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  1. I'm going to ask this again in the hope that someone out there can show me how to create & find debugging logs on my Synology NAS units. I have 2 1813+ DiskStations and am trying to use BTSync to keep several large folders in sync between the two devices. I've searched, googled, read scores of useless threads, and still don't know how to provide you with logs from the NASes. I can create them on my desktop PCs. That doesn't really help here because I'm trying to use BTSync between the two Synology devices. The problem as described in my original post still exists.
  2. Helen, thanks for the reply. I have read the instructions for the full debug logs several times and I still do not know how/where to create/find debug logs on my Synology NAS 1813+. If you could point me to instructions some where else that might help, I'd be grateful. I've looked at the Synology forums for some inspiration and I've looked in the BTSync forum for a thread that might give me a clue. I understand how to create and find them on my windows desktops. I have been syncing multiple folders between NAS1 and NAS2 for some time; I think the problem may have started when I upgraded to
  3. thank you!! How do I get the full path to show in the window per your example? I can only see the full path of the folder when I hover the mouse over it.
  4. I had a sync set up with 3 devices and couldn't figure out why all of the files weren't populating. In order to try to understand what was (or wasn't happening) and also to remove one of the 3 devices from the sync, I removed them all and started over. Now I am trying to sync a large folder (with many sub-folders and files) between just the two Synology 1813+ NAS units. I have generated a new secret When I open the web UI on the first one - where I started the new sync - size now shows as 11.41GB in 18109 files and there is no activity happening anymore. File Station reports that the fol
  5. Would someone please show me just where to find this "Remove" button under a folders tab? I have one folder that is being synced across 3 devices and I would like to remove one of the devices from this sync. I simply cannot find any place where there is a "Remove" button. I am running BTSync on two synology NAS units and on several desktops. All versions are current. Thanks for help - this is driving me nutty!!
  6. I'm running BTSync on several desktops (Windows 7 & 8) and two Synology DiskStations 1813+. I'd like to enable debugging logging on each NAS, but I can't figure out how or where to do that. On the Windows machines, I simply right-clicked on the BTSync icon in the system tray and Enabled Debug Logging. On each NAS, I only have a BT Sync icon in the Control Panel. When I open that, it is a web browser interface and the only seemingly logical place to look is to click Preferences in the upper right corner. The settings there have nothing to do with logging. Each folder has a Preferences ic
  7. I also notice this issue and want clarification. I do not see versioning in the syncArchive folder. I have done rearranging/reorganizing of subfolders in the last week. There are folders which show up in syncArchive because they've been deleted on one device. But, I don't see any versioning for changes made to the same file.
  8. Agreed. Curious about this auto update to 1.1.82 that just happened
  9. I'm running BTSync 1.1.48 on a Win 7 machine - syncing to a Win 7 desktop over the web and to a laptop (Win 7 - right now on the LAN). the desktop reboots for updates and other things. BTSync doesn't properly shut down and when it tries to start up with Windows, it throws the error message "It seems like BitTorrent Sync is already running, but not responding. Please close all BitTorrent Sync processes and try again.". I come back to the desktop and find this error; invoke Task Manager, select BTSync process, END PROCESS, and restart BTSync manually. This is odd behavior - happening since upgr
  10. Great Marko - thanks for your reply. your response to my point 2 was entirely on point. to my point 3 - now I understand why it is happening and I have been doing the manual download and update (I"m not a patient person). Do you know if this is going to be "fixed"? point 4 - this happened just now on my laptop which had been running ver 1.1.30. This isn't the first time I've seen it, but I didn't note the versions or bother to mention it.
  11. 1. Is 1.1.42 the beta version? 2. Auto-update doesn't seem to work for me. 3. I got an email saying that the beta version is now available. When I click the link, it takes me to a window to download the beta which turns out to be named "BTSync.exe". I download it and click on Run, etc. Error message pops up "It seems like BitTorrent Sync is already running, but not responding. Please close all BitTorrent Sync processes and try again." Why doesn't the installer auto-close the current processes and move on to the installation, OR ask me if I want to close it myself or have the installer do it?
  12. I want: (1) versioning of contested files, (2) nested shares. Would be nice to have some indication of how far away the developers are from killing "surprise delete" bugs. I can't deal with the idea that whole folders still seem to be deleted inexplicably. But, this is clearly the app of choice for me - waiting impatiently!!
  13. 1. This is a small thing, but would save clicks & time - when a new version of BTSync is being installed, have the program force-close the current installation. 2. Conflict resolution. I don't like that only one (the most recent) version of a conflicted file (i.e., changes on more than one device) is saved. I'd like to see something added to the file names to identify the conflict so the user can sort it out. The addition could be a device identifier, appending a different number to create a unique file name. If a user was absolutely certain that all conflicts should be reduced to one file
  14. I did use iTunes to sync that folder (& sub folders) to my iPad yesterday from the other desktop. So, that explains part of it. What I don't understand is why it showed up today on one of the devices and I didn't see any popups yesterday on the other 2 devices. And, why these files causing the popup action and not others?