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  1. Dropbox/GDrive API support to buffer time-shifted syncronisation? As I understand SyncApp only syncs when both computers ar switched on. Picture following example: I work in a 2-partner small business where we sync project-folders during office-time. This project folder has 50GB+ and we dont really want a pay-for sync service. On a typical day, less than 3GB of files are altered or created. On some days I want to continue working at my home computer in the evening. But normally when my home-comp is up, my work-comp is down. How could they sync? How about allocating a certain amount of space inside a Dropbox, where SyncApp automatically sends the newest files to, so that they are stored online. One could still remain in the free plans of dropbox/googledrive etc, and have these files ready no matter if the main computers are off. I am not shure, if this is possible, or if dropbox and others would allow this use of their API. Alternatively, FTP-support would be nice for this purpose. Third possibility would be to do this on SyncApps "own" servers, like SoShare does, maybe with a pay plan depending on the buffer size.