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  1. Here's a snippet from my logfile from today... It says: [20130616 18:00:37.119] but should say: [20130716 18:00:37.119] I'm running btsync_i386-1.1.42 (linux)
  2. Sorry kos13, I probably shouldn't have posted the test version here. But I was so excited about how fast it got fixed!
  3. For me, I was able to delete or edit a file that had a timestamp 2 hours into the future and have that change be synced around. I updated to 1.0.125 on all of my client machines. So, the files were no longer untouchable in my case.
  4. I opened a bug with bittorrent and this issue has now been fixed!
  5. I just ran into the same issue; due to a mis-configured client which had its time ahead a few hours. The bad thing is it won't allow you to even delete the file unless you manually delete it from all of the clients at the same time. I have verified this with Version 1.0.116 on both Linux & Mac. umputun, instead of making a file with a future timestamp, try setting your clock ahead, starting btsync then making the file. In my case the files were created with the clock an hour ahead while the client was disconnected (but btsync was running)