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  1. That is a point I did not consider. So in order to keep 1.4 working we need to turn off the auto-update feature for all apps on our android devices? This is really bad news to me. I might have to consider ditching 1.4 all together.
  2. I was a long time user of livemesh and was very disappointed when that product was dropped. I tested out onedrive but just could not make that work out. Too many files and not flexible enough when it came to folders. I also did not want my data up on the cloud. Then along came BTS, is was a perfect replacement. I did recommend and help setup a lot of folder shares with co-workers, friends and family. The 10 folder limit is a deal breaker for me. I incorporated this product into my workflow for business, friends and family. Sorry BTS, but re-structuring my folder layout for this product is no