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  1. Nice, Nice, Nice, Nice I could not wait for it to happen....
  2. There is planning for a windows phone app?
  3. App beta is already available, any news about translation to PT-BR, I am available! Apologize for my bad english, I use google translator, but this would not be a problem to help in translating the app.
  4. 1 - could convince me to better understand SyncApp and 2 - yes sounds like a great idea.
  5. Use Dropbox, but by using the clouds, to use flat files, dropox the installation, it installs in your favorites folder windows as shown in the red rectangle in the next versions of syncapp could be, like this one in red circle, the way this is not the black circle draws attention as the dropbox . I hope you understand what I wrote ... I used google translator
  6. Thanks man, I am available for full help ... I'm always checking this post, Waiting coordinates.
  7. Finding this fantastic application, I'm from Brazil, and would like to start a ja translation for my language.