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  1. Hi, I recently updated my application from 1.0.75 to the latest 1.0.134 (love the new logo much better, haha). Anyways, I now notice that some of my folders contain a ".SyncTrash" folder, some of which are quite large. Is it okay to delete this folder? If it helps, before I was syncing individual folders within "My Documents". Now, I sync all of "My Documents." Joel
  2. A quick suggestion: maybe you should add this info directly into SyncApp, since users may not think about coming to these forums to ask for help.
  3. I was wondering about the same thing when setting up SyncApp. I mean, theoretically, as long as anyone can guess my secret key they can sync one of their folders with my folder, right? Not only can they get my data, they can also force me to receive data too! They should totally implement a two-step verification process like the Google Authenticator
  4. Hi, I've been running SyncApp continuously for the past couple of days to try to get my laptop and desktop PC synchronized. One of the things I noticed is that SyncApp uses up a ton of CPU. See attached picture. Is this because I'm trying to share 16 folders (with sixteen parallel indexings), or does SyncApp just take up this much processing power in general? Also, does this program auto-update or are releases manual right now?
  5. Yes, thanks for the update and awesome work on the development -- I appreciate it.
  6. To add to my wishlist: 6) Prioritization -- I know many other users have suggested this, but I wish I could set transfer priority of what folders should be sync'd first.
  7. @GreatMarko @dlw Regarding the .SyncTrash folder, check your hidden folder Username / AppData / Roaming / SyncApp. I think the Trash might be located in there if that helps.
  8. File amounts, types, and extensions: 3 x Short Movies (mp4) 1000 x Adobe PDF documents (pdf) 50,000 x Pictures (jpg, png) 100 x Microsoft Office documents (doc, xls) I've checked it periodically throughout the day, and it seems like irregardless of file type, SyncApp stays at around 10 - 30 kB/s. I specifically remember the speeds on Adobe PDF (15kB/s) and one of the movies (10 kB/s). It's not a 'bad' speed in any sense, I just wish it was a lot faster. Hamachi: Free Hamachi user. Relayed tunnels (which is weird, because the two computers are ONE feet away from each other, connected to the same network). But I will investigate direct tunnels. I also thought that maybe the SyncApp speed would be affected by my other downloading / uploading. Makes sense, right? So I disabled my uTorrent, but my SyncApp is still at 15 kB/s. My SyncApp "Preferences": Listening port: 25247 Limit download rate: 0 Limit upload rate: 0
  9. @kos13 I don't know if it makes a difference, but I was referring to 280 kB/s upload speed at that particular moment when I was torrenting (which is much, much less than 700 or 800 kB/s upload speed I can normally get) In any case, it would be great if you could let users 'boost' their traffic or connection. I totally /support that idea!
  10. I don't want to hijack this thread since it's primary purpose is to provide SyncApp progress updates, but just to clarify, SyncApp works via Hamachi. I was only griping because my speeds were pathetic (15 kB/s). Sorry for the confusion.
  11. @GreatMarko Thanks for all of your valuable feedback! 1) Yes, I meant to say the device you're currently on. (By "host" I meant your current host device, but I can understand the confusion in terminology). 2) Yup, a simple and friendly message would be very helpful in directing users, especially since SyncApp is such a simplistic (but beautiful!) program. 3) Can't wait for higher speeds! I went to lunch and when I came back, my speeds improved from 15 kB/s to 50 kB/s, but it's still waaaay less than the 280 kB/s I usually get with uTorrent. 5) Thanks for the tip! I never knew that before. You know, it would be really helpful if someone could compile a list of "tips and tricks" for new users. Also, I read later through some of the forum posts, and yes it definitely seems like many people want the scheduler. Hopefully they will implement it soon!
  12. Hi, I got SyncApp installed and running on two PCs this morning. My setup is pretty simple: a desktop computer running Windows 7 x64 and a laptop computer running Windows 7 x32. I have a couple of very simple basic suggestions that I think would help a lot: 1) Devices -- Show not only the connected devices but also the host device. In other words, show all of them. Maybe even show a green / red status if the devices are online or not online. 2) Shared Folders -- Personally I would rename the tab to "Sync Folders" since that's the primary buzzword and language (eg. the service is called "SyncApp," yeah?). More importantly, there should be a simple message that appears when a person tries to enter in only a secret, but not the folder to sync. I encountered this problem because, stupidly, I thought I only needed to enter my secret. The error message I got was very vague and just said I couldn't connect or something. 3) Shared Folders -- Any way to make indexing go faster, or set high priority / normal priority / low priority? It's currently scanning at about 15 files per second, which feels so slow. 4) Transfers -- Go faster. Rawr. 5) Transfers -- offer option to Pause / Resume syncing or maybe even a Scheduler. In any case, I'm pretty pleased with the product as it is. I just wish it would upload / download much faster, especially since my normal transfer rates is hundreds of kB/s more. Good job on SyncApp, and best of luck on future development! Joel
  13. No kidding! I just installed the new SyncApp (thanks for the invite kos!) and it works beautifully! At first I had some difficulty because I didn't realize, on my second computer's installation, that you had to choose a folder. I just entered a Secret key. Maybe you can improve the GUI by giving an message, "Please enter both the secret key and folder." In any case, all I want now is faster synchronization. It's transferring at 16 kB/s on a university network, which is terribly slow. Normally when I torrent I can get download speeds of 500 kB/s download and 280 kB/s upload. I tried to run SyncApp while connected to a private Hamachi VPN network, but that didn't seem to do anything. Any thoughts on how to make SyncApp go faster?
  14. Thanks for the progress update! Can't wait to try out the new SyncApp ... I've tested out AeroFS, Cubby, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Rapidshare, Amazon Drive ... I swear to god, all I want is a working peer2peer sync.