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  1. Yes. Sticking with 1.3.109 on all my machines. Unless 1.4.x ditches the horrible interface, I will most likely move to Syncthing.
  2. Hi, Happy sync user since before the public release... just bought a new machine, went to install sync on it only to discover that 1.4 had been released (my 1.3 installs did not prompt me to update or otherwise notify me). To my horror, I found that sync is now nearly unusable due to the new interface. It has gone from being a nice simple app that quietly ran in my tray and used around 20MB of RAM to a slow hulking monstrosity that chugs along using >100MB of RAM. Its completely fine of course, as I have 32GB in my new machine, so who cares? Except that the new version is incredibly frustratingly slow to use. The entire interface lags and scrolls like a slideshow, with only 74 syncs (totaling ~3.2 TB). I switched from AeroFS to Sync to avoid slow laggy bloated apps, and now I feel like I have to switch again to another sync product! The interface is nearly impossible to use from a touch screen (does not scale properly), it has no accessibility (not possible to automate it with AutoIt or AutoHotkey), it has terrible performance (laggy scrolling on a brand new 6-core Haswell-E chip with a GTX 980 and 32GB RAM), and worse resource usage. Worse than before on literally every front. Why?? EDIT: Oh, and useful features are missing too, like the ability to tell whether a peer had a direct connection or was being relayed. I only discovered my router did not white-list sync because the rate was very slow. No way to discern that from the crappy new interface.
  3. Hi, I just installed Sync on my new laptop, and when I try to add a sync I hit "Generate" to make a new secret key, and add my folder path and I get this error. The folder exists and I have full permissions to it. All my other software can see and edit those files. This might have something to do with my "C:\Users\User\Documents\Transfer" being a junction to my D:\ drive. I have a 256GB SSD as my C:\ drive and I put my 1TB HDD as my D:\ drive and made a junction to it in my Documents (using mklink /J) folder since it is rarely accessed and huge. This worked fine previously on my older laptop to using BTSync 1.1 and 1.2. Oops. Sorry I just realised I posted this to the "General discussion" forum. Can a moderator please move it to the bugs forum?