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  1. Hi I use Syncapp since the first release, happy to get an invitation at the first time. So far so good it works so well I use it to sync more than 6 computers on 2 different network (and location). More than 150GB of data are synced through a dozen of shares. I used Live Mesh for years, then Cubby (until they go to the paid P2P option).. and as surprising as it may seem (Du to it's alpha status) Syncapp is the most efficient tool I ever used !! Now the little improvement I'll like to see (beside the ones already in discussion here), will be a file/folder filter. I sync many pictures folders, and each of it contain a thumb.db file that doesn't need to be sync. Same for the "desktop.ini" you'll find on some Windows folders. I would like to be able to filter off the *.db or *.ini or more specifically desktop.ini , etc. Thanks and keep it on this way, SyncApp is a well born tool!