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  1. This functionality is not implemented yet. You can sync backup folders between android devices without pc only. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys! Could you please send logs to devs? Thanks!
  3. Please follow these steps Thanks!
  4. What Sync versions are you using on your devices and what OS? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for reporting! We will check this case in our lab to avoid any issues in Sync.
  6. You can re-add your folders with the same keys. Could you please specify you device model and android version? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for reporting! We will try to repro it in our lab and fix it asap. Could you please provide your linux version? Thanks!
  8. We aware of this issue in FF and will fix it in the next update. Thanks for reporting!
  9. There is no such functionality in the app but you can use IgnoreList for excluding folders/files from sync. Please see this guide Thanks!
  10. Any changes you make in RO folder will be overwritten by RW peers. Thanks!
  11. Hi TwoNotes! Could you please send mail to and describe your issues? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, Hope this link will help you partially. Thanks!
  13. Hi! In some cases BTSync may re-sync files after moving them to another directory in the current versions. Devs are working on it and it will be fixed in the next releases. Thanks for reporting!
  14. arbyter, could you please send your full debug logs to Thanks!
  15. Hi guys! 1.2.87 version contains minor UI changes only for Windows OS. This build is fully compatible with 1.2.82 version. Thanks!
  16. Hi tuxpoldo! Please contact RomanZ, he is from BTSync support team. I think he can help you with fixing issues related to your packages. Thanks, Vadim.
  17. Hi guys! This issue will be fixed in the next update coming soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks, Vadim.
  18. Hi guys and thanks for reporting! This issue will be fixed in the next update coming soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  19. Looks like you need in this package How to run btsync on linux you can find there Thanks!
  20. Energy usage will be fixed in the next update. Thanks!
  21. Could you please follow these steps if this speed issue will be reproduced? Thanks!
  22. We are planing to implement described features in the future versions. Thanks!
  23. Hi! You can remove files by swiping it with your finger, your files will be deleted from your iOS but will be shown in the list as remote files. Thanks!
  24. Please go to Folders tab, click on "Add a Sync Folder" button and then enter your secret and choose your folder for sync. You can find more info in BTSync user guide Thanks!
  25. Hi! Do you get this error after update to 1.2.82 version or after clean install? Thanks!