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  1. I'm going to ask this again in the hope that someone out there can show me how to create & find debugging logs on my Synology NAS units. I have 2 1813+ DiskStations and am trying to use BTSync to keep several large folders in sync between the two devices. I've searched, googled, read scores of useless threads, and still don't know how to provide you with logs from the NASes. I can create them on my desktop PCs. That doesn't really help here because I'm trying to use BTSync between the two Synology devices. The problem as described in my original post still exists.
  2. Helen, thanks for the reply. I have read the instructions for the full debug logs several times and I still do not know how/where to create/find debug logs on my Synology NAS 1813+. If you could point me to instructions some where else that might help, I'd be grateful. I've looked at the Synology forums for some inspiration and I've looked in the BTSync forum for a thread that might give me a clue. I understand how to create and find them on my windows desktops. I have been syncing multiple folders between NAS1 and NAS2 for some time; I think the problem may have started when I upgraded to DSM 4.3 update 4 (can't be sure). I'm just focusing on this one particular folder because it is important to our workflow. It gets updated everyday on both sides and we're starting to get a little nutty about not being able to see new files. (we're using dropbox as an emergency fix - not a good plan). These are the stats as of 4pm PDT: NAS1: FS shows 59.92GB, 35050 files, 6016 folders; last mod 2014-07-27 12:13:51 PDTBTSync Web UI shows 52.38 GB in 26672 files1 of 1 Device - down-arrow 1.33GB to NAS2current transfer activity - down-arrow 0 B/s, up-arrow 0 B/s NAS2: FS shows 57.38 GB, 31848 files, 5507 folders; last mod 2014-07-27 12:11:33 CDTBTSync Web UI shows 53.71 GB in 30530 files1 of 1 Device - up-arrow 1.33GB to NAS1current transfer activity - down-arrow 0 B/s, up-arrow 0 B/s Hope someone can point me to something that will clarify for me how to get a debug log for you. Dianne
  3. thank you!! How do I get the full path to show in the window per your example? I can only see the full path of the folder when I hover the mouse over it.
  4. I had a sync set up with 3 devices and couldn't figure out why all of the files weren't populating. In order to try to understand what was (or wasn't happening) and also to remove one of the 3 devices from the sync, I removed them all and started over. Now I am trying to sync a large folder (with many sub-folders and files) between just the two Synology 1813+ NAS units. I have generated a new secret When I open the web UI on the first one - where I started the new sync - size now shows as 11.41GB in 18109 files and there is no activity happening anymore. File Station reports that the folder occupies 59.67GB with 34311 files in 5860 folders. when I open the web UI on the second one - with no more activity happening - Size shows as 53.71GB in 30530 files. File Station reports the folder as 57.38GB with 31850 files in 5507 folders I suspect that you'd like me to send in debug logs. How do turn on debug logging for the NAS? Then, where would I find those debug logs?
  5. Would someone please show me just where to find this "Remove" button under a folders tab? I have one folder that is being synced across 3 devices and I would like to remove one of the devices from this sync. I simply cannot find any place where there is a "Remove" button. I am running BTSync on two synology NAS units and on several desktops. All versions are current. Thanks for help - this is driving me nutty!!
  6. I'm running BTSync on several desktops (Windows 7 & 8) and two Synology DiskStations 1813+. I'd like to enable debugging logging on each NAS, but I can't figure out how or where to do that. On the Windows machines, I simply right-clicked on the BTSync icon in the system tray and Enabled Debug Logging. On each NAS, I only have a BT Sync icon in the Control Panel. When I open that, it is a web browser interface and the only seemingly logical place to look is to click Preferences in the upper right corner. The settings there have nothing to do with logging. Each folder has a Preferences icon. Again, I don't see anything having to do with logging when I open a folder Preferences window. Also, In the folder Preferences dropdown window, there is a checkbox for "store deleted files in SyncArchive". I have that checked. BUT, where do I go to set the number of days to retain the deleted files in SyncArchive? I know how to do a custom setting for the days retained in SyncArchive in the windows desktop Preferences. I just can't find a similar place for the NAS (using DSM 4.3) . Can you point me in the right direction? I've tried to search the forum and the HELP file, but I'm not finding or understand.. Thanks.
  7. I also notice this issue and want clarification. I do not see versioning in the syncArchive folder. I have done rearranging/reorganizing of subfolders in the last week. There are folders which show up in syncArchive because they've been deleted on one device. But, I don't see any versioning for changes made to the same file.
  8. Agreed. Curious about this auto update to 1.1.82 that just happened
  9. I'm running BTSync 1.1.48 on a Win 7 machine - syncing to a Win 7 desktop over the web and to a laptop (Win 7 - right now on the LAN). the desktop reboots for updates and other things. BTSync doesn't properly shut down and when it tries to start up with Windows, it throws the error message "It seems like BitTorrent Sync is already running, but not responding. Please close all BitTorrent Sync processes and try again.". I come back to the desktop and find this error; invoke Task Manager, select BTSync process, END PROCESS, and restart BTSync manually. This is odd behavior - happening since upgrade to 1.1.48. Rebooting the machine should close out BTSync and allow it to restart on Win 7 restart. Am I missing something here??
  10. Great Marko - thanks for your reply. your response to my point 2 was entirely on point. to my point 3 - now I understand why it is happening and I have been doing the manual download and update (I"m not a patient person). Do you know if this is going to be "fixed"? point 4 - this happened just now on my laptop which had been running ver 1.1.30. This isn't the first time I've seen it, but I didn't note the versions or bother to mention it.
