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  1. Hi, I moved all of my Dropbox-files, ca. 15GB, into an BT-Sync-repos(itory) and turned Dropbox off. Next to these I have repos for my books, ca. 13GB, and picture-backup. For the lare repos I'm not using "auto sync" and sync only a couple of files. I turned off the mobile sync, also. At my Android mobile devices it takes ca. 50s to show these repos. Thats really annoying if I'm on public transport and have to wait a minute for access my files. Is there a way to get rid of these? What is BT-Sync doing? Setup: Android 4.4.4 CyanogenMod Device: Nexus 4
  2. Yes, absolutely. I need exactly this feature, know from several other cloud services. Thx
  3. Why should the DHT mechanism with an internet-server be used in my own local area network. Wouldn't a UDP-Broadcast more efficient?
  4. Hey, Why does BT-Sync connecting servers at the internet even if I turned off the update mechanism? Connected Servers: - -, Thanks in advance, Robert
  5. Seems to supported in future (Source:
  6. Me too. My router, NAS und backup-server has an Mips-chip.
  7. I had the same idea of using BT for syncing files in my mind and I thougth also about the combining it with an backup-server. The backup-server would be an normal peer, which may never forget a state of the system.
  8. I would love to sync just a part of an share. For example; Let S1 be a share containing directories porject1 and project2. S1 |->project1 |->project2 Another computer should able to sync just the directory project1 without syncing project2 from S1 and without configure up a new share. In this case you can quickly access a part of an share with less adminitration.