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  1. Interesting, I didn't know about that fix. Up until last night, my laptop was still running 1.3, so I'll have to see how it goes from here on out. Thanks.
  2. I'm starting to get a feel for what might be the problem here. The problem only ever seems to occur when I make a change to files on my laptop, which btsync will want to sync, but then very shortly afterwards shut off or suspend the laptop. It's as if btsync creates a list of files that were updated, files it thinks it now has the newest version of, in preparation to update other computers. The update occurs, the other machines download the files, but before btsync can confirm that everything is synchronized completely, it gets cut off by the shutdown or suspend. Then, next time the laptop i
  3. Is there a changelog for 1.4, that shows all of the features (big and small) and bug fixes since 1.3.109? The announcement post mentions "numerous bug fixes", but I'd like to see exactly what was fixed.
  4. I have two (Linux) computers, which sync a folder containing text files. Whichever computer I happen to be using, that's the one I edit the files from, knowing that btsync will keep the two computers updated. However, I've noticed several cases where newer changes on one computer get replaced by older changes from the other computer. Example scenario: One of the computers (desktop) is always on, and the other (laptop) gets turned off when not in use.I am using the laptop, and edit some files. Everything is fine, the desktop gets the changes.I shutdown the laptop for the day, and later make
  5. I'm currently using 1.3 on all of my machines, and it works great. I'm curious what 1.4 adds that warrants an upgrade. The screenshots are pretty, but since it's basically embedding a web browser to pull it off (it uses IE9), I imagine there is a lot more overhead involved. Is there anything else in 1.4 to justify it?
  6. When you log out, all user programs get shut down, including btsync that you ran while you were logged in. Only system services remain running when no user is logged in. Try this instead.
  7. SyncApp doesn't currently prevent multiple copies of itself from being launched. This is probably a known issue, but just wanted to mention it. I installed it on my linux machine, and ran it. Later, forgetting that it was running, I moved the binary to another folder, and launched it from there. Everything appeared to be working fine, since the first copy was already running, until I noticed my CPU was pegged at 100%. I killed the first copy's process, but the CPU was still stuck at 100%, it was the second copy that was having problems. It wasn't until I killed it as well and restarted it that