  11. 1. Is 1.1.42 the beta version? 2. Auto-update doesn't seem to work for me. 3. I got an email saying that the beta version is now available. When I click the link, it takes me to a window to download the beta which turns out to be named "BTSync.exe". I download it and click on Run, etc. Error message pops up "It seems like BitTorrent Sync is already running, but not responding. Please close all BitTorrent Sync processes and try again." Why doesn't the installer auto-close the current processes and move on to the installation, OR ask me if I want to close it myself or have the installer do it? Running Win 7 Home Prem 64-bit on this desktop 4. I have the same experience when a window pops up saying that there is a newer version to install. I click on the link, download the .exe, Run, and get the "already running" message. Click out of that, close processes, find the .exe, blah, blah, blah. Running Win 7 Pro on 2 other desktops and a laptop. Auto-update doesn't work on any of them.
  12. I want: (1) versioning of contested files, (2) nested shares. Would be nice to have some indication of how far away the developers are from killing "surprise delete" bugs. I can't deal with the idea that whole folders still seem to be deleted inexplicably. But, this is clearly the app of choice for me - waiting impatiently!!
  13. 1. This is a small thing, but would save clicks & time - when a new version of BTSync is being installed, have the program force-close the current installation. 2. Conflict resolution. I don't like that only one (the most recent) version of a conflicted file (i.e., changes on more than one device) is saved. I'd like to see something added to the file names to identify the conflict so the user can sort it out. The addition could be a device identifier, appending a different number to create a unique file name. If a user was absolutely certain that all conflicts should be reduced to one file (say, the most current), have a global option to set in the program. It could be Resolution of file conflicts: (1) keep only the most current, (2) keep all and create unique filenames. I personally wouldn't want or need an option to monitor conflicts in real time. Maybe a conflict log would be useful for large volume users. Thanks - looking forward very much to the progress on this program - much needed!
  14. I did use iTunes to sync that folder (& sub folders) to my iPad yesterday from the other desktop. So, that explains part of it. What I don't understand is why it showed up today on one of the devices and I didn't see any popups yesterday on the other 2 devices. And, why these files causing the popup action and not others?
  15. I have btsync on 3 desktops and a laptop - all running Win 7 - 3 on one LAN and 1 across the net. One desktop (on LAN) has unusual Download messages popping up right now Most of them say: Download Complete T???.ithmb has finished downloading Occasionally one will say: Download complete Photo Database finished downloading. I am only sharing one top level folder (it has about 90 subfolders; total size is under 1GB). Almost all of the files are photos. I hope to use btsync on many more folders/files when I have more confidence that I won't lose files due to "operator error" The folder had some changes to it yesterday, so I would have expected that all of the indexing and syncing would have been done within an hour or so of those changes. This is almost 24 hours later. This was just happening on one desktop; not the other devices (or at least I didn't see it on them). So, is this indicative of indexing? What is a T???.ithmb file used for? Since I started writing this post, the popups have stopped. Still curious, though........
  16. My brain is too full to remember many passwords, much less 32 character (or more) secrets! All of this conversation about brute forcing passwords or secrets just makes my hair hurt. What's the point of military grade security around these secrets if I have to haul them manually from one device to another?? Emailing them is the only "sane" way of moving them around right now and it could hardly be less secure. The irony of this is apparently lost in the crowd...............or else I'm completely missing something. In spite of that, I am eagerly awaiting further development of BTSync. It still seems to be the only viable alternative to the dead and gone Live Mesh. I am reluctant to add more folders to BTSync right now (I'm on 1.0.116 on Win 7 systems) because of continuing reports of folders/files being deleted somewhat inexplicably. Until I understand just how and why that is happening, I can't risk the time.
  17. How does SyncApp handle file modification times that are different only because of time zone? For example, I will want to sync folders on a desktop PC that resides in California with one that resides in Wisconsin. How is it going to choose which one to keep on the initial sync? If the filenames are the same, the one in Wisconsin will have a later date/time because it's in the Central time zone.
  18. I, too, am concerned about the first syncs with SyncApp and the process for dealing with out of date files. Is it feasible to have an option to prepend or append a version number or code to the file name of the file(s) determined to be older; e.g., filename(2), filename(3), filename(4). This would preserve them for the user to make the decision about keeping them or not. If the user just wanted to trash them all, a search for (*) in the filename would find them easily. Automatic deletion at the beginning of a sync scares me!
  19. In this example, what happens with the master secret for this folder? If I were syncing this folder with 2 other devices of mine, the master key for the folder would be the same on all 3 devices before the move (I believe). What about after the move? Would I have to copy and paste the master key in addition to the read-only key for the 10 people?
  20. I don't have the solution, but TheSnowman's comment resonates with me. The idea that "secrets" have to be sent by e-mail in order to get a new sync set up seems like an oxymoron to me. I'm just starting to work with the app, so maybe I don't understand secrets yet (in fact, I still don't understand the layers of secrets and how many secrets I'll end up with). Unless there is a way to select only certain sub-folders in a larger folder, I'll end up with many syncs. Does that mean that each one folder gets a unique set of secrets? How does one manage them? I've read the User Guide and will continue reading posts here to learn about the secret process. Please make the discussion/description of "Secret" much more user-friendly. I'm pretty tech-savvy, but this part of SyncApp is baffling.
  21. kos13, You might add the location of the icon you're referring to in Step 1 for Windows/Mac (i.e., Click on the SyncApp icon in the System tray and select "Enable Debug Logging"). I have a desktop icon, a taskbar icon, and a system tray icon............and, there is an icon in the upper left corner of the application window when it is open on the desktop. I tried to find the command to turn on Debug Logging and, as it happened, the icon in the system tray was the 4th one I tried. So I was just a little frustrated by the time I got to that one.
  22. Thanks for the update; approximate length of delay is???
  23. Couldn't have said it better!! --a frustrated ex-Mesh user