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  1. Years ago I had early (unreleased) versions of btsync installed on my iomega ix2-200 StorCenter NAS. It worked, though I never figured out how to make it launch at startup time. Now I might want to try again with Resilio sync. It's a 10 year-old NAS, ARM (probably 32-bit), running (I believe) a version of debian called LifeLine 2.1. Apparently it lacks the apt-get program but does have dpkg. I can ssh with root access. From what I've been able to figure out, I probably want the armel version of Resilio sync. Any tips on making this work (especially in how to make it start at boot tim
  2. Similar problem on iomega ix2-200: I copy the executable to root and run it, but after a NAS reboot, the file (and its settings file) are gone. Apparently iomega's startup code rejects foreign bodies! Anybody know how to hack around this?
  3. I would think it's the only option that will run on the ix2-200's ARM processor.
  4. Here's what I did (using a Mac): Download the ARM version of the code & untar (double-click to expand). Copy (via the Mac) the executable btsync file to /mnt/soho_storage/samba/shares/public (the normal ix2-200 Public folder). If you have the ix2-200 mounted on your desktop, you can just drag btsync to its Public folder. Log in as root to the ix2-200. From a Mac Terminal window, enter: ssh root@<ix2-200's IP address>. When asked for your password, it's "soho" prepended to your normal admin password. Copy the file to the root directory: cp /mnt/soho_storage/samba/shares/public/btsy
  5. iomega ix2-200: executable gone after a restart. I had btsync running on my iomega ix2-200 NAS. Then apparently an AC glitch caused the UPS to shut it down. Upon restarting it, the executable btsync file had disappeared from the root directory. I wonder if the ix2-200 restores the root directory from a backup at each power-on, or something. Anybody know? I added the file back and started it and it seems to be running again. But this could get old.
  6. Seems to be working between Mac (10.7.5) and ix2-200 (non-cloud edition; synced folder is on an external USB drive attached to the NAS). Note you have to use SMB to mount the NAS on a Mac because AFP is broken.
  7. I have an iomega ix2-200 but I don't know which version of BT Sync to install. Any tips on installation appreciated.