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  1. I can copy directly with 200-400Mbytes/s. It's normal speed for that q-ty HDDs in pool over NFS
  2. Hi I have 2 storage, 80 TB (24 HDD) for each machine. OS Freebsd 9.2. Every machine connect via 2x10Gb\s interfaces to storage switch (Cisco 5548UP), on every machine and on every switch I enabled jumbo frames (MTU 9000). Every machine can read/write files from ZFS pool with speed above 400-600 MB/s simultaneously. I set BTSync: Use relay server when required = False Use tracker server = False Search LAN = True Search DHT network = False Store deleted files in SyncArchive = True Use predefined hosts = True But max transfer speed which i see was 16MB/s. What I do wrong, how I can increase transfer speed? Thank you in advance Aleksandr
  3. Please, add support for FreeBSD. I have about 250TB in mirror. I sync these storages via Unison, but Unison have some bugs and speed of sync near 250-280Mbyte/s. I think SyncApp can do this with more speed