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  1. Can test both android (phablet) and iOS (iPad)
  2. I prefer to keep it like now, going to sleep. It scares me the fact of being on battery and being unable to sleep, leading to battery dry. If your priority is syncing, you have a whole arsenal of tools to keep your computer awake. These are the kind of things that should never be hardcoded in BT Sync This one I think was already asked for and would be optional in a future release
  3. We should take in account in this WishList that almost everything is doable, but many of your request are far behind of this software "explicit" purpose or should be done with a different approach, not at the SyncApp end Network profiles have done for ages what you ask for. Profile to launch SyncApp when connected to a "safe" network, kill it when not.
  4. Hello, Thank to all devs the progress made on SyncApp. After some weeks playing with SyncApp, I found some roles where the SyncApp share could avoid most of disk i/o thus allowing disk to stay in standby mode, improving power savings a lot. This ideally would be a per share setting, or a global setting that could be overridden per share Comes to my mind a NAS instance of SyncApp that performs as a central mirror that runs 24h. No changes are made locally so we could avoid all i/o related to filechange checking, we'll have an option to manually trigger a filecheck when needed. This will let the
  5. Would be great to share secrets via files associated with syncapp (.syncapp? extension) with an option to encrypt with a password. At the end security risk is the same that sharing a secret via email, instant messaging or a text file with secrets
  6. Agree, SyncApp needs to be polished and offer a paid cloud storage option for who need it. Even a minimum free 1GB storage cloud cache to sync document changes without both ends being up would bump user base a lot. Anyway, I expect the base system to be kept as it is
  7. Symlinking as you want is doable with your OS tools at a directory level. If you don't like command line, for windows there is and for Mac http://www.macupdate...41493/symlinker You should place the symlinks before adding the share to a given SyncApp instance
  8. Already asked for this, FreeNas + SyncApp = perfect nas combo
  9. Hi, I'm suffering this too between two windows 7 workstations. Even after waiting 10m. Seems related to filesize. If I add a text file with no content it won't be synced. However if I edit this file and add some text inside then it will.
  10. Using system trashbin/recyclebin for deleted files would be more user friendly
  11. A FreeBSD binary would bump this list with the most spread NAS software: FreeNAS