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  1. Hi unfortunately I have a problem with the package =( Raspberry Pi with raspbmc-rls-1.0-hardfp-b20130616-u20130616, freshly installes yesterday I install via aptitude and debconf works fine, config files is created first thing: root@raspbmc:/usr/lib/btsync# service btsync restart [ ok ] Stopping btsync instance 'debconf-default':. [....] Autostarting btsync instance 'debconf-default':root@raspbmc:/usr/lib/btsync# second (btsync-daemon has +x): root@raspbmc:/usr/lib/btsync# ./btsync-daemon bash: ./btsync-daemon: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden Thanks for all the work you put in this h
  2. Could you add another column under devices showing the version this node is running on? I'm very happy to see the current development. You wouldn't let us test so much If you didn't have a good idea of how to proceedd and when to go public =) I have currently several raspbery pi connected and update them by having the syncapp.bin in an syncapp folder it self awesome =) Thanks
  3. My Birthday is on 2nd April - do you think you can make it till then =)
  4. I agree that individual security is given. However, the comparison given here is not completely right: a Google server will increase the login time after each a wile. In syncapp this is not the case (as i understand). So a bruteforce attack is faster in this case. Additionally there are typically several nodes, allowing a distributed attack. Another thing: If enough people using it and having several shares there will exist a lot of secrets. If I'm not interested in a specific person I can just bruteforce against all syncapp users and see what I can find. I know I don't have to use syncapp,
  5. The beta version will need a detection of the network I'm connected to such that I get asked weather I want to sync or not. Why? I use syncapp on my laptiop at home, then I went to the campus and forgot that syncapp is running. After 10 minuted I got an email from the IT department because they detected p2p network (they said someting about ToS and possibliy illegal downloads, just the typical bla bla). When this app is set public, regular users might get ->really<- scared when they get such an email! And this is no good. How: When installing ons should get asked: a) always sync whitel
  6. is it possible to include an option in the folder prefences when adding a custom host such that I dont have to specify a port by my self, but that the app automaticalls scans for a "typical" (or custom) portrange? This would make setups behind a router (with e.g. dyndns) more easy, because whatever PC is running the outside world will get a connection. PS: Awesome App I'm really impressed and thankful! PPS sorry for the typo in the topic =(
  7. Including support for armv6 would be awesome! I could test if my raspberry pi army sync my music corretly (most of the time the clocks are out of sync)