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  1. I found an easier way to install ffp that does not require the use of a usb drive. Eddie
  2. I was able to get this working with my Zyxel NSA-221. 1. InstappFFP - http://zyxel.nas-cen.../wiki/FFP-stick - this must be installed and setup first. 2. Copy btsync file that is located in the ARM compressed file to /ffp/bin using telnet. - http://syncapp.bitto...sync_arm.tar.gz 3. Create file /ffp/start/ with the following text- this is to make it auto start when the NAS is rebooted. #!/ffp/bin/sh /ffp/bin/btsync Then make executable with chmod. chmod u+x /ffp/start/ Hope this helps someone Eddie
  3. How do you install BitTorrent Sync on a Zyxel NAS device?
  4. I would also like to see a schedule. My ISP has decided that unlimited bandwidth is a thing of the past and unfortunately for me, they are my only option. But, at least they do give an 8 hour window each day (12am-8am) where they do not count data. So, I would prefer to have BTSync only access the internet during these hours. However, i don't know if this is how it works, but if the machine is on the same LAN, I would like it to sync all of the time.