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  1. Same issue, upload from Win7 x86 (2.6.2 1330) to ReadyNAS RN102 (Marvell Armada 370; 2.6.2 1330) failed but other direction works fine
  2. We do not like hate the 10 folder limit. I have just started testing alternative apps. What is the problem with the following sentence? "Putting your fingers in your ears and humming really loud"
  3. I have 25 folders... "we won't remove features" That's not correct. I do not really like the user-concept of 2.0. I am looking for alternatives.
  4. 1.4.77 on ReadyNAS is very slow and buggy. Most of the time all folders are displayed as ouf of sync. When do you plan to release a newer version for Netgear?
  5. I wish I could downgrade my ReadyNAS to 1.3 (please release a stable version, 1.4.77 is buggy) I have some desktops left on 1.3.109 because of portable mode and XP support.
  6. Could you please update the netgear version? IS there a work-around to update annually? I am on 1.4.77 and all folders are out of sync, I am unable to delete folders on the web panel, sometimes this starts to sync for a while, it takes 2 mins to load the page also
  7. This does not work! I have just created a backup on my old phone. Removed the sd card and mounted in the new phone. Restored settings but it does not work! I think the path of sdcard is different so it is not possible to move setting to a new phone.
  8. Is it possible to change the secret for the camera backup function to non random?
  9. I am not allowed to see the full code on the android device... can not select, it is grayed out (on clients i can only see the read-only code) rooted - carbon backup-restore did not work
  10. Hi, I have set up backup sync of DCIM folder on my android phone. I used that read-only code and now it is synced between 4 nas/pc devices. Yesterday I had to reset my phone so I lost my settings. I have only the read-only code. Is it possible to get the full code somehow? Otherwise how could I avoid this problem in the furure when i replace my phone? Is there a way to backup the full code? (I tried carbon backup but does not work) Thanks Gabor
  11. I killed the btsync process but can not delete folders. I browse the NAS shares with Win XP. Looks like folders are created with bad access rights.
  12. OK I am about to test it first and will be back.
  13. Hi, I have tested with several synced folders. Files in the syncfolder can be deleted but when I try to delete the created sub-folders and its contents I get access denied message. (It is a Zyxel 310 nas) Do others have the same issue? What the cause of this issue? Thanks G
  14. +1 created subfolder and moved files into, caused retransmit of 4Gb data
  15. Hi, I could install on Zyxel NSA310 (search the topic, it is documented) but on reboot I loose all my folders, what file should be writeable to save settings? Thanks Gabor
  16. You need to setup folders on one of your devices. Create a folder on your pc than add this also on the NAS, sync will start.
  17. Hi, I could install on Zyxel NSA310. I prefer the webgui, but on reboot I lose all folders from webgui. Any ideas? Thanks Gabor
  18. This topic is a mess. I would vote for better uservoice wishlist. update: sorry, duplicate because of sql query error
  19. This topic is a mess. I would vote for better uservoice wishlist.
  20. Hi, I could install on Zyxel NSA310 on hdd and shows synced and correct dir size but files are not in sync and I am unable to browse hdd volume when try o add folder in btsync gui UPDATE: works fine Zyxel NSA-310 Could someone please help? Thanks gabor
  21. "Cloud part for Sync - Since Sync doesn't have backup secret yet, company might have access to your data." So we need BACKUP SECRET
  22. Could someone please help how to run BTSync on a DD-WRT router (with an external usb hdd)? update: unfortunately it is MIPS based
  23. Good idea. I would be interested in list of supported routers also.