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  1. Make it portable. Because portable apps are awesome. And also because i'd be able to carry me entire workplace around on a stick
  2. The base system is all I need. One always on desktop syncing with all my laptops. Encrypted connection with no size limits. A slice of heaven courtesy of bittorent.
  3. Why no pinned list of known bugs? Would be a nice way for new people to get up to date. Or you guys are developing too fast for that in which case, keep up the good work !
  4. My initial test today I synced 13 GB of files from my home comp to my workplace laptop over the Internet. Worked like a charm, will try LAN sync next
  5. Ok. Because a mobile version with camera uploads for iOS or android would be the ultimate Dropbox killer for me
  6. It's probably not my position to say this but I'd like to offer the suggestion that a pricing plan be similar to teamviewer where bittorent charges a one time price for small businesses to corporations. My primary reason for needing sync is due to a large amount of documents to keep available across my devices, and a charge for a data cap or syncing limit for free users would defeat the purpose of sync for me at least.
  7. When you say mobile, do you mean android or iOS apps?