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  1. You could setup a more formal bug ticket place, just open an account for example at bitbucket. My current problem is when I am editing a file and save over a syncapp dir, sometimes and old copy comes and substitutes the new one. It requires me to save several times until the new version prevails. Another bug that may be just the same as the one before is when I delete a file it revives from another node and I have to kill the whole dir to get it killed. I run five copies of the share in three separate networks and two of then are behind a heavy firewall. The outside copy took a whole day to fi
  2. Congratulations! Great Application! My wish list: - Tray icon for linux - Gnome - KDE - Service daemon instalation - The cloud idea already discussed in the list is the best way to for SyncApp. It could be on a barter basis I can trade space in my machine for a fraction of the space in the cloud (fraction is for redundancy).