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  1. Thanks, With this info I easily got version 1.1.48 running on my NSA325 (Zyxel) I only changed /ffp/start/ to support start, status and stop: #!/ffp/bin/sh . /ffp/etc/ffp.subr command="/ffp/bin/btsync" run_rc_command "$1" Thanks
  2. Hi, I installed version 1.1.48 on my ARM bases NAS (ZyXEL NSA325). It works, and isntallations was straight forward. One ISSUE; debug logging is on, without having a Debug.txt file in the .sync directory. sync.log grows rapidly and keeps my NAS awake (no disk spin down). How to disable the logging???. Best regards, Eric
  3. I would like to have more control on bandwith and # connections (I prefer different settings for local traffic on my LAN vs remote through the router). Not necessaire to have them in the preferences section, but on Windows I can't import/export settings via the command line (like linux)