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  1. I agree that you can limit the speed. However, I can run faster speed. But if you download a large volume traffic, there will be questions from the administrator. In principle, it does not matter, but for someone can be there would be convenient. I'm more interested in the issue of synchronization when the computer is turned off. In the next branch is also seen suggestions for using Dropbox to sync. I made ​​a sketch of the first post on the basis of the work of this synchronization. I think that build dropbox in SyncApp not need (especially since it will be a violation of copyright), as can simultaneously run the application from the dropbox.
  2. And may want to implement the function in any way the folders to sync. On Monday I will try to figure how I see it. But I think it needs to be implemented through such stores as dropbox, etc. Not necessarily to implement these programs in syncapp. Sufficient to establish their application to your computer and it will automatically sync the files that have been placed in the appropriate folders. And do not forget to limit traffic. At work, I have no way to take files of 1 GB or more, but I can every day without any consequences to accept files of 50-100 MB
  3. Please, not much kick. I got the idea. The pictures have tried to draw the detail in which situations, and how to implement synchronization with the computer turned off. Here as well, you can add memory function in your account (you need to create additional accounts or just implement the function of the binder storage "dropbox, etc") all computers / devices. With the map on which devices do not fully synchronize the file (an old version of the file)