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  1. The files being deleted are not in .SyncIgnore. Anyway thanks for the suggestion. 1.0.95
  2. I have a large amount of files being copied to about 3 machines that share bittorrent sync. The connections are occasionally paused / restarted etc... Anyway for some reason bittorrent decides to randomly remove files that are not even in the ignore list. I'm not sure if this is some usage pattern that is causing this however it is making it difficult to use. I'm guessing the below feature requests might be workarounds however they would help me feel a lot safer. Anyway: 1) An option to never delete. This could be like the .syncingore file where we can specify what files to never delete or it could just be global. 2) An extension to the above. Keep track of all files marked for deletion and let us manually flush those files. 3) The option of having one directional sync so we could have masters and clients which don't upload changes. 4) An easy way to recover deleted files (ie recycle bin concept)
  3. I haven't tried it however this might work as a workaround: http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_7259969_convert-exe-windows-service.html
  4. What about if you put .SyncIgnore in the .SyncIgnore file then it won't sync it. I guess that kinda limits you from having both sorts of ignore syncs occurring at once. Anyway for my purposes I don't want to be updating every computer everytime I or someone else adds a new ignore term... it is just to complicated. I might not even have access to all the machines.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the fast response, you guys are really on the ball. I think there are a couple of machines I didn't put the ignore on, I'll update those. Also I was not aware that the sync tool had to be closed when changing this file.
  6. .SyncIgnore is a file where you can filter out files you don't want synced. However it seems that when I put files in here bittorrent decides to delete those files rather than leave them un-touched. That is unexpected. Is this a bug? Expected behavior? Am I using it wrong? Cheers
  7. I really appreciate the quick response. The filter file is exactly what I need, so happy!!! As to file syncing large files. Firstly I really appreciate your detailed explanation... it might help me figure out how to adjust things on my end to make it work better. I get about 50MBs if I just drag a bunch of files onto a network drive on the other syncing machine, if that helps at all of course that using my hard drive at full strength. Anyway a couple of suggestions you might have already considered. - There must be a way to batch up files first. Potentially a future mod could (optionally) LAMA2 compress up files and send them in batches or something. You could probably do that smartly while the network is in use but the computer is mostly idle (ie trade CPU for bandwidth time). - Also I'm not sure how you send your files but in my experience asyncing files can help a lot. ie have one thread loading them into memory while another is sending them. Some more feature requests: 1) When I add a new file to the disk it takes a while to send it. I mean like 20 seconds with a lot of files. Have you or do you use file monitors after indexing? On windows that is http://msdn.microsof...261(VS.85).aspx. There is also the more advanced change journals on NTFS which allow you to shut down and restart the app without missing file changes http://www.installse...meapis1_10.html. Anyway I'm guessing if you don't use these it is more just a matter of time sort of thing and it is OS specific. 2) Integration into the OS explorer so I can right click on a folder and add it to my sync list or right click a file / folder to ignore a file / file type / folder. An icon on the folder/file with also be nice. It is the first thing my friends mentioned when I showed them the app. Anyway now that I know about this ignore feature it pretty much makes bit torrent useful for me Yay!! Thanks again and awesome work! I don't know why there aren't any other sync tools out there that work this well.
  8. Congrads on the release of bittorrent sync I think it is fantastic! It has been the easiest sync tool to setup that I've used. I would really like to use this as my main sync tool. There are some pain points that are preventing me from using it which I believe others have mentioned. However I hope that by mentioning them again it might help you guys with prioritization. Anyway here is my list: Pain Points 1) I need a way to filter files. I'm using this to share a asset repository and we build into the folder. I don't want certain dlls etc... copied out of that folder because we would clobber each other. Note I was actually using the zero-file size bug along with symbolic links to work around this issue. 2) The newest version over LAN is faster however it is not as fast as copying at 70kbs - 7MBs. I'm wondering if there is any plans to improve this further since LAN runs at 100MBs - 1000Mbs. Wish List 3) A command line interface so that I can set this up on machines without going through an installer. 4) A way to run a program once a whole folder has been synced. 5) An idle CPU mode where it uses more CPU when the machine is idle. 6) An idle bandwidth mode where it uses more bandwidth when the machine is idle. 7) A way to automatically update all sync programs that are connected together from one machine. Also is this going to be open source? If so I would add a patch for the file filtering and command line options myself.