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  1. Hello, Just tried with my brand new synology 213+. With SyncApp_powerpc-1.0.75 I receive "Illegal Instruction (core dumped)" error message. (Files permission 755 and logged as root). Is it possible to receive the "custom build" for my model ? (I thought the bug was corrected in 1.0.75) Thanks in advance.
  2. As I have understood there is no versioning in SyncApp. To avoid errors and lost files, wouldn't it be good to have a trashbin folder in which older versions of files would be copied instead of deleted. You should be able to choose wheter you want it or not, the maximum trashbin size and also where you want it located (i.e. on each machine or only on one machine for instance on a NAS). I am looking forward to receive my invite, because looks like a nice piece of software !