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  1. Hi, I'm a long term user of Sync, already used it since it was a closed alpha. Because I like it a lot I have a pro license and I run it on my own build NAS. Since I've build a new NAS I do want to use it a bit more organised though. Since I use sync a lot to save all the photo's from my phone, just like other family members, it would be nice that sync running on my NAS creates a directory for each device. Now I have a lot of directories starting with DCIM such as: DCIM, DCIM (1), DCIM (2) etc... Instead I'd like it: wpte\DCIM other_user\DCIM Is this possible to configure? I haven't found out how yet by digging in the forum and configuration files.
  2. the "plop into compiler" kind of guy... sync is probably written in c/c++ (I guess). When porting to mips, the first thing you need to do for all these routers: compatibility with uclibc. The routers usually have not a lot of memory and so forth, so they use uclibc instead of the regular libc. uclibc doesn't have everything that libc has, but it's a lot more compact. Next up is busybox, which provides a small posix kind of system. Just like with uclibc, it has a lot of functions of a full size linux desktop, but not everything. Kernel might be an issue as well... some routers are still running kernel 2.4 (ancient) and some newer broadcom routers run 2.6.22 (also quite ancient). Many issues to overcome, and many ifdefs I think Didn't even mention architecture differences. Some algorithms might get tangled on a different architecture.
  3. I'm not sure if it's technically possible, but what about a read only shared directory? Right now you need to have secrets for both read/write and read only. There's no guarantee that way that a directory is truly read only.
  4. Hi I've recently become one of the beta testers for syncapp. In the invitation mail I've seen support for ARM and PowerPC. I think MIPS is missing in that list, lots of routers with usb ports have MIPS cpu's with the capability to run lots of things. For example, my own router an asus rt-n16 runs a full php website with mysql, samba server, ftp and transmission torrent client. Since I have a 4TB harddisk hooked up I'd love to sync files to my router as well. In fact it has been my biggest issue ever to sync files properly to all my pc's and have a backup on my router. Is there a possibility for MIPS support in the future? I'm willing to help with compiling issues if required. Also, I do like syncapp so far, it's fantastic.