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  1. The problem is still present. Soon we will celebrate the birthday of this bug. FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE-p3 amd64
  2. I have the same problem from june. FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE-p3 amd64
  3. Reply for ANDROID! Can test on: Galaxy S3 Galaxy Note 2 Nexus 7
  4. Did your router crashes when you are using BitTorrent ?
  5. Cyrillic device name in the SyncApp GUI (FreeBSD):
  6. Please add me to your testers list. OS: OS X Mountain Lion Windows 7 FreeBSD My devices: Galaxy S3 Galaxy Note II
  7. There just was problems with HDD.
  8. I have configured btsync on my freebsd machine and successfully opened needed ports: btsync listening port and a webgui port. When I have added my sync folder, I was printed ipfw statistics. There I saw this: web gui – many packets in/out; btsync listening port – 0/0 packets. So why? "Use relay server when required" is unticked. And on second and third machine too. 2nd a 3rd machines are over the firewall and without a real ip. That means, they need to connect to my first freebsd machine with real IP. How can you explain this?
  9. I can't My computer freezes and I can just restart it with power button. But I catched a moment, when Windows 7 (64bit) swears to incompatibility and suggests switch to WinXP SP3 mode. Now I'm testing this compatibility mode.
  10. Because my computer is a laptop and sometimes it running on battery.
  11. When SyncApp is indexing files and my computer goes to sleep, SyncApp freezes and i can't kill it from task manager. And my computer works very slowly. And after that, if I will restart my machine, SyncApp starts with windows and frezees whole system again ;/ Same thing I watched when SyncApp indexing media files (photos, videos). It just stops on some file and freezes.
  12. What is more secure? DHT or Tracker server? What information is sent to the DHT network or Tracker server? Can someone track me by some encrypted phrase if I will use DHT network, not Tracker server?
  13. Is data transfer thru relay safe enough? Users will be able to specify own relay/tracker?
  14. "Use tracker server" – what does this mean?
  15. When you plan to release Android version ?