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  1. I have Camera Roll backup working from an iPad a Windows PC. Versions 1.3.35 on the iPad and Version 1.3.94 on the PC. The initial backup ran very well. If I then delete a photo from the iPad the photo remains on the PC which is, I believe, the expected behaviour. But if I delete a file from the PC backup folder the iPad Client seems to try to re-upload the photo, but gets stuck at the "connecting" stage. Screenshot attached.
  2. Update to 1.1.42 worked very well on WIn 72 32 & 64 bit. But on 64bit version there is still a memory leak - starts at around 30K and gradually increases to beyond 100k. On 32bit it stays around 30K
  3. Ability to specify file types not to sync per folder e.g. exclude *.ini *.tmpInstructions / guidance on using UPNP on router and symbology in left hand column of Devices tab. I routinely have my router UPNP turned off. The app wouldn't sync with a remote PC of mine until I turned on UPNP. Curiously though, it now continues to sync with UPNP turned off.Great app, keep up the good work. Thanks.