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  1. Send you a message. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I today recieved the invite. Thanks! I already have one question. For testing the sync I installed the linux 32bit client on my work laptop, and the arm client on my Debian powered Seagate Dockstar (Connected trough WAN, not LAN). When creating files on my Dockstarthey seem to be copied to my work laptop, but changes on the laptop dont get synced back. I can find the following messages in the sync.log: [20130101 15:12:21] Loading config file version 1.0.67 [20130101 15:12:21] Loaded folder /home/downloads/SyncApp [20130101 15:13:22] SYNC: block incoming connection from xx.xxx.xxx.xx:39995 : ip is untrusted [20130101 15:13:38] SYNC: block incoming connection from xx.xxx.xxx.xx:39998 : ip is untrusted Where can I set this ip to trusted? And why is it untrusted? Regards Felix