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  1. Web UI on [Linux] x64 doesn't work for email and link sharing, the qr code seems to work, but nothing happens using "email" or "link"...
  2. I'm finding that on Debian 7.6 Linux that a sync might start at around 20 minutes after adding the secrets, then it will not take advantage of having the data on the LAN when available -- it sometimes ramps up to high speed via the LAN, but still drops back to remote links with transfers dropping down to very low levels for no good reason at all that I can see. Eventually the data, in my case about 25GB, would be transferred in about 2 hours. I've done this with multiple machines, same results, I've even given the local hosts in the preferences to use for the machines still yet to sync up.
  3. There seems to be many more problems with the Linux version of 1.4.75 -- I added a folder to sync, the remote folder -- actually available on the LAN on a Windows box (has over 25GB) ... as well as other remote locations, but the newly added folder on the Linux box says it is synced, but no files have been added. It looks like I'm going to have to revert to an older version at this stage. Edit: stopped and restarted the Windows client, now the Linux client is receiving... Edit: this is so frustrating, it says it is receiving, but it is not taking advantage of the LAN copy and it seems t
  4. A fresh install of 1.4.75 on Linux (Debian 7.6) fails to work with web gui. The /workaround/ is to run 1.3.106 first, accept the terms in the web gui, then shutdown 1.3.106 and try 1.4.75 again. No issues with using Firefox on Windows 7 64 bit.... no requirement for IE for me and that's the way I want it.
  5. I resolved the problem by running an old version 1-3-106 ... it seemed to have /adjusted/ local storage in my browser, then I closed the old version and ran the new version okay. So, there is a bug to fix here..... Edit: Okay it wasn't local storage in the browser that need to be /adjusted/ it was data in the ["storage_path"] .sync folder on the server.
  6. Hi, I've got a Debian 6.0.10 (squeeze) Xenserver running BTSync 1.4.75 without any problems, but when I copy the same binary and conf file to a newer Debian 7.6 (wheezy) machine, it won't work properly. Old Machine: # uname -a Linux server-name-1 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 #1 SMP Tue May 13 18:41:58 UTC 2014 x86_64 GNU/Linux # ldd --version ldd (Debian EGLIBC 2.11.3-4) 2.11.3 New Machine: # uname -a Linux server-name-2 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.60-1+deb7u3 x86_64 GNU/Linux # ldd --version ldd (Debian EGLIBC 2.13-38+deb7u4) 2.13 The conf files are identical for both machines, excep
  7. Linux 1.3.105 version (x64) ... cannot change properites of a share to not use tracker or dht servers. With the Windows version, properties on same share change okay (and stick).
  8. Thanks RomanZ, better late than never ;-) Much appreciated.
  9. Thanks Mike. Yes, I found that link already, but the downloads are sans the version number in the file name and are not as easily gotten for simple wget. I like wget and one of the main reasons is that it usually keeps the original file date/time where the server supports it.
  10. Windows offered to download 1.3.94 automatically, but I can't find the /normal/ online links that I am used to, such as: Going to the expected link gives a 404 ....: I much prefer direct downloads that I can use wget, with the download containing the version details.
  11. pwgen gets results too quickly,even for the "-s" option ... so it won't be using /dev/random
  12. TheDurtch ... why so complicated? "base64 -w0" - will give you a string of chars without new lines, so no mucking around with sed to join and adjust lines. base64 gives you a couple of extra characters, the "+" and "/" symbols, why exclude them? Here's another variation for you: head -c $((256/4*3)) /dev/random|base64 -w0 [Mac users can omit -w0 or use -b0 instead .... don't ask me why it is different, BSD might be the same as for Mac] You can change 256 to any number you like. It also won't matter if the base64 is padded with "=" signs at the end for the secret (the above won't
  13. Okay, thanks and sorry for posting in the wrong section.
  14. I understand, but it would be good to get an update in the first post..... 1.1.82 is the latest, not 1.1.70 ....
  15. An error occurred during a connection to Peer's Certificate has been revoked. (Error code: sec_error_revoked_certificate)