link you provided. No problems downloading
  12. I just took some time putting together a short guide as to get btsync working on a synology nas PDF: RO Secret: B7SJKS4HH4ZFBXNV4FGEKSFXYOW3Y7TDP *EDIT I have updated the RO-secret and the link for the PDF. Minor updates has been made.
  13. Great - hopefully this will move on to other versions as well. I have both DS-710+ and DS-712+ and both of the run version 2.3.6 Anyway, then this should be the one for you:
  14. You access the NAS through SSH and type: /lib/ And just hit enter
  15. Ohh, Sorry about that. I must have made a mistake when looking at the CPU list. It would seem, that there currently is no build suited for the DS213+, unless it actually has a newer glibc than most other systems Synology ships. Do you have the possibility to verify/check which version it has ?
  16. Also, you could take a look at They've made a package that can be installed using the Package Center. However, it is, as you can se, rather outdated. Why the administrators chose to add the package for BTSYNC, yet not support a faster update of it, I don't know.
  17. You need to access your NAS through SSH. It's rather easy to do, but requires some knowledge as to how to do it. In the official guide, there is a section regarding the linux version. The procedure is the same on your nas
  18. Latest build for Synology NAS
  19. That's what they say...I have not succeeded to put my certificate in the file and having it work afterwards
  20. If only there was some sort of indication of how long time we are supposed to wait for the auto-update. Currently 4, almost 5 days has gone? Yeah, i know - it's easy to just ssh to my NAS and get the newest version - stop and start - but still...
  21. You mean what the .SyncIgnore does ? Located in the root of the shared folder.
  22. Meaning ? I've been trying for like 10 times now, using BEncode Editor Every time with no luck
  23. And you don't consider that a hack ? Might just be me, but I've nothing but failed to create a new settings.dat that actually works.