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  1. Works on DS411 Slim with the Arm build. With special Synology build i have following error "./btsync: line 1: syntax error: unexpected "("".
  2. +1 for this features. I have this big folder containing all my documents, synced between my local Nas and server for backup and network access. But sometime I need only some subfolder to be synced. Would be great to generate key for subfolder when we need one.
  3. It was a physical unkown adress : Does someone here from SyncApp team could say me if it's one of there server ? The was the device name listed in the transfert tab. Even if one of my device go trough a tunnel, i always see it's real name. Except for this one.
  4. I am testing Sync app since 2 weeks. Except for some bandwith issues in local network, i was really satisfied of the software. But something strange append tonight. I see a transfert to a anormal ip in the transfert tab : "". i quickly list the active connection on my OS, and i see a file transfert of my data to an American IP. It's none of my device. And when i go to that ip, it seem to be a Chinese website hosted in USA. Clearly not my device. Do they have brute force all possible key ? Could we have a manual validation for new device to avoid all possible brute force ? I will no longer execute SyncApp. Don't want my data to be stolen.